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Audrain County, Missouri

DINGLE, Edward Dingle, of Maryland, settled in Scott Co., KY., where he married and had 7 children. Three of them, Richard, Winder C., and Julia, settled in Marion Co., MO. Mr. Dingle settled in Audrain Co. in 1840. He was married the 2nd time to FRANCES SALLEE, of VA., by whom he had Samuel, Carter B., William S., John G., Polly S., Nancy C., and Mary A. Samuel was killed in Mexico, and left a widow and 5 children. Mary A. married TASWELL JOHNSON. Carter B. married NANCY WARD, and died, leaving a widow and 3 children. His widow afterward married his brother, John G., and they had 3 children. William S. Dingle died in his youth. Polly S. married KINZEY HARDISTER, and she is now a widow in California. Nancy C. married a MR. LANDRUM.


DOAN, Hezekiah J. M. Doan, of Harrison Co., KY., married MATILDA BERRY, and removed to Boone Co., MO. in 1827, from whence they removed to Audrain Co. in 1831. Mr. Doan was appointed one of the first judges of the county court of that county, and was justice of the peace for many years. He died in 1865, his wife having died in 1856. They had 8 children, 5 daughters and 3 sons.   Top


DOUGLASS, George Douglass, whose parents were Scotch, settled first in Amherst Co., VA., and removed from there to Bedford Co. He married MARY TUCKER, and they had Lucinda, David, John, Murphy, William, Polly, Susannah and Sally. Lucinda, John, Polly and Susannah remained in Va., where they married and raised large families. Murphy married and settled in the northern part of Alabama. William married and settled in Byron Co., KY. Sally married JOHN COWARD, who settled in Shelby Co. David was a soldier in the war of 1812. He married SALLIE WHITE, a daughter of JACOB WHITE and REBECCA HOLLAWAY, by whom he had Nancy, Elizabeth, William B., Louisa, Edward H., Mary A., Martha, Lumira, Sarah, Edith, Robert H., Edna and Keren. William B., who is a minister, settled in MO. in 1830. He was married in 1832, o LUCY CHICK, the ceremony being performed by ESQUIRE ENOCH FRUITE. They had 6 sons and 2 daughters. Mr. Douglass taught school for some time after he came to MO., and he had a great many grown pupils who did not know their letters. It was the fashion then, to study out loud in the school-room, and each one would try to get his lesson in a louder tone than the others, and sometimes the noise would be so great that it could be heard for half a mile. After Mr. Douglass began to preach, he was frequently called upon to marry people. On one occasion, he went seven miles to marry a couple, through a drenching rain, swimming several creeks that lay in his route, and returned the same day; for which he received the magnificent sum of fifty cents! He then had to go thirteen miles, on a cold, rainy day, and pay that fifty cents to have the marriage recorded. Such were the trials of pioneer preachers. Edward H. Douglass settled in Audrain Co. in 1837. He married MARY J. OGDEN, of VA., by whom he had 2 sons. He died in 1838. Sarah Douglass married her cousin, ROBERT DOUGLASS, and settled in Johnson Co., MO.   Top


ELLER, Jacob, Joseph and Daniel Eller were born and raised in Maryland. Jacob married MARGARET WILLARD, and they had Philip, George, Daniel, John, Sally, Susan, Margaret, Jacob, Jr., and Elias. Jacob Jr., married ELIZABETH GRIMES, and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1837. His children were Warner, Willard, John T., Ann M., Martha and Elizabeth. Elias Eller settled in Audrain Co. in 1838. He married MARY STANDERFORD, of VA., and they had Abraham, Lizzie, Eleanor H., Margaret J., Mary A., Susan V., George E., Rachel and Joseph.   Top


EUBANK, John Eubank, of England, came to America and settled in the state of Maryland. His children were George, John, Thomas, Richard, William, Mary, Lamar and Sophia. George married REBECCA HERINGDON, of Maryland, and they had David, Martha, George, Polly, Ellen, Rebecca and Rhoda. David was a soldier of the war of 1812, and when the war was over, he removed with his father to KY., and from thence, to Ohio. He subsequently returned to KY., and married ANNA WYATT, and settled in Audrain Co., MO. in 1837. His children were Cynthia, Julia, Lina, George, Rebecca, Jonathan, David, Loyd and Ambrose.   Top


FARCETT, Edward Farcett, of N.C., settled in Audrain Co. in 1835. He married NANCY MCRAY, and they had John, Thomas, Nancy and Sally. Nancy married JOSIAH GANTT, of Audrain Co.    Top


FIKE, John Fike, Sr., of Chatham Co., N.C., had Aaron, James, John, Jr., and Nathan. John, Jr., married MARY ROWE, and settled in Ralls Co., MO. in 1817. They had Sally, Hasting, Elizabeth, Aussy H., Nelson, Dillard, Robert, Martha A., and Lucy. Aussy H., married MARY THOMPSON, and they had a son named John, who married VIRGINIA FISH. Aussy H. Fike was married the 2nd time to MARY TIPTON. Martha A. married WILLIAM POWELL, of Montgomery Co., and after his death, she married WILLIAM H. MARTIN, of Audrain Co. Lucy married CALEB MARTIN, of that co. Nelson, son of John Fike, Jr., married MARY J. HUGHES, and settled in Montgomery Co. Dillard, his brother, married the WIDOW MCCONNELL, whose maiden name was ANN SCOTT. Robert married MECHA HOLMES, and was afterward killed by lightning.    Top


FUGET, Josiah Fuget, of VA., settled first in KY., and removed from there to MO. in 1836. He married JANE MUSICK, and they had Jonathan, Sally, Josiah, Elizabeth, Ellen, Hiram, Polly, Hattie, James, Louisiana, Virginia and Nancy.   Top


GANTT - An English family named Gantt, and consisting of five brother and two sisters, settled in N.C. Their names were John, James, William, Zachariah, Ichem, Keziah and Sally. William married FANNIE RIPPEY and settled in Ray Co., MO. Ichem married SALLY RIPPEY, and they had Jane, Levi, Josiah, Jesse, William, Thomas and Ichem, Jr. Mr. Gantt died, and his widow afterward married his brother, James, by whom she had James, Jr., and John. Josiah and Thomas, sons of Ichem Gantt, Sr., settled in Audrain Co. in 1835. The former married NANCY FARCETT, and the latter married CYNTHIA HURDELL.   Top


GILMER, John Gilmer and MARGARET BERRY, his wife, settled in Mercer Co., KY. They had Joseph, James, William, Alexander, Ann and Jane. James was the only one who came to MO. He married NANCY WILSON, and settled in Monroe Co. in 1831. And in Audrain in 1843. His children were Mary A., Margaret L., Eliza J., Sallie A., Harriet M., Emma C., and John J.   Top


HALL, James Hall, of Nicholas Co., KY., had Elizabeth, Polly, Cynthia, Melvina, James, John, Henry, Elihn (?), and Moses. John and Elihu (?) came to MO. in 1835. The former married KITTY SQUIRES, and they had one son and 10 daughters... Cynthia, Margaret, Mary, Amanda, Robert, Ruth, Liney, Mildred A., Judith A., Sally and Caroline. Elihu hall married SUSAN BRADSHAW, and settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1835, and in 1839 he settled in Audrain Co. His children were William, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Polly, Robert, John, David and James. James, Davi and Amanda died in Indiana. Mr. Hall died in 1850, but his widow is still living, in her 77th year.   Top


HALL, William Hall, of England, settled in PA., and was killed by the Indians. His son, John, married MAGDALENE SMITH, and they had John, William, Matthew, Jesse, Hezekiah, Elisha, Tabitha and Keziah. Elisha married SARAH BENT, and they had 10 children. Two of their sons, John and Burkes B., settled in MO in 1832. John married ELIZABETH MOON. she is dead, but he is still living.    Top


HENSON, Francis Henson, of VA., married ELIZABETH HANCOCK, a daughter of STEPHEN HANCOCK, and settled in Madison Co., KY., from whence he removed to MO> in 1838. They had Sarah, Elizabeth, William B., Zerelda, Polly A., Thomas H., and Frances. Sarah died single. Elizabeth married ARCHIBALD CRESS, of KY. William B. married a MISS VAUGHAN. Zerelda married JAMES HORN. Polly A. married BURGOYNE BENNETT. Thomas H. was married 1st to LOUISA J. BYBEE, and 2nd to the WIDOW GREEN. Frances married MOSES BAKER.   Top


HEPLER, Jacob Hepler was of German descent. He was born in Rockbridge Co., VA., but married and settled in Ohio, where his wife died. Their children were Obediah, John, Elizabeth and Anna. Mr. Hepler was married the 2nd time to CATHARINE MILLER, of Ohio, by whom he had Joseph, Edward, William H., Mitchell, Rebecca, Eliza and Barbara. All of the children by his second wife settled in Audrain Co.   Top


HOOK, Thomas Hook and SALLY LONG, his wife, were natives of Maryland.. They removed first to KY., and from there to MO. in 1828. Their children were Elizabeth, William, James, Samuel, Thomas, Patsey, Polly, Nancy and Matilda. James married CYTHIA SUMMIT, and settled in Boone Co., MO. in 1826. Samuel married MARY SIMMS, and settled in Boone Co. in 1828. He died in 1829, and his widow married THOMAS HOOK, who died in 1850. The first husband's children were Martha, Mary and Samuel T., and the children of the second, were Graham, Robert S., Lucullus, William H., Joseph and Martha E.   Top


HUBBARD, Thomas Hubbard was a hard-shell Baptist preacher. He bought a bible that was published in London in 1708, for which he paid $100 in Continental money. the bible is now in possession of his great-grandson and namesake, Thomas Hubbard, of Audrain Co.; and it contains the genealogy of the Hubbard family from 1718 to the present time. Thomas Hubbard had a son named Thomas, who also was a Baptist preacher. He was born in 1722, and learned the ship carpenter's trade. He married ANNA BRENT, of PA., and they had 1 son, James. Mr. Hubbard was married the 2nd time to ANNA YERBY, and they had Gilbert, Thomas, Hill, and Estell. He was married the 3re time to ANNA YARP, by whom he had Jabez, Mary, Asap, Ebenezer, Nancy, Hulda and Harriet. James, the eldest son, settled in KY. Gilbert settled in Howard Co., MO. in 1807. Thomas settled in Washington Co., MO. Hill died while he was a boy. Estell married ST. CLAIR LEDGER, of KY. Jabez was a member of the legislature from St. Charles Co. in 1823-4. He died from the effects of intemperance. Asap settled in Howard Co. in 1808, and participated in the Indian war of 1812. He was a carpenter, and a Hard-shell Baptist preacher. He married MARY STEPHENSON, who was living in New Madrid at the time of the great earthquakes. She was a granddaughter of COLONEL HUGH STEPHENSON, of Rev. war fame. The children of Asap Hubbard were Henry C., Thomas J., Agnes E., and Fannie F. He settled in Audrain Co. in 1830.   Top


JACKSON - The parents of Zachariah Jackson, who were from Ireland, settled in Pamlico Co., N.C. Zach was a soldier of the war of 1812, and was at the battle of New Orleans, where he was captured and held as a prisoner of war until peace was declared. He then settled in Williamson Co., TN., where he married MALINDA SLOCUM, by whom he had Sarah A., James, Mary J., Zelpha, Slocum, Riley, Malinda and Permelia. Mr. Jackson removed to MO. with his family in 1819, and settled in Howard Co., from whence he removed to Boone Co. in 1822.l James, his eldest, married ASANITH TURNER, and settled in Audrain Co. in 1834. He was appointed first sheriff of the county, but declined, and was elected the first representative. He served two terms. The revenues of the county were so small at that time that his expenses had to be paid by the state. He was afterward clerk of the state senate one term, and served as judge of the county court 8 years. He is also a Baptist preacher of the old school. Mr. Jackson says he was never "tight" but once in his life, and then he felt so good he tried to burn the grass on the prairie when the snow was a foot deep. He was very fond of hunting in early days, and one time while out on the prairie he came upon a rock about 8 feet high, that had been split in the center, and the two halves were lying about 8 feet apart. In 1860 he saw the same rock again, and the two pieces had grown fast together, and were only 3 feet high.   Top


JESSE, Rev. William M. Jesse, of Cumberland Co., VA., was an Old School Baptist preacher. He married POLLY A. PARKER, and they had 16 children: John P., Icham T., Mary A., Susan, Sally G., William J., Jesse S., Royal A., Paulina E., Cyrus S. Maria H., Alexander, and James M., several of whom died in childhood. John P., Icham T., William J., and Royal A., are all Baptist preachers, and live in Audrain Co.  Top


KILGORE, Jonathan Kilgore, of Ireland, emigrated to America and settled in S. C. He removed from there to Caldwell Co., KY., where he and his wife both died, the latter being 81 years of age at the time of her death. Their children were John, David, William, Hugh, Jane, Samuel, Mary and Jonathan. John and Hugh came to MO., the former in 1827, and the latter in 1837. John was married first to POLLY WIILLINGHAM, and they had John, Samuel, Polly, Jane, Elizabeth, Nancy and Margaret. He was married the 2nd time to PHOEBE TART, of N.C., by whom he had Permelia, Amaretta, Lucinda, James B., Erretta, Nathan F., and Parthena. Nathan F. married MARGARET J. ELLER. Permelia married JOHN H. KILGORE. Amaretta married ALFRED POWELL. Hugh, brother of John Kilgore, Sr., married PHOEBE BOWLIN, and they had several children, all of whom are dead. John Jampton, Casana and Isabella, children of David Kilgore, of Caldwell Co., KY., settled in MO. John Hampton settled in Audrain Co. in 1830, and married MARGARET WILLINGHAM, who died, and he afterward married PERMELIA KILGORE. He had 18 children in all. Casana married ICHAM KILGORE, who settled in Boone Co. in 1826, and in Audrain in 1827. They had 6 sons and 6 daughters. Isabella married WILLIAM WOOD, who settled in Callaway Co. in 1837, and in Audrain in 1838. They had 2 sons and 4 daughters.  Top


LEVAUGH, Abraham Lebaugh, of Woodford Co., KY., was of French descent. He had Rebecca, Sally, Jane, William, Isaac, James and Elizabeth. William married POLLY MURPHY, of N..C., and settled in Montgomery Co., MO in 1823, and in 1832, he settled in Audrain Co. He had but one child, a son, who married ELIZABETH HALL, by whom he had 3 sons. He was married again to MINERVA JONES, and they had 3 sons and 1 daughter. Mr. Levaugh was a partner of the first merchant in Mexico, MO.  Top


LOCKRIDGE, James Lockridge was born in VA., but removed to and lived in Nicholson Co., KY. His children were James Jr., Robert, Andrew, William and John. James and John settled in Callaway Co., MO. in 1828. The former married LAVINIA HALL, and they had Margaret, Martha, James, Cynthia, Elihu, John, Elizabeth, Perlissa A., Robert and Melvina. John, son of James Lockridge, Sr., married MAHALA BROWN, and they had John, Nancy, Martha, James, William, Robert and Mary. All of this family are now living in Audrain County. Top



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Families of Audrain County, Missouri
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