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very little more information is available, except the date filed and name of person filing the birth.

Page Nine

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Pigg Vandalia,MO. Audrain Dec.13, 1883 Geo.W Pigg Lucinda E Pigg Lucinda E Branstetter  
Fay White Vandalia,MO. Audrain Mar.19, 1884 Chappell G White Ada S White Ada White  
Green Vandalia,MO. Audrain Apr.6, 1884 Hiram A Green Florence Green Florence Reilly  
Bessie Brown Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.20, 1884 Hiram N Brown Jamie Brown Jamie Owens  
House Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.2, 1884 Oscar F House Mary House Mary McClure  
Asbury Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.26, 1884 J C Asbury Pamelia Asbury Pamelia Roberts  
Morris Thompson Station Audrain Feb.2, 1884 Earl Morris Mollie Morris Mollie Barnes  
Ferguson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.22, 1884 Wm Ferguson Addie Ferguson Addie Willingham  
James Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.17, 1884 J W James Martha A James Martha A Davis  
McCaskey Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.25, 1884 Wm M McCaskey Annie McCaskey Annie Howell  
Morris Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.28, 1884 P D Morris Annie C Morris Annie McIntyre  
Pulis Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.6, 1884 B M Pulis Susan M Pulis    
Harvey Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.9, 1884 Ed Harry Sallie Harvey Sallie Hoover  
Paris Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.14, 1884 Roe Paris Laura Paris    
Cowley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.21, 1884 Jas.Cowley Lottie Cowley Lottie Richardson  
Mabery Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.17, 1884 Phillip Mabery Harriet A Mabery Harriet A Brown  
Johnson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.10, 1884 John Johnson Mariah Johnson Maria Ogle  
LaFord Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.20, 1884 Walter Robinson LaForce Linnie H LaForce Linnie H Wright  
Douglas E Eheret Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.22, 1884 Peter Eheret Maggie D Eheret Maggie D Tipling  
Chapman Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.3, 1884 James Chapman Joella Chapman Joella Farmer  
Edward Martillen Bybee Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.23, 1884 Thos.Joseph Bybee Laura Ida Bybee Laura Molino  
Bailey Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.19, 1884 Geo.H Bailey Martha Bailey Martha Simons  
Christopher Nohinberg Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Apr.27, 1884 Christopher Nohimburg Martha F Nohinburg Maartha Freeman  
Gelton Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Apr.13, 1884 J T Gelton Annie Gelton Annie Ernet  
Smith Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Apr.12, 1884 G W Smith E L Smith E L Cobb  
Foree Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Apr.5, 1884 R L Foree Linnie Foree Linnie Foree  
Campbell Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.25, 1884 Wm T Campbell Emily H Campbell Emily Berry  
Harrison Callaway Co.MO. Audrain Apr.26, 1884 James N Harrison Ellen Gay Harrison Ellen Jackson  
Jos.Samuel Crews Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.7, 1884 Jos.Thomas Crews Mary Catherine Crews Mary C Throckmorton  
Shepherd Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Apr.10, 1884 Henry Shepherd Jr. Ella Shepherd    
Anderson Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Apr.28, 1884 Thos.J.Anderson Bettie Anderson Bettie Sturgeon  
Westley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.21, 1884 Henry N Westley Emma Westley Emma Longman  
Bay Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 6, 1884 Wm.Bay Martha Bay Martha Harvey  
Blankenbaker Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.27, 1884 John Henry Blankenbaker Barbara Ellen Blankenbaker Barbara Mayfield  
Younger Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.8, 1884 Edward Young Sallie V Young Sallie McCullough  
Parnell Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.10, 1884 John Parnell Eliza Parnell Eliza Roberts  
Ferber Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 3, 1884 Joseph Ferber Minnie Ferber Minnie Houck  
Ravenscraft Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr. , 1884 W. Ravenscraft Ellen Ravenscraft Ellen Parks  
Fox Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 7, 1884 Wm. H Fox Mary E Fox Mary Williams  
Bentley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 2, 1884 John R Bentley Mary H Bentley Mary Hamilton  
Emma Morgan Washington Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.19, 1884 Burgess Washington Maria Hash Not Married  
Susan Baker Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.31, 1883 W J Baker Susan C Baker Susan Bullard  
Henry Walker Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.14, 1884 Wellington V Walker Blanche Jewell Walker Blanche Gary  
Abbie Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 12, 1884 J F Abbie Sarah Abbie Sarah Lewellen  
Edward C Kennen Jr. Laddonia,MO. Audrain Apr.17, 1884 Edward Kennen Peoria Kennen Peoria Moss  
Crouch Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May !2, 1884 Chas. F Crouch Cora E Crouch Cora E Christ  
Cullers Mexico,MO. Audrain May 16, 1884 John C Cullers Barbara K Cullers Barbara Dillard  
Michel Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 2, 1884 Robin Michel Elizabeth Michel Elizabeth Carson  
Nancy E Johnson Laddonia,MO. Audrain Apr.15, 1884 Wm.D Johnson Martha A Johnson Martha Keyton  
Miller Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.16, 1884 Arthur Miller Nancy Ellen Miller Nancy Malone  

Page Ten

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Harrison Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.12, 1884 Andrew M Harrison Louella E Harrison Louella Greene  
Kunkle Worcestor,MO. Audrain May 8, 1884 Henry Kunkle Katie Kunkle Katie Spencer  
Nannie & Annie Fitzpatrick Worcestor,MO. Audrain May 17, 1884 Edward Fitzpatrick Nancy Fitzpatrick Nancy Hurt  
Elizabeth Mollett Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 16, 1884 Casper A Mollett Louiza Mollett Louiza Doeblin  
Azdell Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 10, 1884 John Molton Azdell Eliza R Azdell Eliza Cable  
Anderson Vandalia,MO. Audrain May 13, 1884 Lewis A Anderson Fannie A Anderson Fannie Butler  
James Kirkland Threlkeld Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 2, 1884 Elijah Threlkeld Mary Ellen Threlkeld Mary E Bergen  
Retha Jones Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.28, 1884 John d Jones Emmer Jones Emmer Barnes  
Edward McDermott Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 5, 1884 James McDermott Mary McDermott Mary Brace  
Crwaford Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain May 21, 1884 Franklin T Crawford Joella Crawford Joella Stapleton  
Thos. Gooch Voorhies Mexico,MO. Audrain May 30, 1884 Neal Voorhies Henrietta Voorhies Henrietta Gooch  
Rist Mexico,MO. Audrain May 18, 1884 John Rist Deborah Ellen Rist D.E. Barton  
Swinney Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain May 30, 1884 John P Swinney Mary Ella Swinney Mary E Pool  
Hartley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 4, 1884 Thos. Hartley Maggie Hartley Maggie Miller  
Williams Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 1, 1884 Harrison Williams Eliza Williams Eliza Tipton  
Hendricks Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 13, 1884 James H Hendricks Ella Hendricks Ella Patterson  
Hudson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 8, 1884 Phillip Hudson Winnefred Hudson Winnefred Davin  
Kirk Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 7, 1884 Thomas Kirk Lizzie Kirk Lizzie Branstetter  
Kohn Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.4, 1884 Henry Kohn Helena Kohn Helena Schmidt  
Brown So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain May 11, 1884 Jeremiah Brown Mary Allen Ellis Mary A Brown  
Tipton   Audrain June 7, 1884 Reavis Bryant Tipton Katie Belle Tipton Katie B Tonden  
Day Mexico,MO. Audrain June 14, 1884 C W Day Mollie Day Mollie Doane  
Duncan Mexico,MO. Audrain May 18, 1884   Lena Duncan    
Burchett Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 10, 1884 David R Burchett Martha Burchett Martha Newsom  
Applegate Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain   Wm. B Applegate America Ann Applegate A A Martin  
Nugent Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 31, 1884 Geo.Wm. Nugent Melissa Long Nugent Melissa L McGee  
Ray Price   Audrain June 18, 1883 Bayard Taylor Price Emma Mary Price Emma M Milligan  
Abram Elwood Johnson So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain May 22, 1884 Moses Lewis Johnson Hattie Virginia Johnson Hattie V Hudson  
Kett Laddonia,MO. Audrain June 12, 1884 James Albert Kerr Sarah Alena Kerr Sara A Austin  
Bruce MO. Audrain May 29, 1884 Charles Bruce Nancy Margaret Bruce Nancy Garrett  
Glover Laddonia,MO. Audrain May 31, 1884 Jessie Vanburen Glover Sarah Leticia Glover Sarah L Burch  
Sadie Barnes Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 18, 1883 Jacob Barnes Ellen Ann Barnes Ellen A Azdell  
Ada Steveson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 8, 1884 Jacob A Stevenson Martha Stevenson Martha Robinson  
Reuben Porter Tinlsey Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 22, 1884 Fletcher M Tinsley Jose Wm Tinsley Josie W Turner  
Davis Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 22, 1884 Isham T Davis Addie Davis Addie Brett  
Douglass Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 13, 1884 John Thomas Douglas Willie Frances Douglas Willie F Nevins  
Hugh Leach Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain June 11, 1884 Alexander H Leach Minerva Jane Leach Minerva J Fats  
John Isaac Robinson Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain June 16, 1883 Wm.Russell Robinson Mary Columbia Robinson Mary C Divers  
Woodson So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain June 26, 1884 Wm Thomas Woodson Ida May Woodson Ida M Baumgartner  
August E Weber Mexico,MO. Audrain June 7, 1884 August J.Weber Annie Weber Annie Riecke  
Wilcox So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain May 31, 1884 Nathaniel S Wilcox Virginia Wilcox Virginia Wright  
Barnes So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain June 9, 1884 William H Barnes Sarah Frances Barnes Sarah F Woods  
Minnie Voigt Audrain Co.MO. Audrain July 1, 1884 George Daniel Voigt Lizzie Voigt Lizzie Shin  
Allison Lythe Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain June 17, 1884 Thomas Lythe Viola Lythe    
Charles Elden Williams, Martinsburg Pct Audrain Sept 10 1884, John Elvis
Sarah Anna Clifford Williams. Sarah Anna Clifford  
Jenkins Vandalia,MO. Audrain Jan.21, 1885 Sam Robinson Louisa Jenkins    
Marlow Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Jan.11, 1885 Wm H. Marlow Laura F Marlow Laura F Peery  
Wm.Robert Johnson Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Jan.12, 1885 Robert Johnson Ella J Johnson Ella J Hall  
Barter Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.31, 1885 Melvern A Alonzo Barter Virginia Ann Barter Virginia A Guin  
Foresh Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.31, 1885 G W Foresh Susan Ann Foresh Susan Edwards  
Dulany Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.26, 1885 ? S Dulany Mary Mildred Dulany Mary M McDonald  

Page Eleven

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Davis Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.28, 1885 Samuel Thos. Davis Lida E Davis Lida E Spriggs
Shootman Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.17, 1885 Lucian Shootman Lucretia Shootman Lucretia Blackwell
Farmer Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.4, 1885 Robert L Farmer Sarah Farmer Sarah Ann
Cawthorn Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.26, 1885 Paul Cawthorn Sarah Susan Cawthorn Sarah S Price
Dudley Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Dec.5, 1884 Eugene Dudley Ella C Dudley Ella C Howe
Wilson Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.8, 1885 J R Wilson Minuetta C Wilson Minuetta Dollyns
Pulis Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Oct.10, 1884 J A Pulis Lucy Pulis Lucy Wisdom
Matthews Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan 26, 1885 Peter Matthews Eliza Matthews Eliza Momen
David Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.11, 1885 R A David Florence David Florence Robinson
Brown Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.17, 1885 I J Brown Laura A Brown Laura Gilpen
Hukill Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain July 4, 1884 William Thos.Hukill Mary Magdalen Hukill Mary Burkeye
Forbach Vandalia,MO. Audrain Feb.10, 1885 Philip Forbach Minnie Forbach Minnie Schmidt
Azbill Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.17, 1885 Granville D Azbill Annie M Azbill Annie Torbitt
Smith Vandalia,MO. Audrain Jan.8, 1885 John A Smith Jessie M Smith Jessie Gray
Brown Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.11, 1885 Ed Brown Margaret Brown  
John Grover Throckmorton Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.25, 1885 Geo.Henry Throckmorton Sallie NicholasThrockmorton Sallie Calvert
George Davis Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.24, 1885 W K Davis Nettie Davis Nettie Roberts
Kenyan Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.17, 1885 John E Kenyan V C Kenyan V C Mallory
Crawford Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Oct.22, 1884 Henry Taylor Crawford Fannie E Crawford Fannie Bryson
Freemen Ellis Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.19.1885 William E Ellis Fannie Ellis Fannie Campbell
Bush Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.19, 1885 Walter Bush Laura Bush Laura Bishop
Mitchell Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.22, 1885 J James Mitchell Emily Mitchell Emily Turner
Garner Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.14, 1885 A K Gardner Sarah Ann Gardner Sarah Phears
William D James Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.1, 1885 W T James Elizabeth A James Elizabeth Watkins
Emmons Vandalia,MO. Audrain Feb.19, 1885 Porter a emmons Mary E Emmons Mary Fax
Littrell Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.11, 1885 J G Littrell M E Littrell M E Hulen
Arthur Thomas Wright Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.23, 1885 thomas Allen Wright Mary L Wright Mary Palmer
Wheeler Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.1, 1885 Brice Wheeler Miriam Wheeler Miriam Ayers
Henderson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.8, 1884 Emmett W Henderson Lucinda Henderson Lucinda Duncan
Straub Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.2, 1885 Adolphus Straub Lavina Straub Lavina Hesse
Lake Vandalia,MO. Audrain Jan.17, 1885 Labin Lake Jennie Lake Jennie Schwimner
Voss Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.11, 1885 John Voss Dene Voss Dene Teepe
Stewart Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.16, 1885 Pen Stewart Fannie Stewart Fannie Middleton
Williams Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.19, 1885 John V Williams Mary M Williams Mary Colliver
Smith So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Jan.30, 1885 Obediah V Smith Frances Ann Smith Frances Gant
Smith Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.30, 1885 Lowry C Smith Callie E Smith Callie Ellis
Bybee Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.23, 1885 John L Bybee Anna E Bybee Anna Hepler
Carter Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.15, 1885 alex Carter Jr Carrie R Carter Carrie Wilson
Berry Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.11, 1885 J C Berry C R Berry C R Price
Emmons Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.10, 1885 Joseph B Emmons Mollie O Emmons Mollie Clapper
Owens Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.20, 1885 J H Owens Mary Owens Mary Bryson
Hall Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.7, 1885 James Hall Jr. Susie Hall  
Lawson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.31, 1884 Thomas R Lawson Sallie Lawson Sallie Trible
Bugg Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.1, 1885 William J Bugg Edna P Bugg Edna Wright
Gibbons Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Aug.18, 1884 Harry Arthur Gibbons Mary Gibbons Mary Gordon
Ritchie Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.31, 1885 William H Ritchie Elizabeth Ritchie Elizabeth Hulen
Harrison Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.16, 1885 Frederick C Harris Letha A Harris Letha Palmer
J D Patton Hill Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.4, 1885 Eugene Hill Lula F Hill Lula Bugg
Dillard Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.17, 1885 Thomas M Dillard Mary E Dillard Mary Rodgers
Waddington Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.11, 1885 Burt Waddington Mary Ann Waddington Mary Richards
Florence Valretta ,Williams Martinsburg Pct Audrain Feb. 18, 1885 John Evis Williams Sarah Ann Williams Sarah Clifford

page 12

Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Jos.David Armstrong Williams Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.25, 1885 Jos.Napoleon Williams Nancy Wlizabeth Williams Nancy Barker
Miller Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.21, 1885 George Wm. Miller Emeline Miller Emeline Spencer
Hern Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.28, 1885 Clarence Clayton Hern Martha Hern Martha Huff
Wm.Patterson Browning Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.25, 1885 William Peyton Browning Cora Rebecca Browning Cora Patterson
Hamilton Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.25, 1885 W S Hamilton Margaret Hamilton Margaret Brice
Edwards Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.16, 1885 Abram Edwards Lora edwards Lora Lewellen
Russell MO. Audrain Feb.22, 1885 Eugene Russell Polly Dongan Same
Stewart Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.7, 1885 George A Stewart Susan Ellen Stewart Susan Jesse
Sanford Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.13, 1885 John M Sanford Annie Sanford Annie Watts
Tolliver Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.7, 1885 Joseph Tolliver Mollie Tolliver Mollie Branstetter
Sisk Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.1, 1885 Joseph Sisk Sarah Sisk Sarah Harlinger
Sharp Vandalia,MO. Audrain Feb.27, 1885 Thomas Sharp Laura Sharp Laura Scott
Layne Vandalia,MO. Audrain Feb.28, 1885 William Layne Mollie Layne Mollie bibb
Bishop Vandalia,MO. Audrain Feb.4, 1885 John H bishop Martha Bishop Maartha Branstetter
Annettie DeQuincy Henry Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.26, 1885 Lee C Henry Sarah Ann Henry Sarah Jones
Eubanks Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.26, 1885 Josephus Eubanks Lucretia Eubanks Lucretia Lionbarger
Buterly Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.2, 1885 John Buterly Marie Buterly Marie Imel
Ritchie Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.26, 1885 James Wm. Ritchie Delia Ritchie Delia Dowel
Addie Reighley Laddonia,MO. Audrain Feb.18, 1885 John Henry Reighley Artie Missie Reighley Artie Parsons
Hickerson Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.22, 1885 Thomas H Hickerson Nancy Hickerson Nancy Riley
Cunningham Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.10, 1885 Earle Crocket Cunningham America Cunningham America Harrison
Bowen Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.22, 1885 Adam Bowen Eliza Bowen Eliza Teeters
Robinson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.25, 1885 James Robinson Mrs.Robinson Johnson
Boyel Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.16, 1885 James Boyd Laura L Boyd Same
Sappington Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.21, 1885 J L Sappington Elisabeth Sappington Elisabeth Conley
Tucker Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.24, 1885 David Tucker Jennie Tucker Jennie Mayher
Waters Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.27, 1885 John Waters Lucy Waters Lucy McDonnell
William Rollie Calhoun Laddonia,MO. Audrain Mar.9, 1885 John Wallace Calhoun Mary Eliza Calhoun Mary Reighley
Woolwine 2 mi west Laddonia Audrain Mar.16, 1885 A W Woolwine M I Woolwine M I Woodson
Martha Ida Wheatley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.22, 1885 I H Wheatley Miney wheatley Miney Leviton
Sallie May stone Worcestor,MO. Audrain Jan.29, 1885 Robert L Stone Ida B stone Ida Berry
T H Leet 2 mi so of Laddonia Audrain Mar.25, 1885 Charles Leek Ellen Leek Ellen Hail
Eddie Tobert Wooldridge Laddonia,MO. Audrain Feb.9, 1885 Joseph Wooldridge Louisa F Wllodridge Louisa Hall
John Henry Perkins Laddonia,MO. Audrain Mar.25, 1885 Anderson Perkins Bettie Perkins Bettie rivier
Alphia Cox Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Mar.9, 1885 James T Cox Sarah C Cox Sarah McConnack
Talley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.28, 1885 John J Talley Susan A Talley Susan Canterberry
Thompson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.1, 1885 W P Thompson Sible Thompson Sible Burkeye
Lola Dailey Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Mar.5, 1885 James J Dailey Margaret Dailey Margaret Brice
White Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Mar.29, 1885 William Harry White Mary Clay White Mary Holladay
Sisson Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Mar.16, 1885 Benj.Franklin Sisson Mary Sisson Mary Rice
Pulis Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.20, 1885 Sam Pulis Ida D Pulis Ida Winscott
Miskell Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.13, 1885 F A Miskell Mattie Miskell Mattie Dollyns
Dudley Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.21, 1885 C H Dudley Maria Dudley Maria Rutter
Phelps Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Mar.2, 1885 E H Phelps Susie D Phelps Same
Powell Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Mar.15, 1885 A C Powell Maggie J Powell Maggie Hazard
Roberts Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Mar.28, 1885 Calvin A Roberts Teraby Roberts Teraby Tate
Cunningham Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Feb.6, 1885 James Cunningham Mary Cunningham Mary Murry
Cartwell Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Feb.8, 1885 John D Cartwell Ella P Cartwell Ella Taylor
Annie Mary Gertrude Bertels Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Mar.26, 1885 August Bertels Annie Bertels Annie Morpeld
Wesley Howarth Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.19, 1885 John Howarth Eliza Howarth Eliza Nichols


Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Harris Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.14, 1885 John B Harris Bindy Harris Bindy Roberts
Wilson Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.28, 1885 Douglas H Wilson Susan A Wilson Susan Kendall
James Albert Price Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.7, 1885 Robert M Price Wliza Price Eliza McClanahan
Etta Lynn Pasley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.15, 1885 William A Pasley Emma Lee Pasley Emma Hunt
Sophia Laurie Doenges Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.18, 1885 John David Doerge Henrietta Doerge Henrietta Llandorf
Mark Iiams Worcestor,MO. Audrain May 2, 1885 Buron Iiams Minnie Peremelia Iiams Minnie Hunter
Laura Maud Martin Martinsburg,MO. Audrain apr.25, 1885 Albert W Martin Maggie Martin Maggie Haden
Hartley Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Apr.22, 1885 Peter Hart Mary Hart Mary Buckner
Luther Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Mar.27, 1885 Otto Luther Emma Luther Emma Dietrich
Elden Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Apr.10, 1885 Thomas J Elden Marthie D Elden Marthie D Brown
Barnes Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.31, 1885 Joshua Barnes Maggie Barnes Maggie Cunningham
Saunders Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.12, 1885 James Saunders Annie Saunders Annie Kemp
Renner Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.26, 1885 John Renner Mollie Renner Mollie Shriffen
Moore Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.11, 1885 Richard Moore Mariah Moore Mariah Barnes
Bland Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.23, 1885 James Bland Sammie Bland Sammie Johnson
Fisher Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.22, 1885 Martin D Fisher Martha J Fisher Martha Wilson
Toalson Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain   Thomas Benton Toalson Lucy Toalson Lucy gentry
Preston Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.3, 1885 John Thomas Preston Lenora Preston Lenora Forest
Crawford Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.1, 1885 James A Crawford Martha E Crawford Martha
Pettiford Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.20, 1885 Rodolphur Pettiford Sarah Jane Pettiford Sarah Hamilton
James Marion Barken Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.14, 1885 Henry Barken Loretta Jane Barken Loretta Cox
Cox Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain May 8, 1885 James A Cox Martha E Cox Same
Precht Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain May 8, 1885 Frederick John Precht Willie Ann Precht Willie Michaels
Hoben Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.22, 1885 Richard Hoben Catherine Hoben Catharine Crawford
Laswell Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.20, 1885 Isaac Laswell Grace Laswell Grace Dodge
Johnson Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.4, 1885 John Johnson Lori Ann Johnson  
Alice May Shonse Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Apr.19, 1885 John Thomas Shonse Mary Ellen Shonse Mary Wilhite
Crosswhite Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain May 17, 1885 Geo.Washington Crosswhite A Eliza Crosswhite A E Giles
Mitchell Mexico,MO. Audrain May 16, 1885 Frank H Mitchell Mary B Mitchell Mary Lee
Jamison Mexico,MO. Audrain May 13, 1885 Turner Jamison Lydia Jamison Lydia Harris
Alfred W Lowe West Cuivre Tp.Audr Audrain May 7, 1885 John W Lowe Nancy Lowe Nancy Switzer
Arizon Kidd Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.23, 1885 George Kidd Mary Elizabeth Kidd Mary Pastel
Lillard Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.19, 1885 Dave Lillard Easter Lillard Easter Surber
Day Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.27, 1885 E Morgan Day Maggie L Day Maggie Craig
Burchett Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.3, 1885 B Burchett C V Burchett C Newsom
Green Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.30, 1885 Scott Green Mattie Green Mattie Bedell
Douglass Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.28, 1885 Charles Douglass Judy Douglass Judy Bates
Brown Audrain Co.MO. Audrain May 2, 1885 Samuel R Brown Mary E Brown Mary Beatty
Carr Mexico,MO. Audrain May 21, 1885 Elliott M Carr Rettie Carr Rettie Hall
Andrew Irvin Wainscott Mexico,MO. Audrain May 22, 1885 S A Wainscott Katie R Wainscott Katie Griffin
Harvey Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Apr.27, 1885 Ed Harvey Sallie Harvey Sallie Hoover
Wright Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr/6, 1885 William J Wright Bettie E Wright Bettie E Hawkins
Bradley Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Apr.16, 1885 John M Bradley Nancy M Bradley Nancy Gilpin
Shute Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain May 3, 1885 Bernard Shute Caroline Shute Caroline Corenberg
Frankenberry Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Apr.19, 1885 Enos Frankenberry Mary L Frankenberry Mary Johnson
Butts   Audrain Apr.25, 1885 Willis Butts Sarah Butts Sarah Pigram
Taulton Vandalia,MO. Audrain May 7, 1885 Joe Taulton Laura Taulton Laura Thomas
Simons Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.13, 1885 William H Simons Ida M Simons Ida Reighner
McKinney Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.28, 1885 A S McKinney Annie L McKinney Annie Bryan
Daisy Reed Ridgeway Mexico,MO. Audrain May 4, 1885 John Rothwell Ridgeway Nancy Margaret Ridgeway Nancy Forman