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very little more information is available, except the date filed and name of person filing the birth.

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Virgil Grover Doty Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 23, 1885 John Franklin Doty Hattie Virginia Doty Hattie Gates
Shonsh Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 8, 1885 Jacob L Shonsh Amanda Jane Shonsh Amanda Osborne
Ora May Rowe Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 2, 1885 Jehial Rowe Martha Susan Rowe Martha Gorham
Juliet White Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 2, 1885 William Merit White Mary Alice White Mary Mallory
Hollinshead Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 26, 1885 Seaburn J Hollenshead Rosanna Hollenshead Rosanna Adams
Cornelius So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain May 21, 1885 William Alfred Cornerlius Sarah Cornelius Sarah Smith
Hagggard So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain May 2, 1885 Colby Allen Haggard Sallie Jackson Haggard Sallie Harris
George Leslie Wilburn Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain May 8, 1885 John Wilburn Na??ie S Wilburn Na??ie Bradley
Stella Olive Ridgeway Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.28, 1885 Winfield Scott Ridgeway Harriet Ann Ridgeway Harriet Pool
Fannie Margaret Hickman Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.17, 1885 James Lewis Hickman Lucy Lee Hickman Lucy Wright
Elizabeth Ramsey Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Mar.28, 1885 John Ramsey Harriet Ramsey Harriet Brown
White So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Mar.25, 1885 Isaac Thomas Stewart White Margaret Ann White Margaret Clemens
Cunningham So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Mar.9, 1885 James Byron Cunningham Rebecca Jane Cunningham Rebecca Loren
Rosa L Branstetter West Cuivre Tp.Audr Audrain Mar.5, 1885 Samuel F Branstetter Anna E Branstetter anna Cox
Cronch West Cuivre Tp.Audr Audrain Mar.14m1885 Charles F Cronch Cora E Cronch Cora Crist
Burchfield Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.29, 1885 John Robert Burchfield Permelia Eliz.Burchfield Permelia Jenkins
Johanna Orr Benton City,MO. Audrain Mar.28, 1885 James G Orr Johanna P Orr Johanna Hurley
Lanig Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Mar.13, 1885 Jacob August Lanig Catherine Lanig Catherine King
Harry Williams At Fathers Res. Audrain Apr.7, 1885 Abram Thomas Williams Sarah Alice Williams Sarah Watkins
Charles Wilmshorst Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Oct.17, 1885 Herman Wilmshorst Elizabeth Wilmshorst Elizabeth Obenhofe
Eba. Laura Bastel Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.26, 1885 William Walter Bastel Josephine Bastel Josephine Willis
Roger Wright Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.1, 1885 James Isaac Wright Matilda Wright Matilda Hollie
Hill Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.28, 1885 John W Hill Addie S Hill Addie Stephens
Watson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.26, 1885 George O Watson Lucy E Watson Lucy Pitt
Smith Farber,MO. Audrain Mar.31, 1885 J W Smith Angelia Smith Angelia Greening
Hesse Vandalia,MO. Audrain Apr.21, 1885 August A Hesse Clare Hesse Clare Hoffman
Robinson Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.14, 1885 Richard L Robinson Sarah E Robinson Sarah Creed
Bailey Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.15, 1885 Lewis Bailey Mary Baskett Same
Ridgway Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.21, 1885 John w Ridgway Martha E Ridgway Martha Sublett
Baker No.Wilson Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.20, 1885 Jack S Baker Althea Ann Baker Same
Bybee No.Wilson Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.11, 1885 D L Bybee Ellen Bybee Ellen Davis
Young No.Wilson Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.22, 1885 Edwin Young Adella E Young Adella McCullough
Turner Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.4, 1885 Thomas H Turner Blanche Read Turner Read
McCarty So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Apr.16, 1885 Joseph McCarty Catherine Virginia McCarty Catherine Keller
Thomas Fabricius Ridgway Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.6, 1885 John E Ridgway Mary Alice Ridgway Mary Hawkins
Wisdom Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.10, 1885 Thomas Smith Wisdom Mattie E Wisdom Mattie Gant
William Cleveland Fountain Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.25, 1885 William Thomas Fountain Mary P Fountain Mary Palm??r
King Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.24, 1885 Enoch King Mary J King Mary Funston
Eliza Haley Sims Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.8, 1885 John Sims Malinda C Sims Malinda Crockett
Kinzie Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.4, 1885 R A Kinzie Ida Kinzie Ida Anders
Fowler Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.29, 1885 George Fowler Sarah A Fowler Sarah Baley
Jacob H Baehr Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 9, 1885 George Henry Baehr Rose Mary Baehr Rose Arnold
Field Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 2, 1885 John H Field Elizabeth F Field Elizabeth French
Georgia Harlow Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 7, 1885 George W Harlow Nancy Francis Harlow Nancyt Wood
David Homer Mundy Molino,Audrain Co. Audrain May 14, 1885 William Walker Mundy Eelizabeth Jane Mundy Elizabeth Goodnight
Ella Talon Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 6, 1885 Jacob Talon Hellen Talon Hellen Woodyard
Franke So.Mexico,MO. Audrain June 2, 1885 Herman Franke Elizabeth Franke Elizabeth Hickman
Grover Duncan Lanham Molino,Audrain Co. Audrain May 19, 1885 Herley Monroe Lanham Cora Margaret Lanham Same
Crawford Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain May 9, 1885 James W Crawford Mary C Crawford Mary Birkeye
Taylor Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain May 8, 1885 Enoch Taylor Missouri Taylor Missouri Williams


Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name
Barnes Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.17, 1885 William Barnes Catherine Barnes
Threlkeld Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 6, 1885 Hiram Threlkeld Elizabeth Threlkeld
Turner Vandalia,MO. Audrain May 15, 1885 Daniel Turner Ella J Turner
Wells Vandalia,MO. Audrain June 28, 1885 Samuel Wells Mattie Wells
Rice Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 8, 1885 John M Rice Mary E Rice
Ida Cleveland Mullens Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain May 11, 1885 Richard Mullens Mary Margaret Mullens
Nuderwood Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain June 14, 1885 William Fountain Nuderwood Nancie Elizabeth Nuderwood
Carr Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 12, 1885 Thomas b Carr Sallie P Carr
Mattie Ann Harshbergen Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain May 22, 1885 William J Harshberger Alice Harshberger
Patterson Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain May 20, 1885 John F Patterson Mary E Patterson
Jocie Lena Gamble So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain June 1, 1885 Edward Crawford Gamble Sallie Withers Gamble
George E Leerheimer Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 12, 1885 Paul Leerheimer Louisia Leerheimen
Peyton Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain June 24, 1885 Ota Hockaday Peyton Maria Annie Peyton
Jamison Vandalia,MO. Audrain May 5, 1885 C B Jamison Lottie Jamison
Honston Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 18, 1885 Jake Honston Mollie Honston
Belk Vandalia,MO. Audrain May 25, 1885 George Belk Sarah Belk
Williams Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 28, 1885 J R Williams Christina Williams
Hopkins Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 4, 1885 Richard Preston Hopkins Elizabeth J Hopkins
Carr Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 21, 1885 Matthew Carr Kate Carr
Addie Margaret Hale Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 3m1885 Samuel Hale Dell Hale
Early Whithouse   Audrain Mar.29, 1885 J W Whithouse Roxy Whithouse
Rodie Ellen Dick Laddonia,MO. Audrain June 9, 1885 Andrew K Dick Loretta Dick
Cox West Cuivre Tp.Audr Audrain June 1, 1885 William T Cox Rachel J Cox
Belote West Cuivre Tp.Audr Audrain June 12, 1885 Joseph Belote Effa Belote
Lee Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain June 7, 1885 John William Lee Sarah Catherine Lee
Leah Catherine Righter Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain June 11, 1885 Casious McClay Righter Martha Jane Righten
Bittle Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain June 8, 1885 Leesom Bittle Rebecca Jane Bittle
Cutler Martinsburg,MO. Audrain June 29, 1885 M E Cutler M L Cutler
Arnes Martinsburg,MO. Audrain May 30, 1885 John T Arnes Christina Arnes
Jones Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 11, 1885 Frank Jones Milda Jones
Barnes Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 18, 1885 Thomas Barnes Alice Barnes
Clarence Harvey Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 18, 1885 Dennis T Harvey Mary C Harvey
Shores Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain July 3, 1885 William J Shores V M Shores
Turner Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 3, 1885 Cyrus B Turner Saphronia J Turner
John Hawkins Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain June 24, 1885 John Hawkins Elizabeth M Hawkins
Owens West Mexico,Audrain Audrain June 30, 1885 Thomas Owen Ada Owens
James Mahon Mexico,MO. Audrain June 27, 1885 John Andrew Mahon Maggie Mahon
Mystie Warren Sallee Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 23, 1885 William Henderson Sallee Melissa Sallee
Grover Franklin Harrison Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 21, 1885 John Franklin Harrison Jeanette Rebecca Harrison
Parker Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain June 11, 1885 F N Parker L E Parker
Walker Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain July 3, 1885 William Walker Mollie Walker
Squires Mexico,MO. Audrain July 15, 1885 James M Squires Georgia A Squires
McCord Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 7, 1885 Samuel L McCord Emily A McCord
Brown Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain June 26, 1885 James Brown Nora Brown
Richards Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain July 14, 1885 ? G Richards Sarah C Rrichards
Augusta Halley Mills Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain July 6, 1885 Thomas Marritt Mills Sarah Margaret Mills
Ellis Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain July 16, 1885 Michael Joseph Ellis Mary Ellis
Squires So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain July 2, 1885 John Thomas Squires Polly Squires
Edwards Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 4, 1885 James Predley Edwards Mary Jane Edwards
Smith Laddonia,MO. Audrain July 2, 1885 C A Smith Nettie Smith


Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Galloway Laddonia,MO. Audrain June 23, 1885 William Galloway Mary Galloway Mary Stillwagon
Gregg Mexico,MO. Audrain July 28, 1885 James D Gregg Margaret E Gregg Margaret Campbell Frances Hill
Redmond Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain July 3, 1885 James Thos Barclay Redmond Frances Redmond Sarah Henderson
Bowman Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain July 26, 1885 John W Bowman Sarah Bowman  
Luebke Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 23, 1885 Earnest Ben Luebke Mary Dora Luebke Mary Tress
Stuart Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 16, 1885 Theo.Wheeler Stuart Mary Beth Stuart Mary Lord
Mary Elizabeth Jones Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 14, 1885 J D Jones Elisabeth Ann Jones Elisabeth Hill
Ray Nelson Ritchey Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 30, 1885 Daniel E Ritchey Febbie D Ritchey Febbie Beard
Glasscock Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain July 28, 1885 Andrew B Glasscock Rebecca P Glasscock Rebecca Shipp
John Wischhause Martinsburg,MO. Audrain July 21, 1885 John Wischhause Bertha Wischhause Bertha Tieple
Potter Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.28, 1885 David Potter Emma S Potter Emma McKinney
Bessie Machin Farber,MO. Audrain Apr.13, 1885 William Machin Carrie Machin Carrie Bosard
Riney Vandalia,MO. Audrain May 3, 1885 John A Riney Frances E Riney Frances Musick
Miller Vandalia,MO. Audrain May 24, 1885 Herman E Miller Ada Maly Miller Ada Washburn
Culbertson Vandalia,MO. Audrain June 15, 1885 James T Culbertson Callie P Culbertson Callie Ely
Richards Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 24, 1885 William H Richards Sarah A Richards  
Appleman Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain July 28, 1885 Thomas Appleman Sarah Elizabeth Appleman Sarah Strait
William Richie Spence Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 18, 1885 Robert S Spence Sallie Price Spence Sallie Palmer
William Henry Guthrie Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.6, 1885 Henry Gutherie Sallie Guthrie Sallie Shock
Linney May Winn Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 19, 1885 John S Winn Telitha Winn Telitha Cooley
Sames Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 13, 1885 John R Sames Ida Sames Ida Waters
Harper Mexico,MO. Audrain July 20, 1885 Warren W Harper Addie A Harper Addie Talbot
Guthrie Mexico,MO. Audrain May 28, 1885 John A Guthrie Ella Guthrie Ella Forrest
Marshall Mexico,MO. Audrain June 27, 1885 Charles W Marshall Laura M Marshall Same
Cunningham Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 5, 1885 Elmer Cunningham Annie E Cunningham Annie Cassidy
Pearson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 10, 1885 Wallace M Pearson Nannie E Pearson Nannie Wilfley
Webster Mexico,MO. Audrain June 25, 1885 Benjamin G Webster Mattie Webster Mattie Gordon
Sumner Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 22, 1885 James C Sumner Frances A Sumner Frances Cauthorn
Nelson Mexico,MO. Audrain July 23, 1885 Morehead Nelson Lucy F Nelson Lucy Gordon
Powell Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 24, 1885 Charles T Powell Augusta W Powell Augusta Quisenberry
Hoban Mexico,MO. Audrain July 30, 1885 John J Hoban Mary Hoban Mary Phelan
Howell Mexico,MO. Audrain Aug.14, 1885 John W Howell Nannie w Howell Nannie Garrard
Corlew Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Aug.19, 1885 William Orlando Corlew Jennie Corlew Jennie Boyce
Grover Cleveland Mallory Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Aug.6, 1885 William Henry Mallory Sophia Edwina Mallory Sophia Rudasill
Adams Benton City,MO. Audrain July 25, 1885 Daniel Webster Adams Nannie Adams Nannie Prewitt
Mary Aubushon Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Aug.21, 1885 Charlie Aubushon Mary Aubushon Mary Martinick
Joe Romans Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Aug.28, 1885 John Romans Nannie Romans Nannie Morse
Baker Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.23, 1885 C G Baker Elizabeth Baker Elizabeth Waynan
Davis Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.3, 1885 J H Davis Susie Emma Davis Susie Bernstine
William Monroe Kelso Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.24, 1885 T J Kelso Nannie E Kelso Nannie graves
Robert Lee Blue Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.12, 1885 Robert Blue Susan Jane Blue Susan Williams
Pitman Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.17, 1885 William Pitman Anna Jane Pitman Anna McGuffy
Gray Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sep.2, 1885 Robert Gray Eva Gray Eva Chamberlain
Settle Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.2, 1885 Woodford Franklin Settle Mary A Settle Mary Campbell
Strode So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Aug.9, 1885 John Garnett Strode Mattie Ann Strode Mattie White
Patterson Callaway Co.MO. Audrain Aug.7, 1885 Milton Hiram Patterson Mary Elizabeth Patterson Mary McClintock
John Frederick Prewitt Rush Hill,MO Audrain Aug.10, 1885 Nathan Thomas Prewitt Mary Ellen Prewitt Mary Draper
Price Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sep.4, 1885 Franklin McIlhuery Price Gillie Smith Price Gillie Moorhead
Forest Clay Tass Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.17, 1885 Samuel David Tass Sarah Elizabeth Tass Sarah Freeman
Gifford Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Sep.1, 1885 James A Gifford Mary Jane Gifford Mary Turner


Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Pansy J Quisenberry Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain July 19, 1885 Joel Quisenberry Mary Elizabeth Quisenberry Mary Johnson
Ona Rachel Bradley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.24, 1885 Joseph Samuel Bradley Nancy Isabells Bradley Nancy Wayne
Ellen Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sep.1, 1885 George Ellen Kittie Ellen Kittie Waters
Ella Strief Rush Hill,MO Audrain Sep.7, 1885 Henry Strief Louisa M Strief Loisa Appel
Henry William Louis Peters Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sep.1, 1885 Henry Louis Peters Mary Elizabeth Peters Mary Klansternier
Smith Mexico,MO. Audrain Sep.18, 1885 Henderson Smith Martha A Smith Dont Know
Roberts Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.24, 1885 Samuel Roberts Emma Roberts Same
Cottle Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sep.24, 1885 Archie Cottle Emma Cottle Emma Hoffman
Gibson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Oct.2, 1885 Ed Gibson Martha Gibson Martha Colie
Harry J Smith Mexico,MO. Audrain June 6, 1885 Harvey C Smith Mollie F Smith Mollie McDonald
Carter Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Sep.3, 1885 C M Carter S A Carter S A Gahan
Dahlun Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Sep.21, 1885 John Dahlun Elizabeth Dahlun Elizabeth Dettwiler
Jackson Laddonia,MO. Audrain Sep.6, 1885 Benjamin F Jackson Sarah R Jackson Sarah Rimboll
Slaughter Laddonia,MO. Audrain Sep.27, 1885 William Fenton Slaughter Nannie Slaughter Nannie Frazer
Earl Ray Winn Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 11, 1885 T J Winn Emma Winn Emma Hellyen
Franklin Errisman Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 3, 1885 Andrew D Errismon Mary Elizabeth Errismon Mary Brent?ingen
Gilbert West Cuivre Tp.Audr Audrain Aug.14, 1885 Thomas H Gilbert Mary J Gilbert Mary Shaddie
Cassida West Cuivre Tp.Audr Audrain Oct.4, 1885 William Cassida Sarah E Cassida Sarah Roberts
Connor Worcestor,MO. Audrain Sep.3, 1885 J H Connor Mary J Connor Mary Pigg
Morehead Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Sep.21, 1885 Granville Lacin?h Morehead Addie L Morehead Addie Camplin
Denny Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Sep.2, 1885 Samuel denny Mary Kansas Denny Mary Douglas
Childers Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 2, 1885 J S Childers Mary F Childers Mary Monks
Gilpin Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Sep.27, 1885 Silas Gilpin Eliza Gilpin Eliza Fletcher
Williamson Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Aug.10, 1885 Elijah Williamson Eva Williamson Eva Billingsly
Paris Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain July 29, 1885 Roe Paris Laura Paris  
Grafford Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain July 21, 1885 John Grafford Sarah Grafford Sarah Wilson
Hamilton Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain July 9, 1885 Anderson Hamilton Sarah F Hamilton Sarah Ripit
Green Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain June 2, 1885 H A Green Mattie E Green Mattie Boswell
Davis Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 31, 1885 Joseph Davis Martha Davis Martha Pulis
Wilson So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Sep.10, 1885 Charles William Wilson Sarah Jane Wilson Sarah Grafford
Jones So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Sep.13, 1885 Eugene Everett Jones Sarah Jane Jones Sarah Hall
Gildea So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Sep.18, 1885 John Gildea Eliz.Sarah Jewell Gildea Elizabeth Triplett
Robinson So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Sep.12, 1885 Thomas Blaydon Robinson Laura Frances Robinson Laura Reed
Sophie Cath.M.A.Schrecker Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Aug.13, 1885 Rudolph Schrecker Sophie Catherine Schrecker Sophie Kohlenberg
Dickerson Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Oct.15, 1885 James Robert Dickerson Almertha Jane Dickerson Amnertha Dowdy
Gilbert Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Oct.21, 1885 George A Gilbert Hannah Gilbert Hannah Renner
Forbis Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Oct.4, 1885 Thomas Forbes L?ay Forbes  
Lambers Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Oct.5, 1885 Charles Lambers Elisabeth Lambers Elisabeth Cravens
Cary Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Oct.20, 1885 J A Cary Mary Cary Mary Edwards
Purdy Smith Benton City,MO. Audrain Nov.2, 1885 J J Smith Belle Smith Belle Purdy
Earl Halley Travis Benton City,MO. Audrain Oct.16, 1885 Charles William Travis Nannie Christina Travis Nannie Kinney
Lemuel Blucker Bennet Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Nov.1, 1885 Albert H Bennett Jennie T Bennett Jennie Marchura
Fannie Hilderbrand Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Oct.7, 1885 Martin Hildebrand Ida Hilderbrand Ida Varisil
Henry Rudolph Knoebel Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Sep.28, 1885 Fred Knoebel Eugenie Knoebel Eugenie Oshes
Brown Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Oct.11, 1885 Robert Hamilton Brown Ella Brown Ella Harrison
Lulu Verdeman Robnett Laddonia,MO. Audrain Oct.14, 1885 Thomas Nesbit Robnett Lori C Robnett Lori Griffin
Barton Laddonia,MO. Audrain Oct.24, 1885 G.Barton Nettie J Barton Nettie Elden
Maud Fightmaster Mexico,MO. Audrain Oct.17, 1885 J N Fightmaster Hattie Fightmaster Hattie Campbell
Littrell Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sep.1, 1885 George W Littrell Amanda Littrell Amanda Brown
Long Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.12, 1885 Harrison M Long Lori Long Lori Ritchie


Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Martin West Cuivre Tp.Audr Audrain Nov.15, 1885 John A Martin Margaret E Martin Margaret Meach
McDonald West Cuivre Tp.Audr Audrain Nov.2, 1885 William R McDonald Ella F McDonald Ella Carter
Hill Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Nov.6, 1885 Benjamin Wyatt Hill Mary Mildred Hill Mary Sims
Alto Mallory Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Nov.15, 1885 Edward Mallory Mary Catherine Mallory Mary Covington
Wagner Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Nov.18, 1885 A M Wagner A C Wagner A C Ridgway
August Verhoff Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Nov.26, 1885 Herman Verhoff Johanna verhoff Johanna Kleinsorge
Neil Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.15, 1885 John Neil Susan Neil Susan Baker
Hartley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.21, 1885 Thomas Hartley Maggie Hartley Maggie Miller
Ridgway Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.28, 1885 James Ridgway Susan Ridgway Susan Grant
Carl Clayton McDonald Liberty Tp.Audrain,MO. Audrain Mar.24, 1885 Jacob Russell McDonald Mollie Ann McDonald Mollie Boyd
Raith Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Nov.18, 1885 Charles Raith Rosena Raith Rosena Rodeneeger
Callahan Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Nov.22, 1885 John Callahan Margaret Callahan Margaret Dermody
Kemper Mexico,MO. Audrain Dec.6, 1885 Frederick William Kemper Anna Kemper Anna Hasaht
Moore Mexico,MO. Audrain Nov.19, 1885 Theo. L Moore Mary E Moore Mary Cissell
Kizer Mexico,MO. Audrain Dec.9, 1885 John Kizer Sallie Kizer Sallie Brown
Vaughn West Mexico,Audrain Audrain Sep.8, 1885 William Smith Vaughn Mary Vaughn Mary Reynolds
Biard Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.9, 1885 David R Biard Ann E Biard Ann Wainsoot
Bessie O Long Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sep.5, 1885 Nick Long Sarah D Long Sarah Hill
James Arthur Fenton No.Wilson Tp.Audrain Audrain Sep.12.1885 Joseph Irvin Fenton Lucy May Fenton Lucy Hill
Martin No.Wilson Tp.Audrain Audrain Nov.22, 1885 Lincoln Martin Virginia Martin Virginia Christian
Cecilla Gowan Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.15, 1885 John Gowan Sallie Ann Gowan Sallie Faddis
Wallace Harrison Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.5, 1885 John F Harrison Mary Belle Harrison Mary Crockett
Elmwood Good Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.28, 1885 Soloman P Good Mary Good mary Williams
Jones Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.10, 1885 James Jones Mary Jones Mary Whistler
Tharp Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.27, 1885 James P Tharp Susan Tharp Susan Helm
Farthing Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.22, 1885 Richard Farthing Madaville Farthing Same
Russell Spurling Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.31, 1885 Harry Spurling Susan Spurling Susan Hudson
Williamson Mexico,MO. Audrain Dec.26, 1885 Wash Williamson Emma Williamson  
Walter Y Helwig Mexico,MO. Audrain Dec.18, 1885 George Helwig Annie H Helwig Annie Schuchman
Tipton West Cuivre Tp.Audr Audrain Dec.14, 1885 Jerry H Tipton Alice Tipton Alice Payne
Rilger Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.30, 1886 Henry Tilger Rebecca Tilger Revecca Watkins
Prather Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.2, 1886 John Prather Alice Prather Alice Canada
Charles Jackson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.27, 1886 Charles Jackson Manthy Jackson Manthy Fugate
Murray Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.7, 1886 Joseph Murray Mary Ann Murray Mary Gray
Alice Margaret Morris Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.10, 1886 C B Morris Lilly M Morris Lilly Hisey
Brothers Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.19, 1885 Benj.Franklin Brothers Sallie Ann Brothers Sallie Bush
Crunt Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.18, 1886 Haywood Peter Crunt Mary Smith Crunt Mary Caldwell
Maxwell Molino,Audrain Co. Audrain Feb.18, 1886 J H Maxwell Mollie Maxwell Mollie Douglass
Marshall Youngs Creek,MO. Audrain Dec.28, 1885 W W Marshall Ann Marshall Ann Blankenship
Crawford Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.14, 1886 bud Crawford Crawford Griffin
Matlee Kennan Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.18, 1886 James Kennan Jennie Kennan Jennie Devers
Ray Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.3, 1886 John Ray Margarett Ray Margarett Bryson
Griffin Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.12, 1886 Samuel Griffin Griffin  
Stockton Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.29, 1886 Thomas Stockton,Jr. Myrtis Stockton Myrtis Appleman
Crump Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.7, 1886 W Crump Carie Crum[ Carie Lawson
Caldwell Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.16, 1886 William Caldwell Evalena Caldwell Evalena Bridgeford
Callaway Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.22, 1886 Sidney S Callaway Mary V Callaway Mary Crawford
Pigg Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.9, 1886 W M Pigg Clay Pigg Clay Forkner
Hendricks Pihale Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Feb.27, 1886 Andrew Pihale Gertrude M Pihale Gertrude Kuina


Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Snidow Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.14, 1886 James Shannon Snidow Clara D Snidow Clara Millseps
Hinebaugh Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.1, 1886 Hiram E Hinebaugh Betty Hinebaugh Betty Bennett
William Leach Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.25, 1886 Alex H Leach Minerva Jane Leach Minerva Fitts
Moore Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.24, 1886 William Coleman Moore Fannie Belle Moore Fannie Mallory
Fisher West Cuivre Tp. Audr Audrain Jan.29, 1886 William Fishre Edna Fisher Edna Cramer
Fluty Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.3, 1886 Janes A Fluty Mary H Fluty Mary Morrison
Self Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.21, 1886 George Edgar Self Margaret Ann Self Margaret Stokes
Wylde Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.8, 1886 David L Wylde Mary A Wylde Mary Levis
Stockwell Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.26, 1886 Charles W Stockwell Annie Stockwell Annie Meyers
George Hurley Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.25, 1886 John Joseph Hurley Annie May Hurley Annie Congklin
Bennett Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.27, 1886 Mr.Bennett Mrs.Bennett Miss Rhives
Daniel Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.16, 1886 Rubin Daniel Florence David Florence Robinson
Kahn Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Mar.5, 1886 Edward Kahn Sarah Ann Kahn Sarah Robinson
Kern Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.5, 1886 Dave Kern Kern Woolery
Maud S Shanks Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.17,1886 William N Shanks Olivia May Shanks  
Dye Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar 29, 1886 William Calvin dye Cordela Izabell Dye Cordela Berry
Vaughn Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Mar.4, 1886 Robert Smith Vaughn Amanda Nephrina Vaughn Amanda Douglass
Eleven Glen Hill Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.31, 1886 Eugene A Hill L?ie F Hill L?ie Brigg
Harris Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.7, 1886 Frederick C Harris Letha A Harris Letha Palmer
Bessie Harris Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.16, 1886 Frederick C Harris Letha Harris Letha Palmer
Wisdom Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.9, 1886 Thomas Smith Wisdom Mattie E Wisdom Mattie Gant
Biggers Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.14, 1886 William Biggers Nannie Biggers Nannie Fax
Brown Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Mar.1, 1886 John Shannon Brown Mary A Brown Mary Northern
Lindsey Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.29, 1886 Jezrell Lindsey Ida Lindsey Ida Shaw
Gordon Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.29, 1886 Nathaniel Gordon Sallie Gordon Sallie Wade
Standifer Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 7, 1886 Standifer Standifer  
Long   Audrain May 5, 1886 James Long Sarah E Long Sarah Sappington
Wolf Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.26, 1886 John Wolf Victoria Wold Victoria Gillespie
Brockman Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.12, 1886 A C Brockman C M Brockman C M Prather
Swett Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 9, 1886 Lilburn Swett Mary Catherine Swett Mary Cantrell
Dillard Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 9, 1886 George Dillard Emma Dillard Emma Sneed
Palmer Mexico,MO. Audrain July 11, 1886 George Palmer Cornelia Palmer  
Haley Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain June 12, 1886 Thomas Price Haley Frances Ann Haley Frances McColley
Holloway Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain July 2, 1886 Thurston J Holloway Lillie Estus Holloway Lillie Hickman
Rainey Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain June 4, 1886 Francis M Rainey Elizabeth Rainey Elizabeth Thorp
Bergen Tyler Threlkeld Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain July 12, 1886 Elijah Threlkeld Mary Ellen Threlkeld Mary Bergen
Chapman Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 29, 1886 James Chapman Joella Chapman Joella Farmer
Barbara Brown Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 11, 1886 John I Brown Laura Brown Laura Gilpin
McCamie Mexico,MO. Audrain Sep.2, 1886 Thomas McCamie Mary McCamie Mary Dawson