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This list is taken from a pamphlet printed by the church in 1969. It was not professionally published. If, however, there is any reason we should delete a name or family, (such as to protect the privacy of living persons), please email me, and I will take it off the list. In addition to the list of members, Donna has provided an excerpt which I have posted below the list. The pamphlet is in the possesion of Donna Duwe in Oregon, and she has been kind enough to let us post the information on this site. I apologize for the interpretation of the browsers to this text, but this was the quickest and easiest way to supply it. It might be easiest to use your browser's search function (CTRL+F) to find a specific surname.

John Ellis                           Harriet Schamback
Lizzie B. Ellis                      Charles Wilfley
Frances Miller                       Ditzler Graves
George W. Miller                     Adolphus Wainwright
William Walton                       Clarence Baker
Bartlet L. Graves                    Kate A. Baker
Mary E. Graves                       Martin L. Schamback
Dovie Graves Lipp                    Roy Patten
Laura Graves Coon                    Clyde W. Ellis
Lena Dowell O'Brien                  Theodora Howard Campbell
Frank T. Crawford                    Roscoe Howard
Joella Crawford                      Vertie Crawford Emmons
Sadie F. Dowell                      Walter Crawford
Joshua S. Neal                       Wm. Newgent
Amanda Neal                          Wm. Berry
Claude Johnson                       Cyrenus B. Simons
Nora A. Gilbert Nugent               Lizzie Simons
Martha Harlow                        Edwin Patterson
Harriet Schamback                    Mary Boyd
Agness Harlow                        Bettie G. Worley Martin
Wm F. Wilfley                        Herman Worley
Geo. W. Cooperider                   Harry Worley
Nannie A. Cooperider                 Elisha Hedden
Silas Tanner                         Burr Crawford
Sallie C. Tanner                     Harry Pillars
John D. Worley                       Wilbert Powell
Maggie Worley                        Otto Howard
Kate Hedden                          Etta Howard Minor
Mary F. Wilfley                      Harvey Miller
Fannie Jones                         Sallie Graves Jones
William Jones                        Mary Alma Patterson  Flory
Minnie Jones                         B. Frank Dowell
Samuel Patterson                     Ada Jones Littrell
Emily J. Patterson                   Callie Hedden
Melta M. Patterson Slonaker          Fannie Leeper McClenny
Mary E. Barnaby                      Lizzie M. Leeper
George Randall                       George F. Edwards
J. W. Dunkin                         William E. Warthman
Ella Jones Umstead                   Hattie E. Warthman
Ida Dunkin                           Eugene D. Edwards
Elzia A. Tanner                      Thomas P. Hedden
Dollie M. Berry                      John T. Leeper
Franklin A. Edwards                  Macy Stowers
Helen Edwards                        Mary E. Wilfley Bruce
Carrie Alice Edwards                 Malla H. Crawford
Frances E. Lancaster                 Alice A. Crawford Pollard
Joseph Miller                        Bessie J. Sharp Adams
Myra Miller                          Callie R. Berry Ewing
Mary F. Edwards                      Lela Miller Vanlandingham
Sallie H. Wright                     John S. Wilfley
Katie Edwards                        Samuel S. Rowe
Elizabeth C. Wren                    Ethelyn Rowe
Charles H. Baldwin                   Ella M. Miller
Mrs. R.F. Baldwin                    Elza M. Bagley
Maude Householder                    Christine Albright Creed
Maria Howard                         Margaret Wilfley Nichols
George Wifley                        Reuben Howard
Opal Sinmons                         Rufus A. Howard
Dixie M. Tuttle                      James W. Sneed
Mary S. Tuttle                       Burr Crawford
Eva D. Tuttle                        Walter W. Henderson
Myrtle Carter                        Lottie Henderson
John W. Ellis                        M. Elizabeth Woollam
Frances J. Wilfley Baker             Mary Moore Ellis
Arthur Worley                        Anna G. Moore
George W. Nugent                     John Barnaby
Mary Miller                          Fannie Miller Arnett
Essie T. Jones Hanna                 R. N. True
Fannie True                          Lucretia Ann Wright McGee
Fannie Fern Wright                   J. W. Dunkin
Claude Slonaker                      Euginia Edwards
Beryl Albright Harvey                Julius Maincrott
Octave Ellis                         Frank Ellis
Arthur Ellis                         Bessie Crawford
Ruth Ellis Brockman                  Burr Crawford
Mildred Ellis                        Mrs. Basil Jones
Frances Umstattd Vaughn              Elsie Robert Sutton
Jacob Slonaker                       Lois V. Slonaker Whiston
Ruby Slonaker Shepherd               Mary Ann Ellis Tilden
A. L. Lipp                           Robert Moore Rowe
James Lipp                           Mrs. W. P. Wynn
Cave Lipp                            Blanche Roberts
Graves Lipp                          Mattie Slonaker
David Lipp                           Jessie Hergesheimer
A. L. Lipp, Jr.                      Addie Stone
Samuel S. Rowe, Jr.                  C.G. Griffith
Arthur Rowe                          Lee Orden Roberts
Elizabeth Ellis Latta                Elgin Muir
Elsie Ellis Jones                    Barbara Muir
Elizabeth Henderson Wilson           Barbara A. Muir Spurling
Lena Roach                           George Brooks
Hazel Norton                         Maxine Brooks
Clyde Nichols                        Juanita Rowe
Mrs. Walter Crawford                 Alfred Talley
John W. Ellis, Jr.                   Ross Griffith
Margie Ellis Stilwell                William Griffith
William L. Latta                     Samuel R. Griffith
Eleanor Stephens Counts              Mildred Griffith
Robert Louis Crawford                Mrs. Thomas Spicer
Alice Marie Crawford Miller          Joseph Baldwin
Franklin Crawford                    Betty Baldwin
Virginia Ellis Jakobe                Richard Baldwin
Maud Black Leech                     Joey Baldwin
Woodrow Black                        Willard Baldwin
Riley Black                          Roger Christian
Wynn Henderson                       Opal Christian
Eutie L. Kimes                       Bobby Gene Christian
Susan V. Kimes                       Thomas Price Christian
Lee G. Talley                        Edith Latta Talley
Ada Belle Talley                     Hattie Martin
Paul H. Roberts                      Dorothy Ann Slonaker
Whitten Martin                       John Hanny
Nellie Martin
Owen Martin, Jr.
Beverly Hanny
Fereric Plevinszki
Hermine Plevinszki
Marika Plevinszki
George W. Tilden, Jr.
Mary Ann Ellis Tilden
Mary Ann Ellis Tilden
Grace Dowell Slonaker                Dale Metcalf
Vester Eddy                          Deleva Metcalf
Katie Eddy                           Paul Metcalf
Davis Dameron                        Alan Michel
Rose Mary Dameron                    Sharon Michel
George Davis Dameron                 Earl Berry
Sherry Dameron Fox                   Charlotte Hayes Henderson
Emmett Ray Bingham                   Mary Helen Wyble
Edward Righter                       Roger Hanny
Dwight Bingham                       Mrs. John Hanny
Dorothy Ashcraft Bingham             Roxie Wyble
Lena Righter                         Thelma Lea Wyble
Leo Mills                            Mrs. H. Cash Wyble
Mrs. Leo Mills                       Hattie D. Martin
Karen Mills                          Edith Latta Talley
Marie Mills Hanson                   Roger Christian
Calvin C. Havener                    Thomas Price Christian
Gary Wayne Havener                   Bobby Gene Christian
Darrell Lee Havener                  Opal Christian
Marvin Eugene Havener                Connie Arletta Havener

Excerpts from pamphlet dated 1969

    Rev. J.W. Owens reported a Woman's Missionary Society in 1894 but no
details were recorded. Again May 1913 Rev. W.C. Rice reported that the
Missionary Society was active but lacked interest in Missions. Miss Carrie and
Katherine Edwards, Mrs. Joella Crawford and Mrs. Slonaker were active members.
In 1945 a Woman's Society of Christian Service was organized with Ms. John W.
Ellis president. Much time and energy was fiven to study, this group always
followed the study program set up by the conference. Others who served as
president have been Miss Mattie Slonaker, Mrs. William Latta, Mrs. Claude
Slonaker, Mrs. Sam Griffith and Mrs. Alfred Talley.
     The woman's Society has a way of expressing appreciation by giving to its
members which represents a sum of money that has been sent to missions in
their honor. Those so honored have been Miss Mattie Slonaker, Mrs. Sam
Griffith, Mrs. C.B. Slonaker, Mrs. Paul Metcalf and Mrs. Dennis Metcalf.
    They have also sent gifts to missions in honor of these babies, Robert
Stephen Brooks, Philip Mac Turner, Richard Dennis Brooks, Carol Jean Hanny,
Todd William Rowe, Melody Metcalf, Elizabeth Ann Henderson,Cheryl Lynn
Henderson and Darrin Talley.

    The Olivet Society has been represented at theree assemblies, in
Milwaukee, St. Louis and Portland, Oregon by Mrs. William Latta. Mrs. Leo
Mills, Mrs. C.B. Slonaker and Mrs. William Latta have served as District
Officers and Mrs. William Latta has served as a Conference Officer in the
Missouri East Conference.