Confederates (4)


COBB, Capt. Alvin, a one armed man, led a company of bushwhackers which he

kept to south of Martinsburg and north part of Callaway. He operated freely in Montgomery, Audrain and Callaway counties. Was in many small fights and skirmishes with Col. Joe Porter.  In August 1861, Cobb killed Benjamin T. Sharp of Wellsville and Lieutenant

Jaeger of St. Louis, who was in command of a company of Union soldiers around Wellsville.

In retaliation, the Federal soldiers destroyed Cobb’s dwelling. He and his force of about a

dozen men continued  to stay in the brush, bushwhacked, plundered and robbed and fought with the Confederates at Moore’s Mill in Callaway. He finally got to Price’s army and had a personal interview with Gen. Price. Told he must cease his guerilla warfare, he refused and was in Indian Territory in Oklahoma in 1864, later went west to Oregon or California.

Hist. Of NE Mo. by Williams. Pgs 608-620


COLLINS, Amazon   Born Jan. 22, 1846 in Callaway County. Served in HODGE REGT. SCHOLL’S CO PRICE’S ARMY. Served throughout the war. Died Aug. 5, 1927.  Burial Elmwood Cemetery. (see Mexico Intelligencer Aug. 11, 1927 p7 c4)


DAVIS, Joseph D. born in Audrain County Nov. 14, 1852. Married Mattie Pulis.

Served under General Sterling Price in CO E 2d & 4th Consolidated MO Reg’ts.

Died Mar. 29, 1906. Bur: Thompson (McDonald) Cemetery. (see

The Intelligencer (w) Apr. 12, 1906 p7 c3 and the Intelligencer June 13, 1895.



DAY, Capt. Alexander. Born near Mexico, Mo in 1832.  CO D PERKINS BATTN PRICE’S ARMY.  Died Jan. 30, 1914 at Pueblo, Colorado.  (see Weakly Intelligencer Feb. 5, 1914 p5 c6. Buried Pueblo, Colorado


DEMPSEY, James H.  born Sept. 1844 in Tennessee.  CO I  8 REGT VA CAV CSA

Was wounded and was paroled from Federal prison after taking the Union oath. Died Aug. 1907. Buried McDonald Cemetery, Thompson, Mo. cem insc 1843-1906.

(see The Intelligencer Aug. 29, 1907 p1 c1)


CULLERS, John Calvin  1846 – Feb. 1936 (4-23-1937)  Served under Gen. Fitzhugh Lee in the 18th VA Cav. From 1863 to 1865. Resided in Mexico with a daughter, Mrs. Stonewall J.

Sanford, 308 E. Liberty. Buried Elmwood Cemetery. (see The Intelligencer, Jan. 28, 1936 p5 c1 and Feb. 13, 1936 p3 c2)


 DOBYNS, Benjamin F.  s/o Silas Dobyns. Born Nov. 4, 1843 in Mason Co., Ky. Was Sergeant CO K 4th MO INF Capt. Fagans, Col. Theo. Brace’s Regt.  He enlisted at Memphis, Tennessee April 28, 1862. Married 1st. Fannie Clark  Married 2nd Tina Bledsoe.

Died Aug. 10, 1894.  Buried Elmwood (see Weekly Intelligencer Apr. 2, 1896 p1 c4)  

Discharge “Form for Retiring a Soldier” dated March 22, 1865 gives Marion Co., Mo. as

birthplace, age 27, 5’8”, fair comp. Eyes blue, light hair, farmer, hip wound from service.

Micro-Copy #322 Roll #124 Complete Service Records of Confederate Soldiers from Missouri.


CANTERBURY, Alfred H. Born Sept. 27, 1836 in Marion Co., Mo. son of Franklin Payne and Nancy Canterbury. He married Malissa A. Shell. He served in Capt. Geo. Edward’s Co, Brace’s Reg’t.  Died June 7, 1921. Buried Elmwood.


CANTERBURY, Capt. Wm. B.  Born Sept. 20, 1840                                                            . Served in Ed Kendall’s Co. Dorsey’s Reg.  Died Feb. 22, 1913. Buried Rock Hill Cemetery.