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Birth and Still Births from the Secretary of State Office onsite see below.
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Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Hughlett Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.20, 1883 Jas. Hughlett Emma Hughlett Emma Branstetter  
Dowell Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.9, 1883 Jas O Dowell Annie Dowell Annie Lewis  
Mason Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.10, 1883 Wm J Mason Clara Mason Clara Cunningham  
Carl W.Winkler Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Aug.15, 1883 Henry Winkler Annie Winkler Annie Zimmerman  
Shick Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.19, 1883 Wm D Shock Nancy F Shock Nancy F Gay  
Bertha L. Edmonston Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.17, 1883 Wm A Edmonston Fannie D Edmonston Fannie D Sharpe  
Haley Thompson Station Audrain Nov.25, 1883 Jas. E Haley Mary B Haley Mary B Cogswell  
Bradley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.17, 1883 Jno. M Bradley Nannie Bradley Nannie Gilpin  
Tarner Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Oct.15, 1883 Lafayette tarner Nancy Tarner Nancy Barnes  
Wilson Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.16, 1883 W W Wilson Fannie B Wilson Fannie B hill  
Downs Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.3, 1883 J G Downs S A Downs S A Mundy  
White Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.18, 1883 Joshua H White Alice J White Alice J Stires  
Romans Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.19, 1883 H P O Romans Sarah B Romans Sarah B Wilson  
Wilson Mexico,MO. Audrain Nov.27, 1883 Chas.J.Wilson Virginia M Wilson Virginia M Hardwig  
Doss Mexico,MO. Audrain Nov.30, 1883 Minor L.Doss Bellie M Earhart Nellie M Earhart  
Chas Gilliland Farber Audrain Dec.19, 1883 Chas M Gilliland Lucinda Gilliand Lucinda Schroll  
Wm J Ridgeway Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.22, 1883 Jno.Ridgeway Mariah E Ridgeway Mariah E Sublett  
Jones Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.18, 1883 Franklin Jones Nannie Jones Nannie Bartee  
Johnson Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.9, 1883 Jno.W Johnson Nancy Lee Johnson Nancy Lee Dickerson  
Hoffman Cuivre Tp.Audrain Audrain Nov.30, 1883 Edw.F.Hoffman Belle F Hoffman Belle F Thompson  
Edwards Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.30, 1883 Wm T Edwards Martha Edwards Martha Terrell  
Long Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.2, 1883 Jas R.Long Sarah E Long Sarah E Sappingotn  
Forbes Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.4, 1883 G. Forbes E Forbes E. Sanker  
Prather Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.9, 1883 Jno. Prather Alice Prather Alice Cannada  
French Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.18, 1883 Robt. E.French Florence French Florence Luckie  
Vandevelde Mexico,MO. Audrain Dec.17, 1883 Seraphin Vandevelde Amanda E Vandevelde A.E.Gaslline  
Precht Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.10, 1883 Fred J.Precht Willie A Precht Willie A.Michael  
Taylor Mexico,MO. Audrain Dec.30, 1883 Thos. Taylor Mary Taylor Mary Whitehead  
Metta B Farrah Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.2, 1883 Lester J.Farrah Susanna S Farrah Susanna S Moore  
Pattrick Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.13, 1883 Green Pattridk Annie Pattrick Annie Rector  
Eunice Wright Wt.14 lbs So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Dec.25, 1883 Chas.A.Wright Armilda Wright Armilda Jackson  
White So.Wilson Tp.Aud. Audrain Dec.30, 1883 Wm.E.White Mary A White Mary A Smiley  
Schuhmacher Mexico,MO. Audrain Dec.20, 1883 Jno. Schuhmacher Mary A Schuhmacher Mary A.Netz  
White Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.30, 1883 Douglas White Drucilla White Drucilla Gray  
Burus Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec 29, 1883 W.F.Burus Emma Burus Emma Spotswood  
Ross Farber Audrain Dec.10, 1883 S.Ross Annie Ross Annie Frabue  
Hepler Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.2, 1883 J.L.Hepler Decora F Hepler Decora F Wilgelie  
McDonald Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.6, 1883 Jos.McDonald Lucy J McDonald Lucy J Martin  
Alma L. Mundy Salt River Tp.Audrai Audrain Dec.9, 1883 Jno.E.Mundy Mary R Mundy Mary R Price  
Howarth Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.19, 1883 Jno.Howarth Eliza Howarth Eliza Nichols  
Armstrong Prairie Tp.Audrain Audrain Nov.23, 1883 Robt,J.armstrong Alice L Armstrong Alice L Bybee  
Purvis Humphrey Vandalia,MO. Audrain Dec.16, 1883 Thos.K.Humphrey Helen Humphrey Helen Schimmer  
Mary E Dehner Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.22, 1883 Wm.B.Dehuer America M Dehuer America M Eubanks  
Edna E Crawford Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.21, 1883 Jas.A.Crawford Frances M Crawford Frances M grigsby  
Mollie E Davis Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.15, 1883 Jas.S.Davis Sarah E Davis Sarha E Swigert  
Alex Holcamp Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.7, 1884 John Holcamp Anna Holcamp Anna Archer  
Donald Kemper Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.5, 1884 John Downing Anna Downing Anna Collins  
Mary B Heizen Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.1, 1884 Robert Leonidas Heizen Mary Elizabeth Heizen mary Elizabeth Weaver  
Kewus Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.6, 1884 William C.Lewis Mary E.Lewis Mary E.Darly  
Rutter Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.1, 1884 Jason Rutter Martha Rutter Martha Dempsey  


Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Carrie E Hunter Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.6, 1883 Wm.A.Hunter C.E.Hunter C.E.Cox  
James K.Laird Audrain Co.MO. Audrain June 18, 1883 William Isaac Laird Nancy Jane Laird Nancy Jane Hays  
Morris Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.7, 1883 James F.Morris Catherine E.Morris Catherine E.Crotts  
Pursey Vandalia,MO. Audrain Dec.16, 1883 Arthur H.Pursey Sarah F.Pursley Sarah F.Hudson  
Fields Montgomery Co.MO. Audrain Oct.20, 1883 Richard M.Fields Elizabeth Fields Elizabeth Hays  
?arley Grace Barney Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Nov.12, 1883 William N.Barney Mary A.Barney Mary S. Frisby  
Rolla Roland Sox Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Oct.1, 1883 Alexander C.Sox E.E.Sox E.E.Parker  
Edward & Ettie Chase Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr. 21, 1883 H.R.Colwell Mary A.Colwell Mary A.Masky  
Dooley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.8, 1884 J.J.Dooley Leander Dooley Leander Kennedy  
Farthing Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.3, 1884 Edward Farthing Mary Farthing Mary Barnes  
Martin Luther Doolin Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.29, 1884 Clem Doolin Coria Doolin Coria Burhop  
Sumner Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.4, 1884 Joseph C.Sumner Frances A.Sumner Frances Cauthorn  
Boilean Boone Co.MO. Audrain Jan.6, 1884 Paul Boilean Susan F.Boilean Susan F.McCoy  
John Greeves Ralls Co.MO. Audrain Jan.8, 1884 Wm.C.Greeves Treka Greeves Treka Goodwin  
Dye Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.10, 1884 Wm.H.Dye Malvala A.Dye Malvala a.Parsons  
Annie Johnson Laddonia,MO. Audrain Jan.5, 1883 Herman Johnson Mary Johnson Mary Buster  
Fay Ellenor Pendleton Laddonia,MO. Audrain Dec.20, 1883 John A.Pendleton Ida May Pendleton Ida May Landrum  
Proctor Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.25, 1883 B.F.Proctor Allie M.Proctor Allie M.Ripply  
David Carr Hatton   Audrain Jan.6, 1884 D.C.Hatton Ellen Hatton Ellen Veol  
Elizabeth Mable Anderson Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Dec.15, 1883 Rasmus Anderson Sarah Ellen Anderson Sarah Turner  
Tipton Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Dec.11, 1883 Jermiah H.Tipton Alice Tipton Alice Payne  
Combs Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.15, 1884 David K.Combs Ellen Nora Combs Ellen Myers  
Calbreth Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.16, 1884 Samuel R.Calbreth Sarah E Calbreth Sarah Wilson  
August Tillman Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Jan.23, 1884 Joseph Tillman Christina Tillman Christina Nilgen  
William Taylor Winter Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Jan.22, 1884 Lewis Winter Eula Winter Eula Minter  
Stella May Reynolds Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Jan.12, 1884 J.C.Reynolds Eugenia Reynolds Eugenia Northcutt  
Nannie Laura Carter Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Dec.27, 1883 Robert Creed Carter Nancy Susan Carter Nancy McClanahan  
Herman Fears Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sept.14, 1883 Thomas D.Fears Mary F.Fears    
Kelly Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.14, 1884 Joshua Kelly Mary Elisha Kelly Mary Rish  
Arnold Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.20, 1884 Robert R.Arnold Eliza O.Arnold Eliza Morris  
Houston Mexico,MO. Audrain Dec.22, 1883 Algemon S.Houston Sallie T.Houston Sallie Buckner  
Hill Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.11, 1884 T.B.Hill A.M.Hill A.M. Rigne  
Bruce Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.18, 1884 James A.Bruce S.A.Bruce S.A.Maupin  
Dooley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.23, 1883 Richard Dooley Fannie Dooley    
Hamson Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.25, 1884 Not Known Jennie Hamson Jennie Hamson  
Hostetter Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.11, 1884 William O.Hostetter Sallie E.Hostetter Sallie Biggs  
Mansfield Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.11, 1884 William Clark Mansfield Louisa Ann Mansfield Louisa A Martien  
Lee Benton Vansil Benton City,MO. Audrain Jan.4, 1884 John William Vansil Laura Vansil Laura Ballard  
Bertha Cottle Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.19, 1884 Arthur Cottle Emma R.Cottle Emma Hoffman  
Conner Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.19, 1884 John Hiram Conner Mary Jane Conner Mary J.Pigg  
Mark Ephraine Crawford Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.12, 1884 Mark Ephriam Crawford Calla DeHaven Crawford Calla Vaughn  
George T.Brooks Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Sept.17, 1883 Joseph P.Brooks Nancy A Brooks Nancy Fields  
Sturdevant Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.5, 1884 James E.Sturdevant Agnes Sturdevant Agnes Bland  
Adams Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.5, 1884 James W.Adams Lydia Adams Lydia Musick  
Ragbune Kirkpatrick Woolery Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.5, 1884 John Bengal Woolery Nannie Kate Woolery Nannie Crockett  
Landers Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.30, 1884 George Marion Landers Martha Ellen Landers Martha Coon  
Huntley Ralls Co.MO. Audrain Jan.11, 1884 William Huntley Emma Huntley Emma Langford  
Gregg Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.22, 1884 Edward Gregg Lucy Gregg Lucy Harris  
Kochs Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.20, 1884 Henry Kochs Matilda Kochs Matilda Krouenberg  
McDowell Laddonia,MO. Audrain Jan.12, 1884 George McDowell Jennie Mcdowell Jennie Marks  


Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Dyer Ralls Co.MO. Audrain Jan.10, 1884 Wm.H.Dye Mahala A Dye Mahala Parsons  
Green 6mi.So of Mexico Audrain Feb.8, 1884 John Eli Green Amanda Adeline Green Amanda Buket  
Owen Benton City,MO. Audrain Jan.29, 1884 Francis A.Owen Sarah Frances Owen Sarah Clarke  
Lulie Hayden Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.31, 1884 John H.Hayden Mary J.Hayden Mary Pherars  
Minna May Ball Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.20, 1884 John Rose Ball Nancy Jane Ball Nancy Rivere  
Daisy Winifred Clayville Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.11, 1884 Emory Whitington Clayville Matilda Jane Clayville Matilda Schroll  
Nichols Linn Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.8, 1884 William P.Nichols Laura Belle Nichols Laura Forshey  
Berry Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.31, 1884 Taylor N.Berry Dolly M.Berry Dolly Toumbo  
Frank Harrison Crockett Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.2, 1884 S.A.Crockett E.P.Crockett E.Mallory  
Potts Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.2, 1884 J.H.Potts E.F.Potts E.Sims  
Charles Andrew Daniels Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.6, 1884 Leroy Daniels Martha Lucinda Daniels Martha Byrns  
Hagan   Audrain Feb.6, 1884 E.R.Hagan M.L.Hagan M.Hayden  
James Henry Canada Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Jan.17, 1884 James Henry Canada Susan Emma Canada Susan Ritchie  
Barchane Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.26, 1884 John Barchane Alice Barchane    
Earl Butts Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.24, 1884 Arthur G Butts Annie Butts Annie Ingram  
Anderson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.24, 1884 Elijah Anderson annie Sue Anderson Annie Harris  
Zerelda Ann Edwards Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.23, 1884 James P Edwards Mary J Edwards Mary Edwards  
Johnson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.22, 1884 Wm Johnson Sarah Johnson Sarah Saunders  
Crawford Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.20, 1884 Charles W Crawford Eliza Crawford Eliza G??gin  
Parks Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.31, 1884 Brutus Parks Julia Parks Julia Sewell  
Hoston Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.21, 1884 George Hoston Lucy Hoston Lucy Roswell  
Archie Lee Hays Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Dec.8, 1883 Wm Granderson Hays Lucy Henrietta Hays    
George Burgess Brown Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Dec.15, 1883 George Burgess Brown Fannie Jane Brown Fannie Harlinger  
Pada James Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Dec.23, 1883 Quincy James Sarah Ann James Sarah Beck  
Carl Denning Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Jan.1, 1884 Charles Denning PhiladelphiaSusan Denning Philadelphia Weledy  
Foisby Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Dec.30, 1883 Frank James Frisby Mary E Frisby Mary E Gilbert  
Berthie May Slavens Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Feb.4, 1884 Harry Slavens Drucilla Slavens Drucilla Smith  
Liman Pettachous Ousterhout Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Aug.28, 1883 Pettachous Ousterhout Josie Eliza.Ousterhout Josie E. Spears  
Lena Gertrude Ingram Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Jan.21, 1884 John W Ingram Martha A Ingram Martha Enslen  
Willinghaus Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.26, 1884 Geo.B.Willingham Alice Willinghaus Alice Willingham  
Younger Mexico,MO. Audrain Jan.31, 1884 Beverly Younger Mary A Younger Mary A Jesse  
Weems Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.9, 1884 Not Known Vive Weems Vive Weems  
McDonough Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.4, 1884 Robert McDonough Mary M McDonough Mary M.Johnson  
Benneett Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.26, 1884 Joel Bennett Annie Bennett Annie Herndon  
Kindred Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.8, 1884 Lee Kindred Martha E Kindred Martha E. Kimper  
Fouts Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Jan.9, 1884 A.J.Fouts Lucinda Fouts Lucinda Morris  
Williamson Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain   Elijah Williamson Did not Learn    
Watt Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Dec.30, 1883 F.M.Watt Martha Watt    
Benjamin Kincade Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.12, 1884 Wm Montgomery Kincade Sophia Kincade Sophia Anderson  
Minnie Fawven Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Dec.27, 1883 John A Fawven Melvina Fawven Melvina Mallory  
Hoffman Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.24, 1884 John Hoffman Catherine Hoffman Catherine Burkey  
Deither Burkey Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.25, 1884 Lewis Burkey Cathreine Burkey Catherine Ess  
Hays Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.18, 1884 Alex Hays Mary Ann Hays Mary Ann Simmons  
Hudson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.17, 1884 Joseph Hudson Nancy E Hudson Nancy Yates  
Miller Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.5, 1884 Henry Miller Lizzie Miller Lizzie Shultze  
Calla Elizie Rosser Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.6, 1884 James Kevel Rosser Mattie Rosser Mattie Suttler  
Mattie Emma Muller Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.6, 1884 George Ernest Muller Sophia Marie Muller Sophia Zima  
Davis Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.2, 1884 James Henry Davis Susie Emma Davis Susie Bunstrin  
Doeblin Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.6, 1884 George Frederick Doeblin Elizabeth Doeblin Elizabeth Schuirat  
Smith Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.21, 1884 James Smith Jennie Smith Jennie Bybee  


Name of Child Place of Birth County Date of Birth Father's Name Mother's Name Mother's Maiden Name
Marshall Salt River Tp.Audrain Audrain Feb.28, 1884 Warren W Marshall Lucy R Marshall Lucy Blankenship  
George Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Mar.3, 1884   Georgian George George  
James M Hanley Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.12, 1884 William Hanley Adeline Hanley Adeline Morrison  
Steward Mexico,MO. Audrain Feb.14, 1884 Wm B Steward Carrie W.Steward Carrie W Lane  
Myrta Belle Mays Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.12, 1884 Dr??y Mays Mary Elizabeth Mays Mary E. James  
Sydenstricker Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.18, 1884 Samuel Alex.Sydenstricker Margaret Sydenstricker Margaret Coon  
Drowne Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Feb.11, 1884 Rufus Benjamin Drowne Mary Alice Drowne Mary A Phillips  
Conly Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Dec.14, 1883 Emmet Conley Nettie Conley Nettie O'Nan  
Elder Loutre Tp.Audrain Audrain Mar.18, 1884 Thomas Jefferson Elder Martha Elder Martha Brown  
Canterberry Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.4, 1884 Reuben Canterberry Maggie Canterberry Maggie Cophen  
Douglass Benton City,MO. Audrain Mar.12, 1884 Jacob W Douglass Se?elda L.Douglass Se?elda Ridgeway  
Neale Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.21, 1884 John S Neale Clara H Neale Clara Gaines  
Whiteside Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.20, 1884 M S Whiteside Mary A Whiteside Mary A Johns  
Morris Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.7, 1884 Pleasant M Morris Sarah C Morris Sarah C Fish  
Biggs Farber Audrain Jan.4, 1884 W S Biggs Nancy Biggs Nancy Reiley  
Ehrlick Cuivre Tp.Audrain Co. Audrain Dec.22, 1883 Edward Ehrlick Sophia Ehrlick Sophia Smith  
Clarence Turner Wisdom Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Mar.14, 1884 Thomas Smith Wisdom Martha Emily Wisdom Martha Gant  
Carroll Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Jan.23, 1884 A P Carroll Mary McCarroll Mary Hicks  
Snidon Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Mar.3, 1884 Janes Shannon Snidon Clara D Snidon Clara Millsaps  
James Melvin Harrison Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.13, 1884 John Franklin Harrison Mary Belle Harrison Mary Crockett  
Jones Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Apr.2, 1884 Uancey Jones Eliza Jones Eliza Samons  
Crump Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.9, 1884 George W Crump Mariah Crump Mariah Gentry  
Ward Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.10, 1884 Samuel Ward Ellen Ward Ellen Faddins  
Brockman Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.24, 1884 John Brockman Florence Brockman Florence Dawson  
Margaret Jane Scott Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.22, 1884 James H Scott Jessie F Scott Jessie Edwards  
Martha Elizabeth Johnson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.12, 1884 Luther A Johnson Mollie E Johnson Mollie Hesten  
John Wischhause Martinsburg,MO. Audrain Mar.6, 1884 Herman Wischhaus Maggie Wischhaus Maggie Eslie  
Albert Taylor Wagner Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.4, 1884 A M Wagner A C Wagner A C Ridgeway  
James Gidney Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.1, 1884 Janes H Gidney Julia A Gidney Julia Howard  
Sims Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Mar.26, 1884 William Price Sims Nellie v Sims Nellie Shepherd  
Patterson Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Mar.12, 1884 John F Patterson Mary E Patterson Mary Eubanks  
Harshberger Saling Tp.Audrain Audrain Mar.29, 1884 Wm J Harshberger Alice Harshberger Alice Doling  
Heizen Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.21, 1884 J J Heizen Aristine Heizen Aristine Johnston  
Lewton Audrain Co.MO. Audrain   E A Lewton M A Lewton M A Hull  
Barkwell S Wilson Tp.Audrain Audrain Mar.12, 1884 William Barkwell Ada May Barkwell Ada Shay  
James W Ogden Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.27, 1884 Benjamin F Ogden Elizabeth Odgen Elizabeth Fields  
R E Roonett Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.8, 1884 F N Robnett Sue Robnett Sue Griffin  
Chandler Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.29, 1884 Matthew Chandler Cecilia Chandler Cecilia Holdcraft  
Lindsey Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.9, 1884 Robert Lindsey Phoebe A Lindsey Phoebe Ricketts  
Armstrong Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.4, 1884 Robert H Armstrong Mary B Armstrong Mary Rea  
Brown Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.30.1884 Benjamin Brown Amanda Brown Amanda Williams  
Hattie May Howard Mexico,MO. Audrain Apr.8, 1884 Jos.Warren howard Ann Howard Ann Gates  
Hagedom Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.24, 1884 Fred Hagedom Christina Hagedom Christina Cinnerschit  
Edward Frances Detienne   Audrain Mar.24, 1884 Henry C Detienne Mary j Detienne    
James Daniel Tanz Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Mar.31, 1884 C J Tantz Maggie Tantz Maggie Ruedy  
Henderson Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Feb.13, 1884 Chas. Henderson Mollie Henderson Mollie Scott  
Bright Mexico,MO. Audrain Mar.16, 1884 J W Bright Jr.   Willie Walden  
Daly Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Apr.10, 1884 Jas. W Daley Lucy E Daly Lucy E Foinst  
Leeper Wilson Tp. Audrain Audrain Apr.4, 1884 Jno.T Leeper Mary Lizzie Leeper Mary L Stapleton  
McLane Audrain Co.MO. Audrain Oct.21, 1883 Chas D McLane Laura E McLane Laura Bondurant