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Audrain County, Missouri

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ARMISTEAD, Franklin Armistead was a soldier of the war of 1813. He married HANNAH RICE, of VA., and they had William, Franklin, Jr., hannah and Delpha. Franklin, Jr., married MARTHA FAULKNER, and settled in Audrain Co. in 1833. They had Franklin W., Martha, Lucy, Mary, Joseph, John, Virginia, James and Eliza. Click here for off-site info regarding Franklin Armistead, Jr.


BARNETT, John Barnett, of England, had a son named Hutchins, who married POLLY MATTHEWS, of VA., and settled in Boone Co., MO. in 1820. Their children were John W., Thomas M., Jane W., Mildred A., and Sarah R. John W. married ARRETTA WILLINGHAM in 1822, and settled in Audrain Co., in 1831. They had Sarah J., Mary M., Mildred A., Martha E., William J., Napoleon B., Sanders, Hutchins, Athanssis, John W., Thomas and Jesse. Thomas, son of Hutchins Barnett, Sr., settled in Audrain Co. in 1831. He never married. He possessed a remarkable memory, and can relate past events with great accuracy. Sarah R., daughter of Hutchins Barnett, Sr., married DANIEL ELLINGTON, of Boone Co., MO. Top


BEATTY, James Beatty was born in Maryland, in 1742. He married ELIZABETH RAMER, whose father fled from Germany to avoid religious persecution by Charles V. Mr. Beatty settled in Fayette Co., KY., among the first white people who sought homes in that state, and he experienced all the dangers and trials of the long and bloody Indian war that followed. after the return of peace, he gave his assistance to the development of the country, and was one of the party who opened the first road to Ohio. His children were Mary, Michael, James E., Lydia, Edward, Jonathan, Ann, Ruth, Amy and Barbara. James E. married and lived in Mobile, Ala. Edward married MALINDA PRICE, by whom he had James E., John P., Elizabeth S., and William. He was married the 2nd time to ANNA S. SMITH, and they had Joseph and Martha J. He was married the 3rd time to ELIZA J. HOLMES, but they had no children. Mr. Beatty settled in Audrain Co. in 1837. John P. Beatty married ELIZABETH J. CLARK, and they had Edward H., John W., Lycurgus, Mary E., Loenidas, Helen S., Lawrence, James and Oliver, all of whom live in Missouri. Top


BLUE, Duncan Blue, of Scotland, married his cousin, EFFIE BLUE, and came to America and settled in N.C. before the revolution. He joined the American army when the war began, and served during the struggle for independence. After the war, he removed to Christian co., KY. His children were Daniel, Neal, and Peggy. Neal was in the war of 1812. He married ELIZABETH GALBRETH, of N.C., and they had Duncan, John, Sally, Effie A., Peggy, Flora, Eliza, Emeline, Caroline and Charlotte E. Several of the children died young, and in 1831, Mr. Blue and the rest of his family came to MO., and settled in Audrain Co. Top


BOWEN, Thomas Bowen, of VA., married MARY STONE, and removed to KY., where they lived and died. Their children were Benjamin, John, Reece, George, Lorenzo, Thomas, Sarah, Polly, Elizabeth, Anna and Delilah. Thomas is a Baptist preacher and lives in Mexico, MO. He was born in Madison Co., KY. in 1796, and he and his brother, Reece, belonged to NATHAN BOONE's company of rangers during the Indian war in MO. M. Bowen married a daughter of ADAM ZUMWALT. He was very fond of dancing when he was a young man, and was present at PETER YATER's house warming, in Warren Co., when the floor fell through. Mr. Bowen had the misfortune to get caught under Mrs. Yater in the fall, and she left an impression on him that he never forgot, for she weighed 250 pounds. Top


BRADLEY, Ichem Bradley, of Ireland, came to America and settled in VA. His wife was a MISS MCGEE, by whom he had John, Thomas and William. John was a soldier in the Rev. war. He married MARTHA MOSHEY, and they had David, Thomas, Edward, Ichem, Nancy, Sally, Polly, and Martha. David and Thomas were both soldiers in the war of 1812, the former serving in and near Norfolk, and the latter below Richmond. Thomas became tired of the smell of gun powder, and hired a substitute at 4100 per day. He married FRANKEY WINLER, and they had 9 children. Mr. Bradley and his family settled in Audrain Co. in 1838. Top


BROWN, Coulborn Brown, of PA., was killed in the Rev. War. He had a son named Solomon, who settled in Bourbon Co., KY., when he was a boy. He married after he was grown, and had 2 sons, William, and Coulborn. The former lived and died in KY. Coulborn married JANE TAYLOR, who was of Irish descent, and they had William, Samuel, Alexander, Clarissa, George, Laban I. T., Coulborn, Jr., Jane, Milton, and Elijah, all of whom, except Alexander and Eliza, settled in MO. Top


BYBEE, James Bybee, of England, came to America and settled in Clark Co., KY. His children were Alfred, James, Thomas, Louis, John, and 2 daughters. Alfred and John came to MO. The former settled in Cass Co., and the latter in Howard Co. John was married 6 times; first to POLLY ADAMS, of KY., by whom he had 6 children; second to NANCY ADAMS - 2 children; third to MARY MYERS - 1 child; fourth to MARY KYLE - four children; fifth to NANNETTE CREED - nine children; sixth to the WIDOW MCGEE. He had 22 children in all. He settled in Audrain co. i 1833, and 2 of his sons, Martellus and john, are still living there. One of his daughters, MRS. BLOOM, a widow, also lives in that county. Martellus is a great wit and humorist. He was the principal witness for the defense in the celebrated BOGGS breach of promise suit that came off in Mexico, MO., many years ago, and created a great deal of fun. Top


BYRNES, John Byrnes and his wife were natives of Halifax Co., VA. Their children were William, John, Richard, Rhoda, Martha and Sarah. William married CATHARINE H. THAGMORTON, and settled in Audrain Co. in 1830. They had William H., John R., Sarah F., James T., Mary, Millie C., and Lucinda. Richard Byrnes married PATSEY BARNES, of VA., and settled in Audrain Co. in 1832. His children were John, Richard Jr., William, George, Fielding, Sarah, Jane and Ann. Rhoda Byrnes married GEORGE BONAR, and they had Alexander, Catharine, Sarah, Rebecca, Elizabeth, and Georgiana. Martha Byrnes married MATTHEW SCOTT, who died, leaving her a widow with 1 child. Top


CALHOUN, Robert Calhoun, of VA., settled in Audrain Co., MO., in 1838. He married ELIZABETH BRIGHT, a sister of JUDGE MICHAEL BRIGHT, of Callaway Co., and they had Austin, Sarah, Margaret, Virginia, Samuel, and William. Mr. Calhoun was an industrious, energetic man, kind and affectionate in his family, and highly respected by his neighbors. Like all the early settlers, he was fond of hunting, and was one of the best marksmen in the county. Top


CARDWELL, Thomas R. Cardwell, of England, came to America and settled in Richmond, VA. His children were John, Perrin and George. John married KEZIAH LOW, and they had John, Jr., Thomas, William, James, Wiltshire, George, Elizabeth, Nancy, Martha, Lucy and Mary. George, son of Thomas Cardwell, Sr., married ANNA HAMILTON, and they had John, Elizabeth, William, Keziah, Martha, Mary, George, Jr., Jane, Rebecca, Wyatt and James. George, Jr., married IDA VANSDOLL, an settled in MO. in 1832. Martha married WILLIAM SNELLEY. Wyatt married MAY WOODS, and settled in Audrain Co. in 1834. Jane married WILLIAM WOODS. William married BARBARA SANFORD, and settled in Audrain Co. in 1837. He was married the 2nd time to ELIZABETH WATTS. Top


CANTERBERRY, Gideon Canterberry, of Canterbury, England, emigrated to America and settled in N.C. He served 3 years and a half in the Rev. war, and afterward married NANCY FRANKLIN, by whom he had Reuben, John, Nimrod and Benjamin. Reuben and John settled first in VA., and afterward removed to KY., where they died. Nimrod married MARY FRANKLIN, and settled in Monroe Co., MO. in 1835. Benjamin married SUSANNAH HOOSER, of TN., and settled in Audrain Co., MO., in 1836. His children were Franklin P., Reuben M., John C., Benjamin F., Narcissa, Mary, Susan, Nancy J., and Elizabeth. Mrs. Canterberry died in August, 1875, in the 95th year of her age. Top


CAUTHORN, Richard Cauthorn, of Essex Co., VA., was a school teacher and silversmith. He married a MISS FISHER, by whom he had Vinson, James, Reuben, Leroy, Godfrey, Amos, and Patsey. James married LEAH ALLEN, and they had Allen, Carter, James, Jr., Ross, Alfred, Nancy, Henrietta and Frances. Allen settled in Audrain Co., MO. and married ELIZABETH HARMEN. At his death, he left 2 sons and 2 daughters. Carter married ELIZABETH CALVIN, and settled in Audrain Co. in 1835. They had 11 sons and 2 daughters. James, Jr., married FRANCES CALVIN, and settled in Audrain Co. in 1835. They had 4 sons and 5 daughters. Ross, Nancy and Henrietta lived and died in VA. Alfred married EMILY BROOKS, and settled in Audrain Co. They had 7 sons and 5 daughters. Frances married WILLIAM GARRETT, who settled in Mexico, MO. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters. Top


CAWTHORN, James Cawthorn, of England, came to America and settled in VA. He had but one child, a son named Charles, who served 7 years in the American army during the Rev. war. He was married 1st to ELIZABETH WILLIAMS and they had 1 son, whom they named Asa, and who was a soldier in the war of 1812. After the death of his first wife, Mr. Cawthorn married MARY SANDERS, of VA., and they had 7 sons and 3 daughters. Their names were Asa, Jr., David, Paul, Silas, Richard, Stephen, Celia W., Elizabeth and Martha. David and Paul married and settled in Andrew Co., MO. Peter married the widow of GEORGE EUBANKS, and settled in Andrew Co. in 1835. Silas married MARY JERMAN, and settled in Audrain Co. in 1855. Richard and Stephen and their three sisters settled in Indiana. Peter and Paul Cawthorn were twins, and very devoted to each other. They married widows of the same name (Eubanks), but who were not related in any way, and the brothers each had 1 daughter, which were of the same age. Top


CHARLTON, John Charlton, of Ireland, came to america and settled in Monroe Co., VA. His children were Joseph, Thomas, John, Isabella, Ella, Letitia, and Polly, all of whom, except John, lived and died in VA. John was a soldier of the war of 1812. He married ISABELLA HUMPHREYS, and came to Mo. in 1820. The journey was made on a flatboat as far as Shawneetown, Ill., where they disembarked and came by land to St. Charles Co. They settled first on Dardenne Prairie, and removed from there to Audrain Co. in 1830. Mr. Charlton built the first hewed log house in that county, and had to go 25 miles to get hands to assist in raising it. He was a very absent-minded man, and a number of amusing anecdotes are related of him in that connection. On a certain occasion, when his wife was about to be confined, he started after the doctor, and did not return until the child was old enough to walk. On another occasion, he went to the store to get some salt, and was absent 18 months. When he came back, he was carrying a broadax on his shoulder, but did not remember what he had been doing with it. The names of his children were James, Thomas, John H., and a daughter who died in childhood. James died in Illinois in 1829. Thomas died of small-pox in 1831, while returning home from New Orleans. John H. was married 1st to NANCY CARTER, and second to the widow of DAVID GLOSS. He lives in Audrain Co. He had 5 children by his 1st wife, three sons and 2 daughters. Top


CLARK, Daniel Clark and his wife, who was a MISS SHELTON, were natives of Scotland. They emigrated to America and settled first in Lancaster Co., VA., from whence they removed to Culpepper Co., where they both died about 1799. They had six children - William, John, George, Robert, Elizabeth and Polly. William married ELIZABETH HUDNALL, and settled in Mason Co., VA., where his wife died Dec. 14, 1816, and he died at the same place, July 4, 1826. Their children were John H., Frances S., Jemima J., Elizabeth, Nancy, William M., and Polly A. William M. married ELIZABETH H. MCMULLIN, and settled in Audrain Co. in 1839. Mr. Clark is a good neighbor and citizen, hospitable, industrious and persevering. He has a remarkable memory in regard to dates, and can remember the date of nearly every event that has occurred during his life. Top


CLARK, James Clark, of Ireland, married CATHARINE HORNE, of Scotland. They came to America and settled in Winchester, VA., from whence they removed to Lincoln Co., N.C. They had 6 sons, Alexander, William, James, Christopher, John and David. William and 11 other men were killed by the Indians in KY. They were in camp at night, and the savages came upon them and shot them by the light of their fire. David came to MO. on a visit in 1811. After his return to N.C., he married MARGARET DOUGLASS, and they had 1 son, named William. Mr. Clark removed his family to MO. in 1823, and settled in Lincoln Co. Captain Christopher Clark settled first in Lincoln Co., KY., where he married ELIZABETH ADAMS, by whom he had James, Sarah, Catharine, David, Hannah and Elizabeth. He was married the 2nd time to HATTIE CALVERT, of VA., and they had Raphael H. F., Julia, and William C. James and David came to MO. among the early settlers, and the former was a ranger in NATHAN BOONE's company, while David served in CALLAWAY's company. They and 2 of their sisters, Sarah and Catharine, married and settled in Texas. Hannah died single. Elizabeth married JESSE COX, who settled in Lincoln Co., MO. Raphael H. F. was born in Green's Bottom, St. Charles Co., while his mother was on a visit there. He married MARY MURPHY, of KY., by whom he had 2 children. She died in 1839, and Mr. Clark afterward married MARY ATKINSON, of KY., by whom he had 8 children. His 2nd wife is dead also, and he lives in Audrain Co. Captain Christopher Clark sent his stock to MO. in 1799, and brought his family in a keel-boat to St. Charles Co. the following year. He settled first at Gilmore Springs, where he remained one year, and in 1801 he removed to Lincoln Co., near where Troy stands. He built a fort there during the Indian war and was commissioned captain of militia by GEN. WM. H. HARRISON. The musters took place at Zumwalt's springs, and most of the men would get drunk on ADAM ZUMWALT's whisky. One day, after the drill was over, the captain treated his men to a wash-tub full of whisky, which so elated them that they marched around it and fired a salute with their guns, which were loaded with powder and toe wads. One of the men was too drunk to hold his gun up when he fired, and the wad entered DANIEL MCCOY's moccasin and cut off one of his toes. Captain Clark commanded the company that went to bury PRICE, BALDRIDGE AND LEWIS, who were killed by the Indians while hunting on Loutre Prairie. The bodies of Price and Baldridge were found and buried, but no trace of Lewis could be discovered. The captain was a member of the Territorial Legislature when St. Charles Co. was reduced to its present dimensions, by the organizations of Lincoln and Montgomery Counties. A debate arose in regard to the boundary line. MR. COTTLE advocating Peruque Creek as the line between St. Charles and Lincoln, and Captain Clark favoring Cuivre. The captain at length carried his point, and Cuivre became the line between the two counties. He also secured the name for the county, by a speech which brought tears to the eyes of the members, a number of whom were natives of Lincoln Co., N.C., and Lincoln Co., KY. He worked upon their feelings by bringing up tender recollections of their old homes, and then closed his speech with a flight of eloquence that brought many of them to their feet. Said he - "I was born in Lincoln county, N.C., have lived in Lincoln Co., KY., and if God is willing, I want to die in Lincoln Co., MO." His appeal could not be withstood, and the county was named Lincoln without a dissenting vote. Captain Clark was a most excellent citizen, and his death was a great loss to the community. Top


COPHER, Thomas Copher was born in PA., but settled in Va. His children were Josiah, Jacob, George, Reuben, and Jesse, all of whom settled in KY. George came to MO. in 1820. Jesse married ELIZABETH BOONE, daughter of GEORGE BOONE, and settled in Boone Co., MO., in 1819. They had Thomas, Samuel B., David N., Phoebe, Endecia, Jerusha, Sally, Hattie and Millie. Samuel B. lives in Audrain Co. He was married 1st to ANNA THOMPSON, and second to ANNA MAUPIN. Thomas was a soldier in the war of 1812. The rest of the children lived and died in Boone Co. Top


CROCKETT, Hugh Crockett, of Va., was a colonel in the Rev. war and was distinguished for gallantry. He married REBECCA LORTON, and they had Samuel, Walter,, Robert, Hugh, Nancy, Jane, Mary and Rebecca. Samuel married MARGARET RAYBORN, of VA., by whom he had Hugh, Rebecca, James, Joseph, Jane, William, Margaret, Walter, John D., Robert and Randall. Mr. Crockett removed first to William Co., TN., where he lived 9 nears, and then came to MO., and settled in Boone Co. His eldest son, Hugh, now resides in Audrain Co. He has been married 3 times; first to MARY A. WRIGHT, 2nd to RHODA B. FINLEY, and 3rd to the WIDOW TURNER, whose maiden name was NANCY PRICE. Rebecca married JUDGE JAMES HARRISON, of Audrain Co. Jane married JOHN B. MORROW, and Margaret married JAMES G. MORROW. Joseph married NANCY KNIGHT, and settled in Audrain Co. in 1840. John married MARY POOL, and settled in that county the same year. The members of the Crockett family are a jovial class of people, noted for their wit and humor and cheerful dispositions. They also love the sport of hunting. Top


CROUCH, Jonathan Crouch, of Bath Co., KY., was of German descent. He married HANNAH WELLS, and they had Joseph, Isaac, Jonathan, Andrew, James and Rebecca. Joseph was drafted in the war of 1812, but obtained his exemption papers because he walked in his sleep. He married NANCY MURLE, of KY., and they had Thomas, Frank, Ellen, and William, all of whom came with their parents to MO. in 1823, and settled in Ralls Co., where they remained 13 years and then removed to Montgomery Co. Thomas married LOUISIANA FUGET, and they had 10 children. He served as justice of the peace for 16 years. Frank married NANCY J. JOHNSON. Ellen was married first to HIRAM FUGET, and 2nd to SAMUEL DAVIS. William was married first to PHOEBE A. MCDANIEL, and second to SALLY LOVELACE. All of the above live in Audrain and Montgomery counties. Top


CUNNINGHAM, Jonathan and DELILAH Cunningham were natives of the state of Massachusetts. They had a son named Elliott P., who came to MO. in 1840, and settled in Audrain Co. He obtained the contract for building the state university at Columbia, and was afterward elected a member of the county court of Audrain Co. He married CYNTHIA SLOCUM, and they had Ellen, Clara, Russell S., Earle C., and Emmett R., all of whom live in Audrain Co. Top


Families of Audrain County, Missouri
Source: "A History of the Pioneer families of Missouri"
By William S. Bryan and Robert Rose / Published by Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis, MO, 1876
















Clark, Daniel

Clark, James