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Birth Records
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Audrain County Birth Records-1883-1886

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very little more information is available, except the date filed and name of person filing the birth.

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Name of Child

Place of Birth Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Ada May Drake Mexico,MO July 5, 1883 Morgan Drake Mary Drake Mary Wetmore  
Paris Audrain Co.MO July 11, 1883 Jackson Paris Martha A Paris    
Hall Audrain Co.MO July 19, 1883 Geo.P Hall Susan Hall    
Guy O McFarlane Mexico,MO July 22, 1883 Geo.B McFarlane Alice O McFarlane Alice O'Rean  
Allen Mexico,MO July 30, 1883 John Allen Martha Allen Marhta Hampton  
Haines Mexico,MO August 17, 1883 Joshua Haines Mollie Haines    
Shafer Mexico,MO August 17, 1883 N B Shafer A F Shafer    
Griggs Audrain Co.MO August 23, 1883 Albert Griggs Mary J Griggs Mary J Morris  
Norton Mexico,MO. July 21, 1883 Harry Norton Pheny Norton Pheny Cripps  
James S. Dunn Mexico,MO August 4, 1883 Saml.A Dunn Mattie J Dunn Mattie J Bartee  
Brashears Audrain Co.MO August 12, 1883 Guy Brashears Rhoda Brashears    
Pediford Audrain Co.MO August 23, 1883 R D Pediford      
Cunningham Mexico,MO. Sept.3, 1883 Jack Cunningham Lucy Cunningham Lucy Gay  
Fowles Audrain Co.MO July 15, 1883 W L Fowles Nannie Fowles Nannie West  
Emma Mason Mexico,MO. July 15, 1883 J Wick Mason Belle Lee Mason Belle Lee  
Elvira Lee Cuivre Twp.Audrain July 16, 1883 Jas. W. Lee Mary L Lee Mary L Smith  
Eva Lee Mexico,MO August 11, 1883 Leslie E Lee Sally Lee Sally Jones  
Clark Mexico,MO Sept.11, 1883 Jno. M. Clark Hattie L Clark Hattie L Flye  
Forbitt Mexico,MO August 1, 1883 Jno. M. Forbitt Mary Forbitt Mary Hill  
Gass Audrain Co.MO August 22, 1883 Albert G. Gass Ann E Gass Ann E Spencer  
Brewer Rush Hill,MO July 20, 1883 A.L.Brewer Juliet Brewer Juliet Lanius  
Lida Gibson Mexico,MO. Aug.1, 1883 Thos.J. Gibson Sally Gibson Sally Clendenon  
Myrtle Williams Audrain Co.MO Aug.1, 1883 Edw.F.Williams Maggie C Williams Maggie C Phillips  
Campbell Mexico,MO Aug.4, 1883 Jno.Campbell      
Thos. Keath Mexico,MO Aug.18, 1883 E.B.Keath Emma J Keath Emma J Goodwin  
Saml. Edw. Lee Mexico,MO Aug.25, 1883 Jas.E.Lee Nancy E Lee Nancy E Mason  
Johnston Farber,Audrain Co. Sept.5, 1883 Wm Johnston Ellen J Johnston Ellen J Sykes  
Smith Mexico,MO. Sept.19, 1883 Chas F Smith Maggie N Smith Maggie N Garretson  
Ora Greeves Laddonia,MO. July 15, 1883 Wm D Greeves Jennie S Greeves Jennie S Shrout  
Montgomery Laddonia,MO. Aug.24, 1883 Chas. Montgomery Ada Mongomery Ada Hapgood  
Westley H. Kemp Linn Tp.Audrain Aug.21, 1883 Jas.H Kemp Sallie L Kemp Sallie L Canterbury  
Mundy Laddonia,MO. Sept.10, 1883 Ruben E Mundy Rebecca D Mundy Rebecca D Westrope  
Louie L.Leet Laddonia,MO. July 11, 1883 Archie Leet Annie Leet Annie Clark  
Jno. Wm.Ramsour Loutre Twp.Audrain Aug.14, 1883 Michael Ramsour Nancy E Ramsout Nancy E Cox  
McIntyre Audrain Co.MO. Aug.20, 1883 Alfred M McIntyre Virginia McIntyre Virginia Early  
Willie Olivia Cox Laddonia,MO. Aug.20, 1883 Jno.W Cox Eulalie Sarvant Cox Eulalie S Hoskins  
Cox Loutre Tp.Audrain Aug.30, 1883 Jas. A Cox Martha E Cox    
Shell Laddonia.MO Sept.13, 1883 Jas. R Shell Neppie Shell Neppie McCune  
Geo.A.Cosby Laddonia.MO Sept.16, 1883 Joe Cosby Fannie Cosby Fannie Wagner  
Marie F Akridge Prairie Tp.Audrain Sept.18, 1883 F S Akridge Marie R Akridge Marie R Thomas  
Lewis Audrain Co.MO Sept.18, 1883 Geo W Lewis Nancy Lewis Nancy Day  
Alice W Cook Laddonia Mo Sept.22, 1883 W R Cook Sarah F Cook Sarah F Cols?in  
McGuire Loutre Tp.Audrain Aug.1, 1883 Thos M McGuire Margaret McGuire Margaret Horton  
Sallie Ann Woolery Audrain Co.MO July 1, 1883 Geo F Woolery Nancy C Woolery Nancy C Cleeton  
Williams Mexico,MO July 29, 1883 Franklin P Williams Alvira Williams Alvira Dawson  
Jones Audrain Co.MO Aug.1, 1883 Geo Jones Laura B Jones Laura B Curdt  
Minnie Jerman Audrain Co.MO Aug.6, 1883 Thos J Jerman Sarah N Jerman Sarah N Park  
Baker Audrain Co.MO Aug.23, 1883 Zack S Baker Sarah E Baker Sarah E Grindstaff  
Beulah Wright Audrain Co.MO Aug.25, 1883 Saml. O Wright Wilmoth A Wright Wilmoth A Gillispie  
Beulah M Davis Audrain Co.MO Sept.2, 1883 Jas Hord Davis Mary C Davis Mary C Robinson  


Name of Child Place of Birth Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Alfred I Wilson Audrain Co.MO Sept.2, 1883 Chas. W Wilson Sarah J Wilson Sarah J Grafford  
Baker Audrain Co.MO Sept.8, 1883 Wm. Baker Mary J Baker Mary J Triplett  
Wm A Wright Audrain Co.MO Sept 9, 1883 Thos. A Wright Mary L. Wright Mary L Palmer  
Geo.Alexander Rutter Audrain Co.MO Sept. 17, 1883 Jas W Rutter Elvira A Rutter Elvira A Crown  
Bessie McCarty Audrain Co.MO Sept.17, 1883 Jos McCarty Cath. V. McCarty Cath. V. Keller  
Campbell Audrain Co.MO Sept.19, 1883 Thos F Campbell Annie B Campbell Annie B Murphy  
Taylor Audrain Co.MO Sept.22, 1883 Oliver T Taylor Martha H Taylor Marhta H Mahon  
Muir Mexico,MO. Sept.9, 1883 Robt. J Muir H G H C Muie H G H C Cowan  
Myrtle Betzer Mexico,MO. July 13, 1883 L S Betzer Emma L Betzer Emma L Critchfield  
Silvers Audrain Co.MO. July 12, 1883 Geo. H Silvers F Silvers F Brown  
Matthews Salt River Tp.Audrain July 13, 1883 Peter Matthews Eliza L Matthews Eliza L Mormen  
Stephens Wilson Tp Audrain Aug.4, 1883 Jas Stephens Stephens Roberts  
Turner Salt River Tp.Audrain Aug.8, 1883 Curus Turner S Turner S Jacobs  
Sneed Allen Key Audrain Co.MO. Aug.11, 1883 Chas R Key Rebecca C Key Revecca C Davis  
Sappington Salt River Tp.Audrain Aug.16, 1883 E Sappington E Sappington E ST.John  
Eva Mable Gray Audrain Co.MO. Aug.20, 1883 Robt. Gray Eva Gray Eva Chamberlain  
Toleson Farber,Audrain Co. Sept.22, 1883 A T Toleson Laura D Toleson Laura D Bradberry  
Willis Miller Loutre Tp.Audrain Aug.26, 1883 Edw E Miller Annie A Miller Annie A Vivian  
Stamper Wilson Tp Audrain Aug.29, 1883 J M Stanper Sarah Stamper Sarah Primble  
Lucy May Tharp Wilson Tp Audrain Aug.31, 1883 Jas Tharp Susan Tharp Susan Helm  
Wm T Keeton Wilson Tp Audrain Sept.3, 1883 Wm L Keeton Margie Keeton Margie Willett  
Hurd Mexico,MO. Sept.4, 1883 Dauphin B Hurd Cyrena Hurd Cyrena Wooley  
Hawkins Mexico,MO. Sept.6, 1883 Alonzo Hawkins Nannie Hawkins Nannie Barker  
Harrison Wilson Tp Audrain Sept.9, 1883 Jeff Harrison Ella Harrison Ella McCord  
Stotler Loutre Tp.Audrain Sept.10, 1883 Saml. P Stotler Lydia J Stotler    
Pease Loutre Tp.Audrain Sept.13, 1883 Saml D Pease Sarah E Pease S E Freeman  
Stewart Mexico,MO. Sept.15, 1883 Em R Stewart Tilda L Stewart T L Crosswhite  
Charles Farber,Audrain Co. Sept.16, 1883 Wm Charles Kate Charles Kate McDonald  
Smith Laddonia,MO. Sept.18, 1883 Lillis Smith Jennet Smith Jennet Morey  
Talleus Loutre Tp.Audrain Sept.21, 1883 Fred Talleus Caroline Tallous Caroline Kemp  
Lander Audrain Co.MO. Sept.25, 1883 Simon C Landr Mary L Lander Mary L Furguson  
Clara Margt.Host Loutre Tp.Audrain Sept.12, 1883 Peter Host Mary Host Mary Buckner  
Russell Audrain Co.Mo Sept.26, 1883 Matthew Russell Mary Russell Mary Hunter  
Ethel May Boyd Mexico,MO. Sept.29, 1883 Wm R Boyd Annie R E Boyd Annie R E Ellis  
Ada Lee Reel W.Cuivre Tp Sept.29, 1883 Lewis C Reel Minerva A Reel Minerva A Mulheron  
Jno.Edw.Linnerman Mexico,MO. Oct.5, 1883 Landon R Linnerman Mary Linnerman Mary Becket  
Annie J Jones Audrain Co.MO. Aug.20, 1883 James Jones Mary Jones    
Ray Audrain Co.MO. Sept.23, 1883 John Ray Mary Ray Mary Bryson  
Day Audrain Co.MO. Aug.16, 1883 Daniel Day Rosa Day Rosa Carter  
Jno.Appleman Audrain Co.MO. July 25, 1883 Jno. Appleman Sarah Appleman Sarah Shepherd  
Gentry Audrain Co.MO. July 10, 1883 Pleasant M Gentry ??arina Gentry ??arina Roberts  
Harrison Audrain Co.MO. Oct.4, 1883 Jas A Harrison Sarah E Harrison Sarah E Baskin  
Smith Audrain Co.MO. Oct.12, 1883 Lourie C Smith Callie Smith' Callie Ellis  
Powell Res of Parents Sept.29, 1883 Alfred C Powell Maggie Powell Maggie Hazard  
Patton Res of Parents Oct.3, 1883 Patton Annie Patton Annie Todd  
Burch Res of Parents Oct.2, 1883 G V Burch Nancy C Burch Nancy C Gilliland  
Hagan Vandalia,MO. Sept.28, 1883 Jas M Hagan Annie L Hagan Annie L Yates  
Culbertson Vandalia,MO. Sept.24, 1883 Chas Culbertson Mary Culbertson Mary Lilter  
Thos. Allen Arthur Vandalia,MO. July 5, 1883 Duley Arthur Caroline Arthur Caroline Scott  
Emma Blanche Henderson Wilson Tp Audrain July 11, 1883 Emmett W Henderson Lucinda Henderson Lucinda Duncan

Page Three

Name of Child Place of Birth Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Lara Lee Crosswhite Audrain Co.MO. July 30, 1883 Geo W Crosswhite H E Crosswhite H E Giles  
Gillie Smith Rice Audrain Co.MO. Aug.6, 1883 Franklin M Price Gillie Price Gillie S Morehead  
Powers Audrain Co.MO. Aug.8, 1883 Orval H Powers Elizabeth Powers Elizabeth Browning  
Fannie W Clark Wilson Tp Audrain Aug.8, 1883 C F Clark Willie S Clark Willie Sinis  
Moore Wilson Tp Audrain Oxt.16.1883 W C Moore Fannie B Moore Fannie B Mallory  
Machin Cuivre Twp.Audrain Oct.5, 1883 Jno. Machin Mary Machin Mary Todd  
Ball Vandalia,MO. Sept.24, 1883 Fred Ball col. Alice Scott Alice Scott  
Bondurant Vandalia,MO. Sept.18, 1883 Jeffrey N Bondurant Susan B Bondurant Susan B Thompson  
Lula May Blanton Salt River Tp.Audrain Sept.9, 1883 H Blanton M C Blanton M C Layton  
Nora Alice Miller Audrain Co.MO. Aug.24, 1883 Geo W Miller Emelline Miller Emeline Spencer  
Wm H Branstetter W of Vandalia Aug.23, 1883 Jno.F Branstetter Manda A Branstetter Manda A Lyons  
Lena May Gowen Salt River Tp.Audrain Aug.19, 1883 Jno. W Gowen S A Gowen S A Faddis  
King Salt River Tp.Audrain Aug.15, 1883 W D L King E C King E C Montjoy  
Ida May Young Audrain Co.MO. Sept.12, 1883 Jas.R Young Effie E Yung Effie E Robinson  
Crawford Audrain Co.MO. Oct.12, 1883 Thos.W Crawford Margaret A Crawford Margaret A Keithley  
Dudgeon Audrain Co.MO. Oct.8, 1883 Geo W Dudgeon E Dudgeon E Stull  
Carpenter Mexico,MO. Oct.2, 1883 Unknown Ada Carpenter Ada Carpenter  
Roberts Mexico,MO. Oct.20, 1883 Calvin A Roberts Feraby Roberts Feraby Tate  
Ritchie Saling TP Audrain Aug.2, 1883 Clay Ritchie Amelia Ritchie Amelia Brown  
Potter Audrain Co.MO. Oct.3, 1883 Surelius Potter Emma R Potter Emma R Read  
Ettie May Keith Rush Hill,MO Oct.4, 1883 Jas.E Keith Mary E Keith Mary E Kilby  
Barrett Linn Tp.Audrain Oct.18, 1883 Harrison Barrett Belle Barrett Belle Boyd  
Agnes Glandon Mexico,Promenade Sept.21, 1883 Jos.A Glandon Kate E Glandon Kate E Martin  
Baker Mexico,MO. Oct.1, 1883 Chas.W.Baker Emma F Baker Emma F Laplsey  
Sterling H Buckner Mexico,MO. Sept.24, 1883 Thos.B.Buckner Effie B Buckner Effie B Hendrix  
Vanvaxter Audrain Co.MO Oct.27, 1883 Alonzo Vanaxter Anna Vanaxter Anna Morrow  
Fowler Audrain Co.MO. Oct.18, 1883 Jas.L Fowler Susan R Fowler Susan R Hamilton  
Jones Loutre Tp.Audrain Oct.13, 1883 Jos.W.Jones Emma R Jones Emma R McMullins  
Brown Mexico,MO. Oct.30, 1883 Edw.Brown Margaret Brown Margaret Vandervorden  
Lindsay Wilson Tp Audrain Oct.26, 1883 Newton Lindsay Florence R Lindsay Florence R Show  
Dickerson Saling TP Audrain Sept.30, 1883 Jas .R Dickerson E J Dickerson E J Dowdy  
Scott Loutre Tp.Audrain Oct.23, 1883 Geo.Scott Mila A Scott Mila A Morse  
Chase Mexico,MO. Oct.31, 1883 Geo.W Chase Emma F Chase Emma F Wright  
Henry Barker Benton City,MO. Oct.17, 1883 Matthias L Barker Jennie L Barker Jennie L Enos  
Gutherie Mexico,MO. Nov.1, 1883 Jno.A Guthrie Ella Guthrie Ella Forrest  
Pearson Salt River Tp.Audrain Nov.4, 1883 Wallace M Pearson Nannie E Pearson Nannie E Wilfley  
Johnson Salt River Tp.Audrain Oct.29, 1883 Geo N Johnson Georgia A Johnson Georgia A Dowell  
J W Middleton Audrain Co.MO. Nov.2, 1883 Jno.W Middlwton Sarah J Middleton Sarah J Mitchell  
ClementineBabb Audrain Co.MO. Oct.17, 1883 Wm Babb Alice Babb Alice Lafferty  
Baskett Laddonia,MO. Oct.30, 1883 B F Baskett Mary Baskett Mary Smith  
Underwood Audrain Co.MO. Oct.22, 1883 Frank P Underwood Rettie Underwood Rettie Parsons  
Hale Laddonia,MO. Sept.22, 1883 Jos. Hale Nancy C Hale Nancy C Painter  
Earl Harrington Prairie Tp.Audrain Oct.28, 1883 Karl Harrington Sarah Harrington Sarah Poo?  
Nellie May Kelso Audrain Co.MO. Nov.7, 1883 Thos.J Kelso Nannie E Kelso Nannie E Graves  
Howard Audrain Co.MO. Oct.9, 1883 A F Howard Maria Howard Maria Frost  
Fugate Cuivre Twp.Audrain Nov.1, 1883 Jos.A Fugate Sarah Fugate    
Christian Audrain Co.MO. Oct.11, 1883 W R Christian M E Christian M E Black  
Maude Harris Audrain Co.MO. Oct.26, 1883 Robt.G Harris Mary Harris Mary Proctor  
Browning Salt River Tp.Audrain Nov.9, 1883 J C Browning Anna Browning Anna Capps  
Hern Near Farber,MO. Nov.6, 1883 Clarence Hern Mrs Clarence Hern Huff

Page Four

Name of Child Place of Birth Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
James M Brown Audrain Co.MO. Oct.18, 1883 Wm. Brown Mattie M Brown Mattie M Hadsell  
Cobb Benton City,MO. Oct.28, 1883 Joseph Cobb Mariah Cobb Mariah Smith  
Oscar Martin Near Farber,MO. Oct.21, 1883 Feliz S Martin Sallie Martin Sallie Martin  
Jessie May McKinney Cuivre Twp.Audrain Oct.2, 1883 Nelson McKinney Elizabeth McKinney Elizabeth Rose  
Lockridge Audrain Co.MO. Oct.15, 1883 Garland Lockridge Catherine Lockridge Catherine Riggs  
Winegart Audrain Co.Mo. Oct.13, 1883 Jno.Winegart Mary Winegart Mary Fisher  
Jamison Salt River Tp.Audrain Nov.14, 1883 Turner Jamison Lida Jamison Lida Harris  
Hall Wilson Tp Audrain Nov.17, 1883 A J Hall Orpha M Hall Orpha M Whistner  
Davenport Wilson Tp Audrain Oct.24, 1883 Jno. Davenport Mary L Davenport Mary E Hoover  
Creasey Salt River Tp.Audrain Nov.3, 1883 Jos. Creasey Ann Creasey Ann Beatty  
Miskell Thompson Station Oct.28, 1883 Fred Miskell Mattie Miskell Mattie Dolluns  
Pierceall Laddonia,MO. Nov.16, 1883 Wm C Pierceall Eliza C Pierceall Eliza C Parsons  
Edwards Audrain Co.MO. Nov.5, 1883 W S Edwards Edmonia A Edwards Edmonia A Roberts  
Chas H Harman Cuivre Twp.Audrain Nov.15, 1883 Oscar R Harman Emma E Harman Emma E Benning  
Edna Edwards Linn Tp.Audrain Nov.9, 1883 Geo. H Edwards Mary B Edwards Mary B McNamara  
Annie L Van Deventer Cuivre Twp.Audrain Oct.2, 1883 Andrew J VanDeventer Mary E Van Deventer Mary E Revis  
Walter Fox Cuivre Twp.Audrain July 4, 1883 Jas. J. Fox Mariah E Fox Mariah E Orr  
Saml T Russell Cuivre Twp.Audrain   Alford W Tussell Mary F Russell Mary F Morris  
Lucy O Darlington Linn Tp.Audrain Feb.28, 1883 Ruben C Darlington Henrietta Darlington Henrietta Jordan  
Teresa Jewell     Brutus C Jewell Cloan Jewell Cloan Willcox  
Roy V. Rose Cuivre Tp.Audrain Sept.29, 1883 Elliott Ross Susan C D Ross Susan C D Winter  
Turpin Farber Nov.12, 1883 C M Turpin Mary C Turpin Mary E Lyell  
McNight Farber Nov.14, 1883 Edw.McNight Annie McNight Annie Scears  
Reed Farber Nov.14, 1883 J E Reed Mary F Reed Mary F Taylor  
Hulen Audrain Co.MO. Sept.2, 1883 Chas.Hulen Maggie Hulen Maggie Rawlings  
Wm. E, Hoffman Audrain Co.MO. Oct.29, 1883 Valentine Hoffman Mary E Hoffman Mary E Ess  
Lee W Williams Saling Tp.Audrain Aug.29, 1883 Columbus Williams Minnie Williams Minnie Hulen  
Frank Rutledge Saling Tp.Audrain Nov.19, 1883 Edw. Rutledge Mattie Rutledge Mattie Hall  
Granville L Hulen Audrain Co.MO. Aug.4, 1883 Turner Hulen Mattie Hulen Matie Fountain  
Sames Audrain Co.MO. Nov.27, 1883 Jno.R Sames Ida C Sames Ida C Watrous  
Woolwine Near Laddonia Nov.27, 1883 G W Woolwine A E Woolwine R E Woodson  
Jno.A. Petty Audrain Co.MO. Nov.19, 1883 Ben. F. Petty Mary Petty Mary Selfridge  
Butts Vandalia,MO. Nov.20, 1883 Christopher C Butts Elizabeth Butts Elizabeth Pitzer  
Goodpaster Audrain Co.MO. Nov.20, 1883 Jno.Goodpaster Ella Goodpaster Ella Parrish  
Hutchison Vandalia,MO. Oct.28, 1883 Chas.L.Hutchison Mary L Hutchison Mary L.Hesser  
Smock Audrain Co.MO. Nov.22, 1883 Jos.H.Smock Kate Smock Kate Been  
Jessie E Westrope Audrain Co.MO. Nov.11, 1883 Geo.Westrope Maria E Westrope Maria E.Rimby  
Palmer Saling Tp,MO. Nov.11, 1883 Henry Palmer Mary Palmer Mary Ritchie  
Taylor Martin Martinsburg,MO. Nov.4, 1883 Caleb Martin Lucy Martin Lucy Fike  
Ira Miller Loutre Tp.Audrain Nov.3, 1883 Ira Miller Annie Miller Annie Truett  
Roby Salt River Tp.Audrain Nov.23, 1883 O.C.Roby E A Roby E A Frasier  
Jas.B.Vandeventer Mexico,MO. Nov.18, 1883 Barnard Vandeventer Margaret Vandeventer Margaret Jenkins  
Milligan Audrain Co.MO. Nov.9, 1883 Ira S.Milligan Carrie B.Milligan Carrie B McCord  
Henrietta Mallory Wilson Tp Audrain Nov.16, 1883 Carter Q.Mallory Elizabeth A.Mallory Elizabeth A Yount  
Graffort Audrain Tp.MO. Dec.6, 1883 Henry Graffort Emma Graffort Emma Pigg  
Black Salt River Tp.Audrain Dec.8, 1883 W L Black Camilla Black Camilla Bogert  
Atkinson Pike Co.MO. Dec.3, 1883 Saml. F Atkinson Jacintha Atkinson J. Branstetter  
Sisk Audrain Co.MO. Dec.2, 1883 Frank Sisk Mary E Sisk Mary E Huntley  
Shannon Audrain Co.MO. Nov.29, 1883 W O Shannon Eliza Shannon Eliza Wright  
Prince Vandalia,MO. Nov.21, 1883 Frank Prince Susie Prince Susie Johnston