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Audrain County Military Records

Civil War

Audrain County Missouri, Citizens to John B. Henderson, 1863
(Petition concerning affairs in Missouri)
Much of this I could not decipher, the images are linked for you to view at the bottom of the page. If you read this differently, I will happy to acccept the notations and corrections. Please contact me.

To The Honorable John B. Henderson, U.S. Senator from Mo.
we the undersigned, your constituents; citizens of Audrain County in the State of Missouri would most respectfully represent to Your Honor and through you and our Representatives in Congress to His Excellency thePresident of the United States.that the loyal citizens of this petition of this portion of the state, have ________ that Genl Order no. 3 issued from ___ Quarters,Department of the Missouri by Gen'l Schofield has been ordered suspended, and that no collections would be made under the same for the purpose of partially reimbursing the loyal citizens for loss of property and damage to persons during the late raid in our unfortunate state.
We do not desire taxes of fellow men oppressed or
___ with heavy taxation for any purpose yet when we reflect that those persons, who by said order sustained, should be addressed to pay the damages sustained, ___ persons of wealth and influence, and could have suppressed the uprising of the vicious persons in our state, if they had, but

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used half the influence in that behalf, as was by them expected to aid in the distribution of the Best Goverment yet known to man.
They are parties who by my word and act have contributed much to that Scheme which has concocted and promulgated by that arch fiend and traitor "C.F. Jackson" former Governor of the State. That he would take Missouri out of the Union and sink her to hell,, how far he has suceeded. Perhaps you have some ____ Idra [sic}, ____. ___, arson and murder have been but pastime, for many who have espouced his most infamous cause.
Many homes, once happy, have been made desolate, Wives widowed, children fatherless, and stripped of any species of valuable property, and left to perish upon the charities of a cold and friendless world, in a locality where but few had the manners or dispostion to aid them in their distress.
These same parties thoughtout this portion of the state Shortly after the said Order was issued treated it and the Government Authorities with contempt and said openly that :it would not be enforced" therefore they disregarded it and

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by their exppusions[sic] exercised an influence on the Young and witless of the County in violationof the laws, both civil ands military-
The truly loyal of the County, ____ ___some hope that if these Marauders destroyed their property that their ___ and ___ should be called upon to make good some their losses, at the same time expressing the hope that such an order would contain or hold in check the unholy actions of such men, and that upon mature reflection they would return to loyalty, or at least cease to destroy that Government under stress ?fasting can? and protection they had and prospered. and that they should again become peaceable and moral citizens.

Many of the loyal men who have been plundered by these Bnds, are poor-they and their families suffering for the common necessaries of life-their fathers and brother in the service of the State or the U. S. Government and from which but little pay has been received-and soon when the communities have heard and audited their claims and the expecting
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and rending the Serial amount due them to provide some of the neccessaries of life, they are sent by those who have plotted and attempted the destruction of the Govrnment, devising, chuckelling [sic] and returning their oft repeated Slavy" so know the order would never be enforced.
We have and ____
( ?determined) the order be Just and proper and would therefore as your influence in removing my obstacle in the way of its ___ and forment believing as we do that it will have a good influence upon those who have countermanded this solution and those marauding parties which have infested our state as well as the most speedy manner of reimbursing the loyal citizens who have sustained the loss and as in duty bond ( not legible)

Names of "PetuS" not legible

John P.Clark
Hiram Cornell,
Cpt E., M. M.
O. A. A. Gardner,
Apt Post Master?
Cummins MCarty
W. T. Maupin
J. W. McRoberts,
Capt E M. M.
Wm. McClintock, 1st Lt. __illegible
A.C. Eubanks, 2nd Lt. _illegible
James McClintock
J. W. Eubanks
Thomas Armstrong
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Ben T. Waters
W.D. Campbell
Joseph Dybald
A.E. Swift,
Capt. E
Eldred Daniel
Joseph (illegible)
Joseph Armstrong
James W. Davis
W. W. Mayer
Joseph Shook or Shock
John P Vance
Walham W. Squires
James Mayes
Drury Mayes
Jas, McIntire 1st Lt
Thomas J Clendenin
E. D. Alexander
W. Hall, D.L.A.C.
W.H. R. Musick
Sutton Parkes
John Mahony
R. H. Jefferies
T. J. Shauber Prov. Mars.
I. M. Dearing
Jno. Gamble

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Credits: The Abraham Lincoln Papers at the Library of Congress
Series 1. General Correspondence. 1833-1916.