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Beagles School

Beagles School 1888
Teacher and Students

Beagles School 1890
Photo courtesy of  Vicky Brower
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slate held in the middle rows says: Lillie Carnes teacher

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Beagles School summer 1888.
Teacher Ella Stevenson.

Roster. Incomplete list:

Berta Everts, Tenie Barnes, August Gerneth, Selva Fisher, Viola Wilkerson, Jessie Carter, Katie Hays, Albert Gerneth, Eula Hays, Garry Galoway, Arthur Harrington, Mary Pitman, Ida Galoway, Freddie Gerneth, Martha Carter, Frank Barnes, Harry Carnes, Clarence Gentry, Eula Girtin, Katie Harrington, Anna Fagan, Sallie Carter.Copied from Mexico Intelligencer  Frances Quisenberry