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Married. Thomas W. Fegan and Maude Hagen of the Wesley Chapel    neighborhood, at St. John's Catholic Church in Laddonia on   Wednesday. 6 Jan 1/3


Born to Gaither Berry Dec. 30, 1909, twin boys, weighing 9 3/4 and  8 1/4 pounds.


Wesley Chapel items. 6 Jan 1/2


Married. Lillie Mundy of Molino and Charles Bradley of Mexico. 6 Jan 1/2


Born to Wm. Talley, a daughter. Wesley Chapel items. 6 Jan 1/2


Died. Joseph Word, col. Jan. 3, 1910. Sturgeon news. 6 Jan 1/4


Died Tuesday. Ed Hassler, 36, of Hatton. Surviving, wife and 4 children.  6 Jan 1/5


Died last Friday, Reka Aker, daughter of Rev. and Mrs. Cecil M  Aker of Columbia. Burial at Belton in Cass County. 6 Jan 2/2


Married last week. J. T. Hudnall and Ella J. Bowman.


Venice items. 6 Jan 2/2


Golden wedding anniversary. Married 50 years, Mr. and Mrs. William Dorgan. Picture. 6 Jan 1/3


Died Thursday, Mrs. A. C. Barnes. Born Sept. 17, 1852 in Virginia   to Wm. N. and Frances E. Garrett. Burial Elmwood. 6 Jan 2/6


Died. Mrs. Caroline Schumacher, 44, was killed by explosion of a   water heater in St. Louis. She was widow with 5 children. 6 Jan 2/6


Died last week, Mrs. French Strother, at Union Hall, Virginia. 6 Jan 6/1


Marriage license issued Friday to Harry Hawley, Peoria, Ill. and Hazel Willis of Audrain County. 6 Jan 6/2


Married. Edgar Klaas, Fort Scott, Kansas, and Gertrude Morris, daughter of Sam Morris, in Mexico on Sunday evening. 6 Jan 6/4


Married. Matthew Spiva of north of Centralia and Mamie Mahan, of Mexico, Friday at St. Brendan. 6 Jan 6/4


Married. Bess Cash of Frankford, Mo. and Elmer Brown of Pike county, in St. Louis. She is Hardin College student. 6 Jan 6/4


Died Wednesday, Wesley Vincil Rowe, 16, son of Mrs. T. J. Rowe. Services at Rowena Church. 6 Jan 7/3


Died Saturday, Daniel H. McIntyre, 76. Born May 5, 1833 to Chas. W. McIntyre of Ky. and Margaret Harrison of Va. Served the Confederacy in the civil war. Married Susan Simpson. Burial  Elmwood  6 Jan 7/4 & 5  Picture  1/5 


Died Thursday. Charles Henry Watts, 49. Born June 6, 1860 Danville, Ill. Wife and 2 children, Edna and George Watts. Burial:   Danville, Ill. 6 Jan 7/6


Died. M. E. Vermillion, 55, Middletown. 6 Jan 7/6


Died. J. R. Wilson, Dec. 15, 1909 at Miami, OK. Was uncle of Taylor Berry, Mrs. P. R. Cauthorn and Mrs. John Mundy. 6 Jan 7/6


Died. L. X. Stevens, 49, Thursday at his home in Wellsville. He was uncle of Hiram Stevens and brother-in-law of P. P. Hudnall of Mexico. 6 Jan 7/6


Died Charles T. Etheridge, 61, at his home in Mexico Saturday. Survived by wife and daughter, Edith. Born Jan. 5, 1849 in    Marshall, MI, son of Alhira and Julia Etheridge. 6 Jan 7/6


Marriage license issued Tuesday to Virgil T. Dixon and Lula E. Jones of Audrain County. 6 Jan 8/1


Married. Oscar Breedlove and Jessie Pearson, both of Benton city vicinity, married Wednesday afternoon. 13 Jan 1/2


Died. C. H. Weltner, 69, businessman of Wellsville, died last night of pneumonia. 13 Jan 1/2


Married. John L. Stratman and Margaret Hamby, both of Higginsville, married here Wednesday. 13 Jan 1/2


Married. Frank Giefer and Anna Holtkamp married Wednesday at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Theo. Holtkamp. 13 Jan 1/2


Married. J. C. Sexton, junior editor of the Hickman, Ky. Courier and Myrtle Miller of Saling township, married here Dec. 27, 1909.  Bride is the daughter of C. M. Miller and wife of Sturgeon. 13 Jan 3/4


Married. Francis M. Daniel of Centralia and Lydia Pickett of near Thompson, married in Sturgeon Oct. 24, 1909. She is daughter of   Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Pickett. Will reside in Lexington.

13 Jan 3/5


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hazzard, Jan. 11, a son. 13 Jan 6/4

Married. T. C. Miller, Oklahoma city, and Gladys Cross of Sturgeon married Sunday. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Cross, Sturgeon. 13 Jan 3/5


Married. Willie E. Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Miller of this city was married last week to Emma Flournoy at Webb City. 13 Jan 3/4


Died last Thursday, Fannie Montague, daughter of Mrs. L. Montague  of southeast of Laddonia, of typhoid fever. Geo. Montague is brother. 13 Jan 4/3


License to wed issued Wednesday to Jno. C. Dingman and Lena B. Woods, both of Boone County. 13 Jan 6/1


Died. Eugene Marlow, col., better known as "Hipsy", died in Illinois last week. 13 Jan 6/3


Died. Mrs. Hardin, who died near Calwood, Callaway County, was 112 years old at the time of her death. 13 Jan 6/5


Died. Mrs. Elizabeth Helm nee Anna Stockton, aged 54, died at the   home of Mrs. Belle Crews Thursday. She was widow of Thomas Helm. Her daughter is Mrs. Elizabeth Matthews. Bur: Elmwood  13 Jan 7/3


Died. R. L. Sanders, Pike Co., committed suicide this week at Webb City, Mo. 13 Jan 7/4


Died. Mrs. Geo. W. Spencer nee Myrtle Fanning, aged 66, died Friday. Born Dec. 10, 1844 in Morgan County. Children: L. L.  Spencer, Laddonia; Oscar Spencer, Centralia and Myrtle Spencer. 13 Jan 7/4


Died Monday, James H. Simmons, residence K.C.  Bur: Mexico, Mo. 13 Jan 7/4


Died. Mrs. Geo. Hutcherson, 34, at Bridgeton, Mo. Survived by husband and 5 children. 13 Jan 7/4


Married. F. E. Powell and Maude Loren, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Loren of Hallsville, married Sunday.  12 Jan 8/1


Died. Mrs. Wm. Meyer, 36, 2 miles northwest of Auxvasse, died Sunday. Surviving: husband and 4 children. Bur: Auxvasse. 20 Jan 1/1


Died. Mrs. J. V. Faires, 88, Monday, at the home of her daughter,   Mrs. E. J. Corner. Born Washington Co., Ohio.  Other children: James, E.G. and D.H. Elmwood cem. 20 Jan 1/4


Died. Rufus Rodes, brother of Mrs. Green Clay, died in Birmingham, Ala. last week. 20 Jan 1/4


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Crews, Jan. 14, a son. 20 Jan 6/2


Died. Mrs. John T. Buckner, nee Ella Bernard, 80, at Auxvasse Monday. Born in Va. Survived by husband and sons, R.R., J. Frank, T.B. & J. Ed.  Wm. R. is deceased. Daughter, Mrs. John S. Harrison.  20 Jan 1/4


Married. Fred Douglass, Columbia, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Douglass and Iva Barnett of Mexico, Dec. 31, 1909 in St. Louis. 20 Jan 6/4


Married. Ward Wetherald, Columbia, and Ada Bradford were married Sunday at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Jas. O'Brien.  20 Jan 6/4


Died. Mrs. S. P. Finley. Elmwood cem. 20 Jan 6/4


License to wed issued to G. W. Pine of Pike Co. and Mrs. Sarah E. Potter of Audrain. 20 Jan 6/4


Married. Chas. D. Wilson and Mamie A. Dixon, daughter of Mr. and  Mrs. J. W. Dixon of Audrain, married Jan. 15. 20 Jan 8/3


Married. C. J. Jackson of Ralls Co. and Millie Day, Audrain. 20 Jan 6/4


Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Ford of north of Mexico, Jan. 14, a daughter.  20 Jan 6/4


Died. Edwin M. Woody died in the Phillipine Islands Nov. 24, 1909. Buried there at Casa Maly, P.I. 20 Jan 7/4


Died. Geo. W. Vanlandingham, 86, died at the home of his son, Jas. Vanlandingham, north of Rowena Saturday. Survived by Thos. J., Jas., Geo., Wm., Mrs. T. J. Rowe, and Mrs. C. F. Sansberry. A brother, Merritt, died Sunday. 20 Jan 7/4


Died. "Aunt" Parthenia Smith, 75, col. died Sunday. Bur: Lick Creek, Ralls Co. 20 Jan 6/4


Died. David Campbell, 65, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs.  Chas. Cleveland, Sunday. Survived by a son, Walter Campbell, also. 20 Jan 7/4


Died. Emery A. Long died Friday, Jan. 14, 1910 in St. Louis, from injuries suffered in a RR accident. His wife is the former Mabel Quisenberry. 20 Jan 6/5 


Died. Mrs. Joseph Mertensmeier, 77, died in Martinsburg Friday. 20 Jan 6/5


 Died. Santa Fe items. Mrs. Graham died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Kittie Hewett in Hannibal. 20 Jan 8/5


Santa Fe items. Died. Levi Chism, 86, died last Tuesday at home, 2 miles east of Long Branch. 20 Jan 8/5


Born. Jan 20 to Mr. & Mrs. James Dameron, Moberly, a son. 27 Jan 1/3


Married. Ella D. Spaulding and Lawson G. Lawrey, at Montgomery City Saturday. 27 Jan 1/5 


Married here Wednesday, Willis B. McCracken of near Williamsburg   and Leona Pearl Fox, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Fox of Fulton.

27 Jan 1/5


Married Sunday. Harold McPheeters, son of R. O. McPheeters, and Margaret Potts, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. William Potts.  27 Jan 3/6  Photograph of couple 3 Feb 2/6


Died Tuesday, Mrs. Blondena Peters, 75. She was sister of Chas. Duffins of near Benton City. Bur. Benton City cem 27 Jan 5/6


Died. Prof. John Vaughn of Kirksville Normal died recently. 27 Jan 5/6


Born Jan 20 to Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Jackson, a son.  Will be christened Graham. 27 Jan 6/1


Died. Col. John J. Mosby died Jan 24 at the home of his daughter,  Mrs. Hockaday, at Middletown.  Born in Scott Co., Ky. Mar. 20, 1821, a son of James & Eliza Mosby. Married Susannah Shortridge. Children: John (dead), James, Hettie G. (Mrs. Albert Latimer), Almyra O. (Mrs. James A. Farthing, Susannah (dead), William (dead), Lucy B. (wife of Dr. E. D. Vandeventer and George R. Bur: Central Union cem 27 Jan 7/4


Died. Mrs. Dave Moore nee Harris in Montana. Bur. Vandalia. 27 Jan 7/4


Died. John V. Faires, 92, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. E. Corner Thursday. 27 Jan 7/4


Died. Leslie C. Hartley, 68, died in K.C. Friday. William Hartley    is brother.  27 Jan 7/5


Died. Mrs. C. T. Smith, 25, in Mexico Friday. She was formerly Myrtle Martin, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Martin. Survived by  husband and 2 sons, 3 and 5. Bur: Vandalia. 27 Jan 7/5



Died. Mrs. Mattie Smith died at the home of G. I. Smith in Jacksonville, Fla. Tuesday. She was sister of Mrs. Omar D. Gray  of Sturgeon. Jan 27 7/5


Died. Mrs. Henrietta B. Bonfils, mother of Fred Bonfils, died at Troy this week. 27 Jan 7/5


Married. Thomas E. Davenport married Mattie Lang Sunday. He is son   of John P. Davenport and she is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lang. 

27 Jan 8/3


Died. Vandalia. Mrs. Henry Liter, 65, died in Ralls Co. Jan. 22, 9 miles north of Vandalia. Bur. Vandalia  27 Jan 7/4


Died. Vandalia. Mrs. J. H. Ayers, 35, north of Curryville, died at Curryville. Bur: Curryville. 27 Jan 7/4


Died. Santa Fe. Mrs. Eperson died last week. She was sister of Joe Wilson and Mrs. Sims. 3 Feb 1/2


Married. Roy Pervis and Genie Carter married in Perry last Sunday. Santa Fe. 3 Feb 1/2


Cuivre. Died. Maude House, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. F. House,     died Saturday. 3 Feb 1/3


Born to John Henderson and wife, a son, Jan. 26. Duly items. 3 Feb 1/3


Born to T. J. Brenton and wife, a daughter, Jan. 28. Duly items.3 Feb 1/3


Vandalia Feb. 2. Died. Mrs. Josie Waters died at her home 9 miles south of Vandalia.  3 Feb 1/5 


Died. James F. Ross died Monday at his home 1 mile south of Farber. 3 Feb 1/6


Laddonia. Died. J. S. Quisenberry died this morning. 3 Feb 1/6


Died. Amos Landrum, brother-in-law of J. J. Steele of Mexico, died last week at Modesto, CA.  He left here in 1861. 3 Feb 1/6


Died. Miss Emma Bouchelle died in Columbia last week from burns suffered in an explosion Jan 14. 3 Feb 2/4


Thompson. Died. Thomas A. McDonald, son of Barnett McDonald, died Monday. Buried in our cemetery by the side of his father and mother. 3 Feb 3/3


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jeter Crews Jan. 26, a daughter. Will be christened Mary Drusilla. 3 Feb 6/1


Married. Robert Lee Mosier and Ruth Lee Cowles were married Thursday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Cowles. 3 Feb 7/5


Birthday. T. L. Fox was 94 years old Jan. 26. He makes his home  with his daughter, Mrs. J. F. Simcoe. He was born in Montgomery    Co., Ky. Jan. 26, 1816. 3 Feb 7/4


Engaged. L. O. Culbertson and Mabel Baker of Montgomery City will  be married Feb. 15 in Montgomery. 3 Feb 7/5


Married. Carl Petty and Mattie Wright, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Grant Wright, married Sunday. 3 Feb 7/5


Married. Walter Fritts of Mexico and Mary Crouch of Iola, Kansas married Saturday at Iola. 3 Feb 7/6


Married. Zell Fisher of Hopewell neighborhood and Mary Estabrook married last week in Fulton. 3 Feb 7/6


Married. H. Wells and Wilda English, both of Shamrock, were married here Friday. 3 Feb 7/6


Died. Mrs. Geo. Kabrich died Thursday. Born in Tenn. Aug. 8, 1834, daughter of William C. and Polly Mullins West. Bur: Elmwood cem. 3 Feb 7/4


Died. James Clark, 71, veteran engineer on the Wabash RR, at his home in Moberly. Mr. Clark was the engineer on the train that carried the Federal soldiers into Centralia when the train was attacked by Bill Anderson. 10 Feb 1/1


Died. Williams and Reynolds, two negroes hanged in K.C. for assault of a white woman. 10 Feb 1/1


Died. J. E. (Edward) Sharp, 75, at his home near Long Branch church Tuesday, Feb. 8. Bur: Long Branch. 10 Feb 1/5


Died. Mrs. Howard Bickley, 36, at Alberquerque, N.M. Tuesday. She was daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Phillips, formerly of this   city, daughter-in-law of Mrs. S. W. Bickley. 10 Feb 1/5


Died. 5 months old child of Mr. and Mrs. Bright Willingham Tuesday. 10 Feb 


Married. Tom E. Allen and Lela May Andrews of Hallsville married  here Wednesday. Will live in Hallsville. 10 Feb 1/6


Married. Jan. 27, Chas. McNerney and Etta B. Jesse, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac B. Jesse of Hereford, TX. 10 Feb 1/6


Married. Feb. 6, Clarence Adams, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Adams, and Wilda Lochridge at the home of the bride's father, John Lochridge. 10 Feb 1/6


Auxvasse items. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Lockridge, 6 miles northwest of Auxvasse, Jan. 25, a daughter. 10 Feb 2/1


Auxvasse items. Born to Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Holland in west Auxvasse, Jan. 29, a daughter. Jake is a rural mail carrier.  10 Feb 2/1


License to wed. issued to Frank Standifer of Audrain and Gertrude Hendren of Boone County. 10 Feb 2/5


Wesley Chapel items. Died. David Jefferson, 7 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Atkins, died Feb. 2. Burial at Littleby Baptist.  Mrs. J. D. Atkins, grandmother, of Lebanon, Mo. was here to attend the funeral. 10 Feb 4/6


Died. Mrs. Permelia Hollaway, 92, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. J. D. Miller, Saturday.  Born Parmelia L. Gibbs in Bedford Co.,   Va. June 6, 1817, moved to Madison Co., Ky. Married there to John M. Watts on June 26, 1839. He died in Howard Co., Mo. Sept. 19, 1856. On Aug. 14, 1861 she married John A. Hollaway. He died Dec. 5, 1881. Children: Mrs. W. N. Boatman, Mrs. J. D. Miller, James H. Watts, all of Mexico, and Roland P. Watts of Rothville, Mo. 10 Feb 7/3


Died. Frank E. Bruton, 52, died Thursday. Born Feb. 17, 1858 near Centralia, son of Dr. and Mrs. Frank Bruton. Married Ida Harris. 10 Feb 7/5


Died. Reader Davis in L.A. Calif this week. Burial at Fulton. 10 Feb 7/6


Married. Santa Fe items. Ed Sharp and Mamie Hale Wednesday. 10 Feb 8/3


Married Wednesday. J. L. Shobe and Maude Bell, daughter of H. B. Bell of Laddonia. 17 Feb 1/4


Married Tuesday. Lawrence Olin Culbertson of east of Mexico and  Maude Baker of Montgomery City at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. J. D. Marlow of Montgomery City. 17 Feb 1/5


Married. Jesse L. Pease and Jessie Dempsey married Wednesday. 17 Feb 1/5


R. M. "Rad" Robinson, 87, died Monday. Survived by wife. 17 Feb 3/4


Mrs. Carrie Bozzell nee Walden, 53, died at her home in St. Louis Thursday. Sister of the late Mrs. I. J. Sims. Bur: St. Louis. 17 Feb 3/3


Vandalia Feb. 11 - A. J. Winders, 7 miles north of Vandalia, died    last Sunday. Born Apr. 27 ___ in Va. married Deliah Nesteroid in March 1855. Bur: Adeal grave yard north of Vandalia. 17 Feb 3/3


The cremated remains of Dr. Konrad Schaeffer, formerly of this city, who died in Chicago recently, were buried in Elmwood. 17 Feb 3/3


Ewing Davenport, 73, died Friday. He had 3 brothers, John F., Fred  and Thos. E.  17 Feb 3/3


Mrs. Hulda Moore, 71, formerly of Mexico, died at Lawton, OK, Friday. Had 3 daughters and 2 sons, Mrs. J. Marshall, Mrs. Thos. A. Cropper, Mrs. R. L. Robertson, Walter and Edward Moore. Bur: Elmwood cem.

17 Feb 3/4


Vandalia Feb. 14.- Mrs. William Wilson, 63, committed suicide here yesterday. 17 Feb 3/4


Warren T. Holt, 55, died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Virginia Holt, near Hatton Friday. Bur: Pleasant Grove. 17 Feb 3/4


William R. Dudley, 74, died at the home of his son, Russel Dudley,  in K. C. Monday. He was son of the late Rev. James E. Dudley, was born May 1, 1836 in Richmond, Ky. Married Margaret Steele. Mrs. Dudley died in Dec. 1875.  Later he married Emma Rodgers of Palmyra who survives. He was postmaster at Molino in 1882 and he was responsible for naming the town, after the battle of Molino Del Ray, a battle of the Mexican War. 17 Feb 4/5


M. N. Mallerson, 86, died at his home in Montgomery City Tuesday. 17 Feb 4/5


Died, Dr. Richard Hudson, St. Louis, Tuesday.  He practiced medicine near Champ southwest of Mexico about 8 years ago. 17 Feb 5/4


Auxvasse items. Marriage license issued to S. S. Shay and Edith Freeman, both of Callaway. 17 Feb 5/5


Auxvasse items. Hiram Burt died Thursday at his home in Goldendale, Washington. 17 Feb 5/5


L. T. Owen, son of D. T. Owen, a former Martinsburg man who was found dead of a bullet wound, was held pending investigation. 17 Feb 6/4


Married here Monday, J. H. Gillespie and Addie Tellewine, St. Louis. 17 Feb 7/4


Announcement of the engagement of Louise Lackland, the daughter of  Mr. and Mrs. Lamartine Lackland of Mexico and Charles C. Bronough of St. Louis. Picture. 17 Feb 7/2 & 3


Robt. Crews and Ruby Woods married Tuesday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Woods. He is brother of Nora Crews.  17 Feb 7/4


Married Feb. 8, David A. McKee and Katherine Poffenbarger of Wheeling, W. Va. in Pittsburg.  He is brother of Mrs. John R. Thomas and Mrs. Fred Roberts. 17 Feb 7/4


Married here Wednesday, Seaton Owen and Delsie Dudley, daughter of Thos. Dudley, of west of Mexico. 17 Feb 7/4


Married Feb. 10, Turner Pulis, son of J. D. Pulis, and Nellie Whitesides, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Whitesides, both of Audrain. 17 Feb 8/3


Marriage license Friday to J. S. Crews and Lenora Kelly of Audrain County. 17 Feb 7/4


Walter Pearson, 36, son of Thos. Pearson of Laddonia, died at Louisville, Ky. Monday. Bur: Elmwood ce. 17 Feb 8/1


Shady Dell items. Edgar Martin and Minnie Hale married Feb. 2 in Mexico.  17 Feb 8/2


Shady Dell items. Edward Sharp, 74, died here Feb. 8. 24 Feb 8/2


50th wedding anniversary celebration by Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Ely of Vandalia Monday Feb. 14. They were married in Cincinnati, Ralls County. 24 Feb 1/3


Charles R. Quintard and Miss Lucy Plybon, both of Venice neighborhood, married here Wednesday. 24 Feb 1/3


License to wed issued Audrain co. to  O. S. Doyle and Anna Huston. 24 Feb 1/3


License to wed issued Audrain co. to Claude R. Caldwell and Elsie    M. Day.  24 Feb 1/3


Died, Theo Lakenan at his home in Boulder, Colorado, Feb. 20. He was brother of Joseph G. Edward, and Sallie Lakenan, Mrs. S. M. Edwards, Mrs. A. K. Luckie, and Mrs. Lamertine Lackland.  Leaves wife and daughter. 24 Feb 1/4


Daniel M. Tucker, Fulton, died Tuesday, aged 91. Burial Fulton Cemetery. 24 Feb 1/4


Mrs. Minnie Henry died at Maysville, Mo. She was daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. F. O'Neal. 24 Feb 1/4


Marriage license granted here Thursday to Carl McCown of Callaway  and Maggie Lee Wolf of Audrain. 24 Feb 3/6


Laddonia. Mrs. Reeves died last Friday. She was mother of Frank Reeves and of Mrs. Culwell of north of here. 24 Feb 5/3


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Logan Kidd, Feb. 18, a son. 24 Feb 6/1


Clarence Granville Brown, 36, died at the home of his mother, Mrs. Cannie Brown, Thursday. He was son of Henry and Cannie W. Brown, born May 19, 1974 near Salt River church. Has 2 brothers, J. At Brown and Clay Brown. Buried Elmwood. 24 Feb 7/4


Died, Mrs. Virginia Holt, 84, at her home near Hatton Friday. She was a sister of the late Rufus Hisey. Burial Hatton. 24 Feb 7/4


Wm. R. Buckner and Margaret Harrison married Monday in Fulton. He   is son of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Buckner.  She is daughter of the  late Abner Harrison of Auxvasse. 3 Mar 1/1


Died Tuesday, W. L. Harper, son of Thomas and Mary Lee Harper, born July 8, 1868 in Mexico. On Dec. 26, 1895, he married Lena Waite, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Waite.  Survived by his mother and    his wife. 3 Mar 1/2


Shady Dell. Died Thursday, Mrs. Martha E. Williams, at her home 4 miles north of Molino Feb. 15. Born Franklin co., Ky. Aug. 5,  1829. Survived by son John Martin and daughter, Mary Martin.

Buried Berea.   3 Mar 2/1


Infant child of William Canada and wife buried at Trinity Church burying ground Tuesday. 3 Mar 2/2


Rufus Lackland, 90, died at his home in St. Louis Sunday. 3 Mar 3/6


Thompson. Ruth Davenport, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Davenport,   and S. E. "Ellis" Weatherford of near Centralia married last Thursday, Feb. 25.  3 Mar 4/3  & 3 Mar 7/1


Born Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. Logan Beamer, a daughter. 3 Mar 6/2


Marriage license issued Saturday to Harry J. Stalcup and Jessie Guthrie, both of this county. 3 Mar 6/2


Marriage Saturday, Louis Stewart of Emporia, Kansas and Stella Prussing.  Will reside in Emporia. 3 Mar 7/1


To be married next fall, Pendleton Dudley, formerly of Mexico, and Hermine Johns of N. Y. 3 Mar 7/1


Jacob F. Brunner and Nrs. Ella L. Bedbury married Monday. 3 Mar 7/1


Mrs. John Denser died at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.  C. Ringo, Saturday.  Carrie Burroughs Ringo was born Oct. 2, 1881 north of Mexico, married John Denser Sept. 23, 1907. Burial   Elmwood. 3 Mar 7/2  3 Mar 1/2


Cicero Murphy of near Paris and Mabel Smith, daughter of Mr. and  Mrs. Al Smith, of north of Thompson, married here Saturday. 3 Mar 7/1


Fred W. Pilcher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pilcher, and Della Sanders married in Chicago Saturday. She is native of Wisconsin. 3 Mar 7/5


Auxvasse. Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Boyd Feb. 24, a son. 3 Mar 8/3


Auxvasse. Mrs. Margaret Overstreet, aged about 70, died at the home of her son, 8 miles west of Auxvasse. Buried city cem. 3 Mar 8/3


Married Wednesday, Jas. Stephenson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Stephenson and Mrs. Ida May Hecke.  10 Mar 3/1


Lenos Galbreath and Minnie McClintic married in Quincy, Ill. this week. Mrs. Wakefield of Mexico is her aunt. 10 Mar 2/6


50th anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. John R. Creasy, formerly of this   city, now of Worthem, TX, celebrated 50 years of marriage March 1. She was Sallie McDonald and they were married near Stephens Store March 1, 1860.  10 Mar 2/6


50th Anniversary. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Barnett of Vandalia were married Feb. 23, 1860 near Frankford. She was formerly Dorothy Mace. Thos. Barnett of near Mexico is a brother. 10 Mar 2/6


Willard Potts. Pix. 10 Mar 2/3 & 4


Charles P. Jurgenson, a brother of Mrs. George Lee, died in Macon Friday. 10 Mar 3/4


Chas. Weinand, 76, died in Glasgow Sunday. Two sons, Charles and Frank, survive.  Born in Germany Apr. 8, 1834. Came to America 1854 and settled shortly in Audrain. Bur. St. Brendan. 10 Mar 3/6 


J. G. Peery died Monday at his home near Liberty church (Callaway). 10 Mar 3/6


Died near Martinsburg March 1, Mrs. Anna Gieseker. Bur. Laddonia. 10 Mar 3/6


Bert Shepherd and Pearl Tory, both of McLean Co., Ill. were married here Wednesday.  10 Mar 5/5 & 6


License to marry issued Thursday to Jasper Woodward of Tenn. and  Pearl Dudley of this county. 10 Mar 6/4


Marriage license issued Saturday to Jos. Humphrey and Maud Thompson, both of Mexico. 10 Mar 6/2


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Saul of Wellsville, a son. Rev. & Mrs. C. A. Mitchell of Mexico are grandparents. 10 Mar 6/5


To be married Thursday at St. Brendan, Jake Baehr of Rush Hill and Ella Mudd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mudd. 10 Mar 1/4


Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Johnson of the Hollensville neighborhood, a daughter. 10 Mar 1/5


Mrs. Maria L. Lovell, 74, died at her home in Flint, Mich. Thursday. She was the mother of Mrs. J. W. Million of Mexico. 10 Mar 3/1


J. T. Dunn died at his home near Shamrock, Callaway, last Sunday, aged 80. Survived by 9 children, Mrs. Mary Watts, Mrs. Ellen Watts, Mrs. E. S. Bowman, Mrs. Ora Smith, Willie, John, Charlie and Ollie Dunn. 10 Mar 3/1


Alice, 3, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Cox northwest of town, died Friday. 10 Mar 3/1


Wm. H. Mitchell, 93, uncle of the late Capt. L. C. Mitchell died in Chicago Monday. 10 Mar 3/1


Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Moore died near Benton City Thursday. Bur: Unity.  10 Mar 3/1


E. M. Styles, Columbia, and Sybil McIntosh, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, married here Monday.  10 Mar 3/2


Married, Edward Crawford and Lizzie Lee Nevins at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Nevins of Thompson. 10 Mar 4/4


Major Franklin of the Benton City neighborhood has returned from Virginia where he married. 10 Mar 4/5


John Boyd, of near Vandalia, son of the late W. S. Boyd, and May Grigsby, daughter of Mrs. Sue Grigsby, married Tuesday. 10 Mar 4/6


Lillie Erisman and George Lierheimer of near Benton City were married Wednesday. 10 Mar 4/6


Lee Kidd and Lola Hudson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Hudson, to be married Sunday. 10 Mar 4/6


Born to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Dickey of Bean Creek neighborhood, a    son.  10 Mar 4/6


Robert Turley's nephew, Johnnie Marion Buckles, died in Mt. Pulaski, Ill.  10 Mar 5/2


Mamie Carter and Clay Hamilton to be married April 5 at the home of Miss Carter's mother, Mrs. Zella Carter. 10 Mar 7/1


Auxvasse. Born, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Pat Jackson, who reside a mile north of Youngers. 24 Mar 4/3


The Supreme Court reversed judgment of Mrs. Isabel Matthews vs. the Burlington Railroad. Mrs. Mathews sued for damages in the death  of her husband killed at Francis about 3 years ago, and received judgment in the lower court. 24 Mar 6/1


Henry Zeigenheim, former mayor of St. Louis, dropped dead in that   city Thursday. 24 Mar 6/1


Born, a son March 17 to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Duncan. 24 Mar 6/2


Died Monday, Charles William Moore, 25, at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Moore. Bur. St. Brendan. 24 Mar 6/4 & 24 Mar 1/2


Mrs. Nannie Spratt, 67, died at Excelsior Springs Sunday. She was  born Nannie Rucker in Virginia, widow of the late J. D. Spratt. R. P. Hopkins of Mexico was a brother-in-law. Bur. Mt. Pisgah.

24 Mar 6/4


The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Roth northeast of Mexico died Thursday. Bur. German Church burying ground. 31 Mar 6/2


Auxvasse. Mrs. Mary Ann (or Martha) Brett died at the home of her   son, Taylor Brett, Mar. 25. She was past 90, and came from  Kentucky over 30 years ago. Mrs. Edgar Threlkeld of Mexico is a daughter. Bur: Grand Prairie. 31 Mar 1/6 & 31 Mar 8/1


Monmouth, Ill. Daily Atlas.- Ezra Cable, eldest son of Henry & Olive Kinsley Cable, was born at Floyd, Oneida Co. N. Y. Feb. 11, 1821. In 1835 he came with his father's family to Warren Co. Ill., married Martha Jane Latimer, Apr. 26, 1854. She died July 6, 1908. One of his children is Roy E. Cable, Mexico, Mo. 31 Mar 6/2


Joseph Rist died in St. Louis this week and funeral was conducted    from the residence of his brother, John Rist, of this city Friday. He was a native of Albany, N. Y. Bur. Elmwood. 31 Mar 6/2


Sam B. Boles and Miss Kathryn Dudley, both of Auxvasse, were married Saturday at the home of the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Boles, northeast of Auxvasse. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Dudley. 31 Mar 7/3


F. L. McGee and Mary Coakley were married Sunday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Coakley, near Rush Hill.  31 Mar 7/3


W. H. McClellan of Vandalia and Bettie Harvey of Quanah, Texas, were married here Wednesday afternoon. Will reside at Vandalia. 31 Mar 7/3


Wellsville Mar. 28.-Married at Wellsville Sunday, Emmet K. Pew and Minnie Floyd, both of Middletown. 31 Mar 7/3


Marriage license issued to Jos. E. Paxton and Leona Whitehouse, both of Audrain. 31 Mar 7/3


H. B. Elam of Laddonia and Lena Erdel of Rush Hill were married Wednesday. Will reside south of Perry. 31 Mar 8/3


Mrs. Frances Medley, 74, died in Laddonia Monday. She was widow of A. B. Medley. Bur. Laddonia. 7 Apr 1/4


T. D. Mosley of Callaway Co. died Sunday after taking a quantity of "Rough on Rats". R. P. Tinsley of Thompson was a brother. Survived by wife and 3 year old daughter. 7 Apr 1/4


Clay Hamilton and Mamie Carter were married Tuesday.  Will reside   in St. Charles, S. D. 7 Apr 1/5


Jas. O. Crockett and Allie Lampson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Lampson were married Sunday. 7 Apr 2/3


Thomas A. Williams and Elsie Corder were married Wednesday at the  home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Corder. Father Dillon officiate. 7 Apr 1/5


Mrs. Maizie Burt Hilgerman of Webster Groves, Mo. died in St. Louis Tuesday. She was sister of John Burt, Williamsburg. Bur. Old Auxvasse Church. 7 Apr 2/3


Dr. C. M. Baker of Santa Fe died Saturday,  He was about 50 years    of age. Survived by wife and 5 children. 7 Apr 3/3


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mudd, April 5, a daughter. 7 Apr 8/1


Died, Mrs. S. R. Craighead at her home in South Wilson Township Monday. 7 Apr 3/3


Died, W. L. Ravenscraft, 53, Monday at his home in Mexico.   Survivors: Wife and 4 children. Bur. New Hope Church. 7 Apr 3/3


Valentine Tapsley died Saturday at his home near Spencersburg in  Pike Co. He was owner of a 12 foot long beard. 7 Apr 4/3


Brooks Johnson, a former Mexico boy, was wedded to a Miss Cooper, a trained nurse, in St. Louis this week. 7 Apr 6/3


Edgar Waters and Sallie Walker married Tuesday.  Will live south of town. 7 Apr 8/1 & 7 Apr 4/5


C. M. Fox and wife of the Duly neighborhood attended the funeral of T. L. Fox Saturday. He died Apr. 7. 14 Apr 1/3


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Cole Edwards of the Liberty neighborhood, a son, April 7. 14 Apr 1/3


Born, April 2, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Armstrong, southeast of town.  14 Apr 1/3


Roy West of Fulton died in Phoenix, Arizona, Sunday. Has sister,   Erna West, of St. Louis.  He was nephew of the late Robert Baker of this city. 14 Apr 1/4


Dr. William A. Tichener, 50, died in Chicago Saturday. Apparently a suicide. 14 Apr 2/3


John Yates, Auxvasse, son of Dr. Martin Yates of Fulton and Ada Hume of Armstrong, married Wednesday at the home of the bride.

14 Apr 3/5 & 7 Apr 4/5


Mrs. M. J. Porter died at O'Fallon Ill. Mrs. S. E. Little is a sister. 14 Apr 6/5


Columbia Statesman. To wed April 20, Sara Edmonds Anderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Anderson and William Roley Taylor of Farmington, Mo. 14 Apr 3/5


Dr. T. L. Fox, 94 years, 2 months and 9 days, died Thursday at the home of his daughter, Mrs. J. F. Simcoe. He was a native of Kentucky. Bur. Elmwood. 14 Apr 3/6


Married, Frank J. Pimpel and Effie Warner, Dover, Mo. at Bowling   Green Monday. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Warner. Will reside at Mexico. 14 Apr 3/6


E. D. Graham, Mayor of Mexico. Picture.  14 Apr 7/5 & 6


Buck Phillips, formerly of Mexico, died at Nevada, Mo. Friday.  He  was a brother of Chas. Phillips of this city and of Mrs. J. D. Sims. 14 Apr 6/5


Center, Mo. Apr 20.-Arch Hunt shot and instantly killed Claud Smith and seriously injured Edward Smith, father of the man who was killed here this afternoon. 21 Apr 1/2


Died, Richard Freeman. 21 Apr 1/2


To be married in Canada April 20, Dr. C. M. Sneed of Jefferson City and Katherine Ruby Roth, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Daig Roth, of Montreal, Canada.  The groom is the son of Mrs. L. A. Sneed of Columbia. 21 Apr 3/6


Ralph Hutcherson and Bertha Qualls were married Wednesday night in Mexico, Mo. He is son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hutcherson and she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Qualls of near Calwood. 21 Apr 3/6 & 14 Apr 1/6


Norman M. Vaughan, well known in this city, and Mrs. Lella N. Newton of Los Angeles, Ca. married Friday in St. Louis. 21 Apr 3/6


A girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Hughes Maupin of Auxvasse last Friday.21 Apr 4/3


Rex McDonald. 21 Apr 5/5 & 6


"Aunt" Lucy Marion, 75, col. died Saturday. Survived by son, James Talbot. 21 Apr 6/3


Wm. Cowell of near Hollensville died Saturday. Leaves wife and 5 children. 21 Apr 8/6


Died, Judge V. H. Roberts of Columbia, Friday. 28 Apr 3/4


Mrs. Quinn Maddox, an aunt of Mrs. T. J. Hoxsey and O. A. Brown of this city, died at her home near New London Sunday. 28 Apr 1/3


Samuel L. Clemens "Mark Twain" died near Redding, Conn. Thursday.  Born in Florida, Mo. Nov. 30, 1835. 28 Apr 3/4


Joseph Foster, 71, died Thursday. Born near Cincinnati, Ohio. Lived in Mexico since he was 10 years old. Married Martha Green of near Santa Fe. Six children: Maude, May, Charles & William Foster and  Mrs. Roy Staples of Mexico, and Jeff Foster of Okla. 28 Apr 3/4



Luther Allen Jones, 23, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Jones, died Thursday. 28 Apr 3/5


Mrs. Jake Blum, 57, formerly of this city, was buried in St. Louis Thursday. She was the mother of Emanuel Blum, Mrs. Oscar Poisson, Rachel and Estlla Blum. 28 Apr 3/5


Thos. N. Allen, who shot himself after killing his wife last week  in Ariz., was interred Wednesday at Concord. He was nephew of Dock and James Pledge.  28 Apr 3/5


Miss Willie Stuart was brought here from St. Louis Saturday and interred at Elmwood Cemetery. 28 Apr 3/6


Misses Clemmie Greer and Roe Kelly, both 18 years old, died the  same day last Tuesday in Montgomery Co., Ky.  28 Apr 3/6


Death of John Munson, a former comrade of R. H. Edmonds of this  city. R. H. Edmonds was notified by Col. John S. Mosby of Washington, D. C.  Mr. Edmunds and Mr. Munson served under Mosby in Mosby's Partisan Rangers in the civil war. 28 Apr 3/6


Joseph Allen of Keota, Iowa, and Cora Morris were married here Thursday. 28 Apr 7/1


Roy McAfee, 21, killed by lightning Monday north of Centralia. 5 May 1/4       


Douglass Edmonds, 52, brother of Henry Edmonds of this city, died  last week at Knoxville, Va. 5 May 1/4


Philip S. Adams left Fulton Jan. 13, 1902, and has not been seen or heard of since.  Mrs. Anna Adams, his wife, has filed suit to recover the life insurance carried by her husband. 5 May 3/2


Ben Bradley, son of the late Edward Bradley of this county, died at his home in L.A. Calif. Thursday, Apr. 20, and was buried there.  He was nephew of Geo. Burns of this city. Survived by wife and 1 child. 5 May 3/3


Mrs. Sarah Ragsdale 83, died Friday.  Born Feb. 6, 1827 in Loudon Co., Va. daughter of Samuel C. and Mary D. Murray. Settled in Monroe with her parents when 10 years old. Moved to Mexico in early 1840s and she married Duskin Day, who died of fever enroute to Calif. in quest of gold.  In 1853 married Cornelius Ragadale. He died in 1897. She was mother of Robert and Price R., deceased. Survived by William and Walker Ragsdale. Bur. Elmwood. 5 May 3/3


  Laddonia May 2-Mrs. John McCune, 40, died here this morning. 2 children, John and Leta. 5 May 3/3


Col. Jack P. Richardson died at his home in St. Louis Saturday. He  was father of Mrs. Elon A. Dearing.  He served in the Confederate army. was paroled at Macon, Miss in 1865. 5 May 3/4


A. J. Godfrey, 60, of Springdale, Washington, died April 24. His wife was formerly America Watts of this county, and is a sister   of William and Cornelius Watts, who reside in this county. 5 May 6/6


James K. Gilbert, 55, living near Long Branch, was struck by lightning and killed. Survivors: brothers, Silas Gilbert of this city, John G. of Montana, Joseph G. of Calif., sisters, Mrs. George Elzea & Nannie Gilbert, north of Mexico. 12 May 1/1


Mrs. Desdemona Hiner, 75, died Thursday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. George Robertson. Born Desdemona Gorman at Selma, Ala, Nov. 3, 1836, daughter of William and Emily Gorman. Married Capt. David A. Hiner in Ky. Capt. Hiner was a pilot on the Mississippi. He died in 1900. 12 May 2/4


Mrs. Luther Gallip, about 33, formerly Byrd Hollopeter, died at Spokane, Wash. April 29. She was a sister of David Hollopeter and was reared in this city. 12 May 3/1


Auxvasse. Mrs. Sallie Ridgway, aged nearly 70, died at her home in Auxvasse May 8, 1910. Burial: Grand Prairie. Born in Bedford Co., Va. in 1840, married Taylor Ridgway. 10 children. Mrs. Nannie J. Woods nee Nannie Pool, wife of O. L. Woods of Molino, died May 8, 1910. born Sept. 14, 1849. Married O. L. Woods Oct. 16, 1878. 5 children. Bur: Elmwood. 12 May 5/4


Died Friday, Miss Maggie Foster, 24, of diphtheria, at the home of   her mother, Mrs. Joseph Foster. Her father died about 3 weeks ago. Bur: Elmwood. 12 May 6/5


Wellsville May 6-Morgan B. White, 77, father of J. M. White, died at his home near Middletown yesterday. Bur: Wellsville Cemetery.12 May 6/5


Karl Robinson, 37, formerly of this city, died this week in K. C.  He was son of W. J. Robinson and was born in Mexico, Mo. 12 May 6/5


Eugene Hape, son of C. W. Hape, and Miss Pearl Sanders were married Sunday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. J.Sanders. 12 May 8/4


Died, Mrs. Will McClelland, Pueblo, Colorado, a sister of Mrs. W. H. White. 12 May 8/6


B. F. Doan, 83, died Wednesday at the home of his nephew, R. W. Allen, north of Mexico. Bur: Sunrise. 12 May 8/6


Mrs. Charles Duffins, 65, died at her home near Benton City Wednesday. She is survived by husband and 10 children: Mrs. Elizabeth Caldwell, William, Charles, Emil, August, and Henry Duffen and Miss Lula Duffins, Mrs. Carson Woltz, Mrs. Emma Berry    and Mrs. Frank Towson, all of Mexico. Bur: Benton City. 12 May 8/6


William W. Walton, 63, died Monday at the home of his half-brother, G. T. Schieffer, 12 miles north of Mexico. A brother, Chas. Walton, lives in Texas. Bur: Midway. 19 May 1/1


Mrs. W. H. Westerman, 65, formerly of this city, died  recently in  Colby, Kansas. 19 May 1/3


Harry Reardon of Vandalia and Mrs. Cordelia Snow of Springfield,  Ill. were married in Mexico Tuesday. 19 May 1/4


Mrs. Emma Sproul died Tuesday at her home on South Clark. She was  the widow of the late John Sproul. Survived by daughters, Nettie, Carrie and Bertie. Bur: Elmwood 19 May 1/6


Vandalia May 16. Mrs. J. J. Sperry, 85, died yesterday at the home  of her niece in Quincy, Ill. Bur: Vandalia. 19 May 1/6


Samuel McCully and Virginia Phillips married here Sunday. 19 May 3/1

To be married June 22, Miss Jean Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Sam Brown of Centralia and J. K. Johnson, Jr. of Perry. 19 May 1/1


To wed, Mabel Elliott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Elliott of Garnett, Ks. and Dan H. Cauthorn of Mexico. 19 May 3/2


The infant daughter of Adolph "Ott" Egerer died in Fulton May 12, aged 7 months and 13 days. Bur: Hill Crest, Fulton. 19 May 3/4


Sam Evans and Cecil Montgomery, two negroes, were killed near Pilot Grove by William Tilger, formerly of Thompson. 19 May 7/5


Sturgeon-Mrs. Mary A. Palmer, 67, died in Sturgeon May 25, 1910.  Her first husband was Col. J. J. Searcy of the Confederate army.    Her second marriage was to James Palmer, now deceased. 26 May 1/3


Sturgeon-Mrs. Annie Drane nee Taylor, wife of Jesse Drane of south  of Sturgeon, died May 24, 1910.  She was born and raised in Audrain County. 26 May 1/3


Elijah Asbury, formerly of Mexico, succeeded in killing himself at K. C. Wednesday. He was son of J. M. Asbury. Bur: Centralia 26 May 1/6


J. K. Gilbert of near Mexico was killed by lightning last week. 26 May 1/6


To marry in June, Elliott Mason of Pittsburg, Pa. and Ellen D. Walker of Monroe City. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Manning Walker and he is son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Mason of this city.  26 May 2/1 


Laddonia May 24-Michael Quinn of St. Louis, died in that city last Wednesday. Bur: Laddonia. 26 May 4/5


To marry June 25, Rev. F. W. Rollins and Lillie Mae Baskett of Moberly. 26 May 6/5


Mrs. S. J. Bowne, 67, died at her home near Larabee, Saling Township, Tuesday. Born in Ohio. Survived by husband, S. J. Bowne, Sr. and 4 daughters, Frances, Katy Gorman, Clara   C.Anderson and Minnie Winscott. Bur: Appleman's Chapel. 26 May 7/6


Aaron Light, 24, son of S. F. LIght, north of Centralia, was found                dead in a ditch last Friday. 29 May 7/6


Bernard Dierkes of St. Louis committed suicide by shooting himself.

2 June 1/3


M. M. Reisch, half brother of John Deckard, died Monday. 2 June 1/3


To be married in Seattle June 15, Violet Elliott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Elliott of this city, to Ralph Emerson Albaugh.             They will reside in Seattle. 2 June 1/3


Lawrence L. Winans and Ruth Fonville were married Wednesday morning. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Fonville. Will reside in Fruitville, Mo. 2 June 1/6


Fulton May 28-Dr. Robert Baker, Callaway, died in Fulton last night. His sons are Robert and Bayard. Bur: White Cloud. 2 Jun 3/2


Henry Campbell, 71, formerly of Mexico, died at Marshall Thursday.                     Bur: Mexico. 2 Jun 3/2


Mrs. Mary E. Still, 77, wife of Dr. A. T. Still, died in Kirksville Sunday. 2 June 3/2


Married, Bradford Jenkins of Auxvasse and Venia Williamson of near                  Mexico Wednesday. Will reside in Auxvasse. 2 June 4/4


Edward S. Turner of Auxvasse and Obedience J. Baldridge of Mexico married Sunday in Jefferson City. 2 June 4/4


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Liebman of Youngstown, Ohio, a             daughter. Mrs. Liebman was formerly Miss Selma Martin. 2 June 6/5


Robert L. Morris, formerly of this city, died in St. Louis Tuesday  from an injury sustained in an accident Monday at a planing mill             in Blythesville, Ark. He was son of Joseph W. Morris, and his wife was formerly Mamie Morris, daughter of Joseph D. Morris. Bur: Elmwood.  9 June 1/1


Fulton June 8-The charred remains of George M. Peacock were found    on his brother's farm north of Fulton today. 9 June 1/1


E. D. Nye and Martha Fant were wed Tuesday at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Fant. 9 June 1/3


Rev. Harvey E. Truex and Irma Johnson were married Wednesday. The groom is a brother of Rev. Chester Truex. 9 June 1/3


Mrs. W. D. Bush died at her home in Fulton Sunday.  She is survived by her husband and six children: Mrs. J. K. Smith, Mrs. Don P. Bartley, and the Misses Ida and Ada Bush of Fulton, Charles Bush             of St. Louis and Arthur Bush of Hannibal. 9 June 1/4


Donald L. Marson of Milton, Iowa and Vera Hoagland of this city             were married in K. C. Wednesday. Mrs. Laura Hoagland is the mother of the bride. Leon Marson of K. C. is a brother of the groom. 9 June 3/3


Mrs. E. A. Ellis' son, Lt. Noland E. Ellis, is with the 19th Infantry in the Phillipines. He is a former Audrain County boy. 9 June 2/3


Rush Hill June 8-The 4 year old daughter of Fred Randall of this       place died yesterday. Bur: Laddonia Cemetery. 9 June 1/4


Frank Hensley, pioneer citizen and largest land owner in Montgomery County died at his home near Buell Monday, aged 84. Surviving                                  children: Mrs. G. R. McVey, Mrs. W. W. Watts, Buell Hensley and                               W. R. Hensley. 9 June 1/1


Married, Edgar P. Love of San Antonio, Texas, and Katherine Widaman of Wellsville Monday at the home of the bride's uncle, B. Widaman. Will reside in San Antonio. 9 June 1/4


James Clark, 66, weds step-son's daughter, 23. James Clark of Farber and Miss Florence Dorsett of St. Louis were married at Bowling Green. He is a civil war veteran. 9 June 3/3


Fred Morris. Picture. 9 June 3/5 & 6

Vandalia June 2-Robert Phears, about 35, single, died in this city                     this morning at the home of his brother. 9 June 3/3


Mrs. Chas. B. Hazard died at her home in Fulton Thursday.

Born Jan. 25, 1877. Bur: Centralia.


Robert Estil McDonough, formerly of this city, and Mary L. Howard             were married in Moberly Wednesday. He is son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert McDonough and she is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Howard, formerly of Mexico. They will reside in Moberly. 9 June 3/3


Prof. Edgar Lee and Bennetta Barkley were married Thursday at the             home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. William O. Barkley. 9 June 3/3


Mrs. Rebecca W. Terrill died at her home near Columbia Wednesday.             Wife of A. W. Terrill, first president of Hardin College. He died several years ago. 9 June 3/6


George A. Brock Sr. 84 died last week at St. Aubert, Mo. Leaves             wife, children, George A., Matthew, John, Joseph, Lee, Mrs.     Daniel Hunter and Mrs. John H. Daniel. Bur: Chamois. 9 June 7/5


Born to the wife of Geo. Mongler, north of Mexico, Tuesday, a boy.

9 June 8/1


Marriage license to Marvin R. Moss of Vandalia and Miss May Humphrey of Higbee Thursday. 9 June 8/2


Mrs. Fannie Honaker died in Denver, Colorado Monday. Well known here. Bur: Glasgow. 9 June 8/4


Died recently, Mrs. Wm. G. Meyer and little son, George.

Bur: Grand Prairie, Callaway. 16 June 2/6


Died, Robert L. Morris, brother of Mrs. Betty Blythe. Bur: Elmwood

16 June 3/2 & 23 June 8/1


Walter Tratchel of Benton City died Thursday. Widow survives and following children: J.A., Robert L., and W.W. Tratchel, Mrs. J.             E. Northcutt, Mrs. Albert Davis, Mrs. S. E. Lyell and Mrs. E. L. Woodson.  Bur: Benton City. 16 June 3/4


Wellsville June 11-Died, D. C. Lewis at his home June 10, aged 60.

16 June 3/4


To wed, Miss Gene Mae Brown and Joseph Kay Johnson at Centralia             June 22. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Brown. 16 June 7/2


Mrs. William Diven died at her home in Centralia June 4. She was             the mother of Dr. T. H. Diven of Martinsburg. Bur: Mexico. 16 June 3/4


Solon Freeland, about 45, died Thursday at Anadarko, Okla. Formerly of this city. Mrs. Freeland was a Miss Owings. Had been in             Oklahoma many years. 16 June 3/4


Harvey Karnes, 76, of Neosho, Mo. died there June 6. A brother of Richard P. Karnes of Centralia, and J.V.C. Karnes of K.C. and was      an uncle of the Misses Karnes. 16 June 3/4


Mrs. Sallie Garrett, widow of the late Jack Garrett, died at the        home of Sparrell McCall in Fulton Wednesday. She was 65 years old.

16 June 3/4


Charlie Anderson, 61, a leading stock raiser and farmer of Audrain County, died at his home in Saling Township Sunday. Born in Sweden, he came to America about 33 years ago and went first to Mississippi, then to Audrain. Wife was formerly Clarissa Bowne, a daughter of S. J. Bowne Sr.. One son, Paul. Bur:             Appleman's Chapel. 16 June 3/6


August Weber and Miss Jessie Smith, both of Mexico, were married at Marshall Friday. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. McD Smith. He             is son of Mr. and Mrs. August Weber Sr. 16 June 7/3


Mary Cross, formerly of Mexico, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. N. Cross, was married to R. S. Cole of Columbia Saturday. Will live in Pawnee, OK. 16 June 7/3


Mrs. R. S. Smith, formerly of Mexico, and a sister of Mrs. Jas. Dillard, died in Fort Collins Colo. Sunday. Bur: Elmwood.

16 June 7/5 and 16 June 8/4


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Marion Williams June 2, a dau. 16 June 8/1


Judge W. R. Shannon died in Fowler Co. Calif. June 17. He was son of Judge George Shannon, the young civil engineer with the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Related in this city are wife and children of S. P. Emmons and the children of W. J. Botts. The late Mrs. Henry Dudley was a relative and he was a brother of Mrs. Andrew Monroe whose body now rests in Elmwood Cemetery. 23 June 6/6


Sturgeon June 20-James L. Mann of Saling Township was killed in Quincy, Ill. last Saturday by a fall from the steps of a street car. He was a Private in Co H, 66th Regt. of Ill. Vol. Infantry in the civil war. He settled at Sturgeon after the war and married a Miss Taylor. 23 June 8/1


Mrs. Chas. Spottswood died in Denver. She was formerly Miss Byars, a daughter of Robert Byars of this county. Survived by husband and children: Sibert, Lillian, W.W., Elmer, Champ, Frances and Otie. Bur: Elmwood. 30 June 1/1


Mrs. Emily Seal, 80, died June 21 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Shell Norris, near Wellsville. She was born in Ky. Apr. 2, 1830    and went to Montgomery County in 1833. 30 June 1/1


Married Wednesday, F. C. Shaw and Miss Carleton Fonville, daughter             of Col. and Mrs. W. D. Fonville. 30 June 1/6


J. W. Himes and Miss Carrie Kellerhals of Benton City married at Montgomery City Wednesday. Will live at Benton City. 30 June 1/6


Max L. Piper and Nellie Virginia Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.

S. H. Johnson of southeast of town, were married Wednesday. Will reside in Mexico.30 June 1/6


Died, Dr. Frank Spence Thursday. John Franklin Spence, son of Joseph and A. Katherine Spence was born at Rocheport, Mo. Jan. 6, 1870. Never married. Survived by two sisters. 30 June 3/1


Died, Robert Nichols, 70, formerly of Mexico, in St. Louis last Thurs. Bur: Elmwood Cem. 30 June 3/1


Died Monday in St. Louis, Miss Eleanor Gaines, 30, a niece of Mr. Nichols.  Mr. Nichols left this county about 50 years ago and was             in the West over 45 years. 30 June 3/1


Josiah Hall, 75, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. C. Sexton southwest of Centralia last Sunday. 30 June 3/2


Aunt Beck Woolery, an aged negro woman, died Saturday. Bur: Auxvasse. 30 June 3/2


Sturgeon June 27-Chas. William Laxton, son of Geo. A. Laxton, Mayor of the city of Sturgeon, died here Saturday June 25, aged 26.

30 June 3/2


Lafayette Musselman, founder of Gem Business College in Quincy,             died last week. he was 68. 30 June 3/2


O. M. Herring of this city and May Arthur of Fulton were married             here last Saturday. She is daughter of Daniel Arthur. 30 June 3/4


J. A. Beam and Miss Susie Knopp were married in Hannibal Sunday.              He is a brother of Frank Beam of this city. 30 June 3/4


Born to Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Campbell June 16, a son. 30 June 4/6

Gant. Congratulations to Julius Edwards and his charming bride.

30 June 4/5


Died, Mrs. Ella Frink Brown, 44, wife of Jack Brown, at her home 5 miles north of Rush Hill July 3.  7 July 1/3


Died, Mrs. Sallie C. Rothwell, mother of the late Will A. Rothwell             of Moberly, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. H. E. Watts, Sunday, in St. Louis. Bur. Moberly. 7 July 3/1


Died, Mrs. Sarah Ellen Toalson, wife of J. M. Toalson, in Columbia this week.  Three sisters, Mrs. J. W. Hulett, Miss Lucy Turner,              Mrs. Agnes Butts and one brother, Tom Turner. Bur. Mt. Pisgah.

7 July 3/1


Died Saturday, Samuel Turley, 70, brother of T. T. Turley, at Lakeford, Ill. 7 July 3/1


Died of Tetanus Wednesday, John Harrison Hart, young son of Mr. and             Mrs. John Hart. 7 July 3/1


Wellsville June 30. Married, Lon Bishop and Leta Covington, both of Callaway, June 29th, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and             Mrs. J. P. Covington, of near Shamrock. They will live near Shamrock.

7 July 3/2


To marry, Ruby Strickler, Columbia, and Clarence E. Alford, formerly of Vandalia. Bride is the dau__ter of Mr. and Mrs. S.G.H. Strickler. 7 July 3/2 


Married in Centralia Wednesday, Alberta Boatman and Frank Clayton Mitchell. Bride is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Boatman and Mr. Mitchell is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Mitchell of Centralia.

7 July 3/2


Married here Monday, Oscar McClish and Willie M. Roberts, both of Columbia. 7 July 3/2  


Married last Monday, Jessie Smock of Paris and Emmett Sparks of Shelbina. Bride is the daughter of Judge Smock of Paris.

7 July 3/2


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller of Billings, Montana, twin boys     June 30. Mr. Miller is well known here. 7 July 4/3


The body of Mrs. Elizabeth Sipple who died at Laddonia last week    was interred at Hatton, where she had once lived. 7 July 5/4


A bad wreck on the Wabash, 2 miles west of Montgomery June 30, killed 1 person, an unidentified young man. 7 July 7/4


Dr. E. D. VanDeventer, 52, a physician of Laddonia, was struck by a C. & A. train and killed instantly. Survived by wife and daughter, Sallie, and son, William, 15.  He was a brother of Mrs. John X. Brown of Mexico. Bur. Laddonia. 7 July 7/3


Robert L. Higginbotham shot and killed his 13 year old daughter, Evelyn, and his divorced wife's husband, Michael Moser, in East St. Louis. He had lived in Mexico for about 6 months. 7 July 7/6


Dr. Edwin Sally Cave died at his home in Mexico Monday. Born July      7, 1856, son of William S. and Martha Harrison Cave. Married Margaret French. He is survived by 4 children: Margaret, Julia, Edwin, and Helen. His father was murdered by a band of Federal soldiers near his home in Boone County. Mrs. Cave survived her husband for many years but is now dead. Bur: Elmwood. 14 July 1/1


E. Kirtley, 74, father of Mrs. Cecil M. Baskett, died at his home             in Chillicothe Wednesday. Bur. Mooresville, Mo. 14 July 1/2


Married, Anne Ewing Cockrell, daughter of former U.S. Senator Francis M. Cockrell of Missouri and Lambros A. Coromilas, U. S. Minister from Greece, in Norwich, Conn. July 6. 14 July 3/1


Dr. James M. Greenwood, Superintendant of the K.C. schools, was married to Mrs. Josephine Heermans, Principal of the Whittier school in K.C. Wednesday. 14 July 3/1


Arthur Seevers and Mayme Newberry, both of Benton City, were married here Saturday. 14 July 3/1 & 2


Married here Monday, Frederick C. Phelps and Miss Katherine Kleine, both of St. Louis Co. 14 July 4/5


Mrs. Elizabeth Lanham, 70, mother of Dr. Lee Lockridge, died in Columbia Wednesday. Her first husband was Dr. J. S. Lockridge and             she afterward married Judge Phillip S. Lanham of St. Louis. Interment at Mt. Pisgah. 14 July 3/6


Richard Cornwell died Friday night at the county farm and was buried by the county. 14 July 3/6


Miss Florence Howell, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Howell of Hallsville, died Wednesday.  She was 20 years old and a student             at the University of Mo. 14 July 3/6


Wesley Kilgore, 80, an inmate of the county farm for nearly 15 years, died there Tuesday. 14 July 3/6


Mattie Hawkinson of Perry and Miss Josephine Farrington of             Centralia were married here July 4.   14 July 4/5


Loren Smith and Miss Allie Williamson, both of this city, were married here Tuesday. She is daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Williamson.  

14 July 4/3

Born July 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Romans, near Martinsburg, a daughter. 14 July 6/1


Born July 6 to Mr. and Mrs. Martin Yates of Artesia, N.M. a son.      Mrs. Yates was formerly Miss Mary Emmons of Mexico.  14 July 6/2


Born Sunday July 10 to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Towson, a daughter.

14 July 8/2


Born Sunday July 10 to Mr. and Mrs. Harvey West, an 8 pound boy.

14 July 8/2


Mrs. H. F. Rutledge was called to St. Louis Tuesday on account of             the death of Judge Knott, who was well known here. 21 July 1/2


Wellsville July 19.- Died. John Ed Smith received word that Mrs. Mollie House, wife of Rev. J. G. House, formerly pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church of this city, died at her home in McLean, Tx. July 17.   21 July 1/6


Died. Mrs. J. P. Blanton, nee Anna Bell, widow of the late J. P. Blanton, formerly supt. of the Mexico Public Schools, died in Columbia Monday. Born in Bowling Green, Pike Co. Nov. 3, 1848.

Married in 1872.  Dr. Blanton died last October.  21 July 1/6


Died. Mrs. Clare Atkinson, 21, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Rodman, died at her home near Hatton Tuesday. Survived by husband             and 18 month old son. Bur: Pleasant Grove. 21 July 1/6


Died. William Daves, formerly Chief Signal Engineer on the Alton    was struck by a train and killed near Oelwein, Ia.  He was father of George Daves, who formerly lived here.  21 July 1/6


Died. Mrs. J. S. Boyd of Vandalia died at her home July 11. She             was 68. Survived by husband and daughter, Mrs. A. G. Beshears, of Vandalia. 21 July 1/6


Married. Claude Paris and Mrs. Erie Underwood of Rush Hill were married at the court house here Monday. 21 July 3/1


Died. Henry Rodhouse, 69, died at his home in this city Friday.             Born in England, came to America with his parents when he was 12.       Enlisted in the Union army and served throughout the war. Married             in 1865. Survived by wife and 3 children, T. J. Rodhouse, Columbia, Edward of Mexico and Miss Dorothy at home. Bur: Elmwood. 21 July 3/5


Died. Mrs. J. T. Stemmons, 70, of Wellsville died at her home Saturday. She was a sister of Mrs. Annie E. Squires of this city.      Bur: Wellsville.  21 July 3/5



Died. William Atkins, 55, formerly of Audrain, died at Okmulgee,             Ok. Thursday. Surv: brothers, John S. Atkins, Vandalia; S. P. & Claude of Spokane, Wash., T. W. of Okmulgee, Ok., G. H. of             Bellview, Ia.,

P.S. of Boone Co., & Earl of Burke, Id. A sister, Mrs. J. W. Colley, Moberly. Bur: Elmwood. 21 July 3/5


Died. Thomas A. McIntyre, born Nov. 13, 1836, died Sunday. Married first Helen Sawyers (Sayers), daughter of Samuel T. Sawyers of Callaway Co., 3 children, John A., Eugene S. & Joseph S. McIntyre. Married second, Nancy Sawyers, sister of his first wife. Children born to this union, Lewis P., Clarence T., Claude and Miss Lucy McIntyre and Mrs. Claude Lee. Bur: Elmwood. 21 July 3/6


Died. Mrs. Frances Howard died in Warrenton last week. She was a relative of the Boones & Callaways, pioneer families of Missouri.             Mrs. Howard was born in Warren Co. Apr. 20, 1827.  Her husband             was the late John Howard.  She was the grandmother of Mrs.     Cassius M. Clay & a relative of T. H. (George) Marshall of this             city. 21 July 3/6


Died. The stranger, about 35, who was found dead on the Wabash right-of-way was buried at the city burying ground. A way bill was found in the man's pocket bearing the signature of P. R. Wingate.  28 July 1/1


Married in Columbia Thursday, Cornelius James, col. of K. C. &             Laura Jane Douglass, col. of Columbia. 28 July 3/4


Died. Laddonia July 26. Milton Knipfel, 30, of 2 miles south of Laddonia, was struck by lightning and killed this morning. He was son of Charles Knipfel, of near Wellsville, brother-in-law of Guy Leet. His wife was formerly Lida Leet, daughter of Chas. Leet.  28 July 1/4


Married. Harry B. Weant of near Calwood and Eva Cowles of Fulton   were married here Sunday.  She is daughter of Pittman Cowles of Auxvasse. Elopement. 28 July 3/4


Died. Mrs. Harvey Brown died at the home of her parents, Mr. and       Mrs. Sim Creed Sunday. Leaves husband and 2 daughters. Bur:             Berea.  28 July 5/5


Died. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Parks of St. Louis    died Thursday in St. Louis. Bur: Centralia. 28 July 6/6


Died. Miss Miriam Estelle Blattner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Blattner, died Friday.  Survived by parents and brothers, Stanley, Clifton, Pemberton, Ernest & sisters, Mrs. Floyd             Blattner, Mrs. W. E. Thomas and Mrs. L. J. Owen. Bur: Lexington, Ky.  28 July 6/6


Died. Tom White, respected old negro of Mexico, died at his home Sunday. 28 July 6/6


Died. Infant child of Bert Ingram died Saturday at the home on W. Monroe St. 28 July 6/6


Shady Dell. Died. Mrs. Mae Brown, who has been ill for more than a year, died at the home of her father, J. S. Creed Sunday, July      24. She was born Sept. 5, 1882.  28 July 8/4


Duly items. Born. July 20 to Mr. and Mrs. Claude Thomas, a daughter.  28 July 8/6


Married. M. T. Baysinger & Margaret Morsingkoff of Fulton were married here Friday.  4 Aug 3/2


License to wed issued to Chas. A. Davis of Monroe Co. & Mary B. Johnson of Audrain Monday. 4 Aug 3/2


Died. Martha Ann Biggs, 68, died at Bowling Green Wednesday. Widow             of Wm. K. Biggs, legislator from Pike Co. abt 30 yrs ago. Mother of Dr. M. Q. Biggs & David Biggs of St. Louis. 4 Aug 3/4


Died. Lorena Cunard died Sunday of typhoid. Bur: Elmwood. Sister is Florence Cunard of S.D.  4 Aug 4/5


Born. Aug. 2, a girl to Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sanford.  4 Aug 8/1


Died. R.P. Hopkins, abt 68, in Arkansas City, Ks. Friday. Born in Va., served in the Confederate army throughout the war, in First Virginia Brigade. Came to Mo. in 1867, married a Miss Rucker. Ch: Mrs. J. E. Crockett, Mrs. Chas. Harrison, Misses Mary, Annie & Bessie, & Richard Jr. He married 2d Maggie Davis. She survives. Had lived in Mexico last 20 years. Bur: Mt. Pisgah. 4 Aug 3/4


Died. The funeral of M. H. McCue, 66, was conducted at residence             near Molino Saturday. Bur: Elmwood. Born in Va. Lived in Audrain more than 20 years. Survived by wife & Wallace McCue, Mrs. John Wakefield, Mrs. Gray Wilson, Mrs. Gaither Berry, Mrs. James Browning.  4 Aug 3/4

Died. Abram Larimore, 66, formerly of Audrain, died at Maude, Okla. Sunday. Bur: Elmwood. Born 2 miles west of Fulton Feb. 23, 1844. Married in 1869 to Latona Hitt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hitt of Mexico. Survived by wife & ch: Mary & Amma Larimore & Mrs. Robert Maine. 4 Aug 3/5


Died. Mrs. F. G. Steffens, 41, died at her home in Mexico Monday. 

Mr. & Mrs. Steffens formerly lived at Union, Mo. Bur: St. Brendan.

4 Aug 3/5


Born. Aug. 2, a son to Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Alexander of South Franklin Ave. Mrs. Alexander was former Miss Effie Campbell. J.J. Alexander of Laddonia is grandfather. 4 Aug 8/2


Died. Charles Ricketts Graham, 38, son of Eli D. & Ella Pilcher Graham, died at the home of his parents Tuesday. Bur: Elmwood.             He was son of Eli D. & Ella Pilcher Graham, born in Mexico, Mo. May 26, 1872. Married Mary Frances Northern June 5, 1901. No children. Survived by 1 brother, Gus Graham. 4 Aug 4/5


Married. William W. Jackman of Mexico and Miss Gertrude Harding of Charleston, Ill. were married Wednesday at the home of her             parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. L. Harding. Bride is a sister of Mrs. Frank P. McCord of this city. 4 Aug 4/6


Married. O. L. Canterbury & Anna Roberson, both of Mexico, were married Monday.  4 Aug 4/6


Died. James Dudley Price, 27, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Price, died at the home of his parents Tuesday. Born in Clay City. Mo. near Liberty Mar. 20, 1883. Survived by parents & 2 sisters and 1 brother, Mrs. Ralph Luckie, Elizabeth & Eben R. Price. Bur: Elmwood. 11 Aug 1/4


Died. Mrs. Christopher Duffy, 66, nee Katherine Keeting, died at             the home of her daughter, Mrs. Frank Weinand, north of Mexico Monday. Born in County Galway, Ireland, in 1844. Ch: Pete, Tom., Kit, Allan, Mrs. Frank Weinand, Mrs. J. W. McCory & Miss Effie Duffy of this county & Mrs. E. G. Hagedorn of Slater.  Mrs. Margaret Croff, a daughter, died in Nov. 1909. Bur: St. Brendan. 11 Aug 1/4 


Died. J. D. Nichols died Wednesday at his home in southwest Mexico.

11 Aug 1/4


Died. Isaac Frank Coons, 87, died Wednesday. Born in Ky. Jan. 8, 1823. Moved to Mo. when a small boy, lived first in Callaway, then Boone. M/1. Amanda Hundley Oct. 2, 1851. Sons, S. G. Coons of Millersboro, Mo. & Mrs. Thomas Smith, Deer Park, Mo. Married 2d. Angeline Duncan Dec. 22, 1860.  Surviving ch: Mrs. Ross Cauthorn, Mrs. L. R. Ferris & Miss Nellie Coons. Bur: Elmwood Cemetery. 11 Aug 3/3


Died. Judge Samuel Edward Kendall of this city died Friday             afternoon at Jerseyville, Ill. Born St. Charles, Mo. June 8, 1834, oldest son of Samuel Taylor Kendall and Catherine Sumner Kendall.  Married Martha Cauthorn June 7, 1857. Had lived in Audrain County since 1856. Raised by his aunt, Mrs. Adaline Lurton of Delhi, Ill. Was charter member of Littleby Bapt. church. Served in Confederate army under Major Murray of Price's Command. Survived by 2 sisters, Mrs. Kate Scott, Mrs. Mary Humphrey & brother, James D. Kendall. Children: Mrs. Oceola Lane,             Mrs. Julia Tucker, Joseph R., Samuel F., Oliver R., Verner E., Ford, & Clayton K. Kendall. Bur: Littleby Bapt.  11 Aug 3/2


Died. Charles Ricketts Graham. Bur: Elmwood. 11 Aug 3/3


Auxvasse. A son born to Mr. & Mrs. Lonie K. Craighead. 11 Aug 4/5

Died. Mrs. Lottie Rutter aged 36, died at her home in Clarence, Mo. Wednesday. She was reared near Centralia. Survived by husband.

Bur: Centralia Cem. 11 Aug 3/3


Died. Judge Samuel Martin Edwards, 76, died at his home Saturday.             Born in Henry Co., Va. in Jan. 1831, son of Capt. John Edwards & Martha Johnson Edwards.  Capt. Edwards was an officer in the             American army in the war of 1812. Judge Edwards' grandfather was Ambrose Edwards, a soldier in the Revolutionary War and his grandmother was Olivia Martin. He married Lucy Shryock. 3 children of that marriage: Dr. Brice Edwards, Sam S. Edwards, & Mrs. C. E. Moore. Marr. 2d. Hattie E. Lakenan. One son, James L. Edwards and a brother, Dr. John C. Edwards. 11 Aug 3/3,4,5 & 6


Died. Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Wilcox, 74, died at Clarence, Mo. Thurs. July 28. Bur: Centralia. 11 Aug 3/6


Died. O. L. Ellers, 40, formerly of Audrain Co. died at his home in Mt. Vistah, Ca. Friday. Wife & 2 children.  11 Aug 3/6


Born. A son born Saturday to Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Phillips of this   city died Sunday. Bur: Jewish Cemetery. 11 Aug 3/6


Born. A daughter to Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Cartright of St. Louis, named Mariella Robertson Cartright. Mrs. Cartright was formerly Miss Stella Robertson of this city.  11 Aug 6/4


Married. Arthur Davis of Molino & Mary Johnson of north of             Centralia were married last Wednesday evening at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Will Johnson. 11 Aug 8/5

Married. Joseph Fox of this city & Miss Lucy Otts of St. Louis, both deaf mutes, were married Saturday afternoon. 11 Aug 8/5


Married. Richard Helm, formerly of this city, now of Peoria, Ill.,             son of the late Tom Helm, & Miss Edna Gray of near Santa Fe, were married here Monday. Bride is the daughter of the late Dogan Gray. 11 Aug 8/5


Died. Della Wilson, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. B. F. Wilson of Jefferson             City died there Monday. Born and reared at Bowling Green. 18 Aug 1/4


Married. Jos. P. Dobyns is home from the wedding Monday of his niece, Miss Lizzie Dobyns, to Lee Mullen of Omaha. 18 Aug 1/5


Died. Mrs. R. N. Kemp died at her home in Auxvasse Monday. Bur: Montgomery City. 18 Aug 1/6


Died. Mrs. William Stuart's niece, Mrs. James Britt of Bentonville, Ark. died August 11.  18 Aug 1/6


Died. Bert Doty, 29 years old, died at his home last Thursday. Survived by wife, and his sister, Mrs. James Cook. Bur: Centralia.

18 Aug 1/6


Died. Alvin Watson, 11 years old, son of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Watson died Wednesday of injuries received this week when he fell from a             hay stack and ran the pitchfork into his face. Bur. Benton City.

18 Aug 3/4


Died. A. Clyde Thomas, 27, son of Warren W. Thomas, Fulton, died in Warrensburg Tuesday. 18 Aug 3/4


Died. Aunt Vina Fisher, 65, a highly respected old negro died at             her home in East Mexico Thursday. 18 Aug 3/4             .


Died. Mrs. Mattie Maupin, 24, died at the home of her sister, Mrs.             Ed Wilson, of north of Centralia Monday of typhoid fever. Funeral services at Tulip. 18 Aug 3/4


Died. James Culbertson, an old citizen of Paris, died there Friday. He was an uncle of C. H. Culbertson of east of town. 18 Aug 3/4


Died. Sturgeon Aug. 12-Samuel H. Earsom, 70, died at his home in Saling Township Aug. 11. His wife was a Miss Cleveland, reared near Mexico. 18 Aug 3/4


Died. James D. Michel, 60, died in Mexico Aug. 9. Survived by wife, a son, Thurmond Michel and a daughter, Miss Nina Michel. 18 Aug 3/4


Married. Alford L. Elliott and Miss Gertrude Linedecker were married in Hannibal Friday. They will reside in Mexico. Mrs. Elliott is a sister of Mrs. Wm. Hibbard, formerly of Mexico. 18 Aug 3/5


Married. Cyrus A. Cleveland and Rachel E. Vanvactor, both of northwest of town, were married here Monday. 18 Aug 3/6


License to wed. Issued Thursday to Perry Cafer of Vandalia and Jennie W. Davis. 18 Aug 3/6


Born. to Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Byars Aug. 11, a son. 18 Aug 6/1


Married. Tuesday, Herbert J. Schroers of Tahlequah, Okla. and Leona Jackson, dau of Mrs. M. F. Jackson of Mexico. They will reside in Tahlequah. Groom was reared in Fulton. 18 Aug 8/4


Will be wed. Tenie Erisman, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. George Erisman of Mexico, and E. P. Heim, formerly of Mexico, will be married Wednesday at Britton, Okla. 18 Aug 8/4



Married Tuesday. Maj. J. V. Snyder and Theodosia Fonville, dau. of Col. & Mrs. W. D. Fonville. Maj. Snyder is a principal at Marion,             Ky.  25 Aug 1/1


Married. Edwin Martin of Brookfield, Mo. and Mary J. Woods of this city were married here Tuesday. 25 Aug 1/1


Marriage license issued here Tuesday to W. A. Mullhall of St. Louis and Mrs. E. J. Hucke of Seattle, Washington. 25 Aug 1/1


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Roland Stowers, Aug. 22, a daughter. 25 Aug 1/2


Died. John Carter of Fulton died Monday in St. Louis at the home of his sister, Mrs. Pat Grogan. Bur. Fulton. 25 Aug 1/5


Married. Dr. William F. Botts and Miss Verne Bates at the home of             the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Bates of near Santa Fe Wednesday. 25 Aug 2/4


Married. Perry A. Hicks and Barba Tratchel were married at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Tratchel of near Benton City Wednesday. Groom is the son of Mrs. Sarah Hicks. 25 Aug 3/4


Married. Wm. L. Bedsworth and Miss Eva Atterbury of Callaway

were married here Wednesday. Bride is daughter of W. L. Atterbury.

25 Aug 3/4


Married Wednesday, Clarence Alford and Miss Ruby Strickler at the

home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. G. H. Strickler, 2 miles north of Columbia. 25 Aug 3/4


Born to Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Qualls, Aug 11, an 11 pound son. 25 Aug 6/3


Died. Mrs. T. H. Waters, 44, died at her home in South Mexico Monday. Survived by husband and children: John X., Ray, Hobson, Sadie and Mary. Mrs. Waters was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burns.

25 Aug 7/5


Married. James V. Nevins, son of Baxter Nevins, and Lula Maud Bryson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bryson of Sturgeon, eloped and were married in K.C. Monday. 25 Aug 8/1


Died, John Johnston, 27, at the home of his brother-in-law, James Ryan, Monday. Bur. at Hannibal. 1 Sep 1/1


Died, Mrs. W. H. Flessner of north of Rush Hill Saturday. Survived by sons, Bart, George and Henry. 1 Sep 1/1


Died Friday after a long illness, Miss Eliza Jesse, 28, daughter of Samuel Jesse of near Laddonia. Bur. Laddonia. 1 Sep 1/1


Died Sunday, Mrs. Bigelow of near Rush Hill. Surv. by a son and 2 daughters, Warren Bigelow, Mrs. Annie Bethel and Mrs. Will             Maxwell.  1 Sep 1/1


Married Monday, the Rev. Joseph H. Gauss and Mrs. Olive M. Townsley of St. Louis. Rev. Gauss' first wife was a sister of T. M. Gill of this city. 1 Sep 1/4


Died Saturday, Martha Poeppelmeyer of Franklin county, a sister of Mrs. Paul Weber of this city. 1 Sep 2/4


Married Friday, Lester M. Wilburn and Miss Lenora Wiggins of Ashburn, Mo. 1 Sep  3/6


Married in Belleville, Ill. Aug. 19, T. H. Robison of East St. Louis and Etta Poore, dau. of W.A. Poore of Callaway Co. Mr. Robison is a brother of S.L. Robison of this city.  1 Sep 3/6


Marriage license issued to T.J. Asher and Mrs. C.E. Smart, both             of Laddonia. 1 Sep 3/6


Married Thursday in Dover, Mo. Miss Vertna Nichols and Mr. H. R.             Redd. 1 Sep 3/6


Married here Thursday, J. S. Harvey and Verdie Watts, both of Seed Tick neighborhood. 1 Sep 3/6


Died this week at his home in Monmouth, Ill, R. S. Patton, 75. At one time he owned the Callaway farm just west of town. 1 Sep 3/6


Born, a son August 21st to Mr. and Mrs. Fishburn in Concord neighborhood. (Auxvasse) 1 Sep 3/6


Died Wednesday in Columbia, Mrs. Caroline Wingo, 91. She was married in 1857 and lived in Boone Co. practically all her life. Bur. Rocky Ford.  1 Sep 3/6


Born a son August 21st to Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Offutt in Concord neighborhood. 1 Sep 4/3


Marriage license issued to Ruby B. Pratt and Ruth Straube of Vandalia Tuesday. 1 Sep 8/4


Married Sept. 8, William Harvey Emmons and Virginia Cloyd of Chicago at the home of the bride.  He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Emmons. Bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Davis Holmes Cloyd.  8 Sep 1/2


License issued to James B. Roberts and Lois Patton, both of near Vandalia. 8 Sep 1/2


Died here Tuesday morning, the infant child of Alex Qualls. Taken   to Thompson for burial. 8 Sep 1/3


Died at his home in Fulton Wednesday, Charlie, the 8 months old son of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Egerer, formerly of this city. 8 Sep 3/4


Died at his home in L.A., Calif. Aug. 27, Ira Hall, 71, formerly of Mexico. His first wife was Helen Beatty, sister of John W. Beatty. He is survived by wife and son, Zellen. 8 Sep 3/4


Died Monday, Katherine Elizabeth, 2 months old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Luckie. Grandmother is Mrs. Elizabeth Luckie. 8 Sep 3/4


Funeral of Otto Cunard, 11 year old son of Otto Cunard, who died Saturday was held at the Methodist church Sunday. Bur. Elmwood.              

8 Sep 3/4

Brunswick, Mo. Sep. 1-Died. C. P. Vandever, editor of the Keytesville Courier, died Sept. 1, as a result of an assault on him August 5 by John Cunningham. 8 Sep 3/5


Died at her home in south Mexico Monday of appendicitis, Mrs. T. H. Waters, 44. Survived by her husband and the following children:             John X., Ray, Hobson, Sadie and Mary. Mrs. Waters was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Burns. 8 Sep 7/4


Died Wednesday, Mrs. Nettie Swartwood at Woodbine, Iowa. Burial will be at Fulton. Survived by daughter, Miss Stella Swartwood. She was a former resident of Mexico. 15 Sep 1/3 


Died in Columbia this week, George Austin Bradford, 81, of Boone

Survived by 6 sons and 1 daughter: Austin, Joel, George, William, Frank, & Alex Bradford and Mrs. Narcissa Rogers. Went to Boone Co. from Ky. in 1836. 15 Sep 1/3


Died at her home near New Bloomfield Tuesday, Mrs. John Clatterbuck. She was about 70 years of age. Survived by husband and 10 children: Will Baxter, Robert Waller, Horton, Overton, Mrs. Samuel Hudson, Mrs. Lorenzo Clatterbuck, Mrs. Oren South and Mrs. Carl Wilson. 15 Sep 1/3


Died Monday, Thomas J. Buchanan, 48, residing about 5 miles south  of Vandalia. Bur. Vandalia. 15 Sep 1/3


Died. George Burton, col., at Fulton Friday. He was porter at the Ringo Hotel. 15 Sep 1/3


James Bell of Chicago was shot and killed by his wife several weeks ago. The body was brought here for burial. E.J. Cooper of Mexico was a brother-in-law. 15 Sep 1/5


Married Wednesday, Warner Debo and Lydia Mudd, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mudd. 15 Sep 1/5


Married here Tuesday, H.T. Hamer and Mrs. Annie Allison, both of Morrison Co., Ks. 15 Sep 1/5


Died. The wife of Ben Crawford, col., died and was buried Sunday. 15 Sep 1/6


Married Tuesday, Fred Giesel and Miss Lida Bushnell, south of Laddonia Tuesday night. 15 Sep 3/1


Married Thursday, Pendleton Dudley, formerly of Troy and a graduate several years ago of Mexico High School, and Miss Hermine Ishans  at Hackensack, N.J. 15 Sep 3/1


Married Sept. 7 at the home of the bride's father, J. M. Barker in Montgomery City, William F. Nelson of Okla. and Miss Ethel Barker of Montgomery City. 15 Sep 3/1


Ruby Arni of K.C. and Dr. English of Okla. will be married in K.C. Wednesday. Bride is a cousin of Mayor Willard Potts. 15 Sep 3/1


Marriage license Saturday to Charles Muir and May Smith, both of Audrain. 15 Sep 3/1


Marriage license Saturday to Albert Powers and Miss Flose Smoot, both of the county. 15 Sep 3/1


Funeral of Mrs. Woodward, 72, who died at Rush Hill Wednesday was conducted at Laddonia. Survived by children: Phillip and Tom Woodward, Mrs. Henry Stuart and Mrs. Wm. Scott of Neb. 15 Sep 3/4


Died at his home in Martinsburg Sept. 2, Henry Ahrens, 70. Born in Germany. Lived at Martinsburg for 29 years. 15 Sep 3/4


Died at his home in East Centralia Sept. 2, Robert "Uncle Bob" Saddler, 77. Services at Catholic Church in Columbia. Born in Pottsdam, N.Y. was roadmaster on Wabash R.R. 15 Sep 3/4


Died Thursday at her home 2 miles southwest of Rush Hill, Mrs. Julia F. Stokes, 51, of Typhoid. Survived by husband, S. M. Stokes. Bur. Fulton. 15 Sep 3/4


Laddonia.- Marriage of Luther Slavens and Mary D. Azdell took place in Mexico last Wednesday. 15 Sep 4/3


Born Sept. 5 to Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Pennington of Greensburg, Ks. a daughter.  Mrs. Pennington was formerly Miss Laura Maxwell of Rush Hill. 15 Sep 6/1


Sturgeon Sept. 21.-Andrew Burkey, aged 82, died this morning. A native of Germany, came to this state over 60 years ago. Leaves widow, 4 sons and 2 daughters. 22 Sep 1/1


Married in St. Louis Wednesday, Harry Brown of South Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Shan Brown, and Altha May Douglass of near Hatton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Douglass. 22 Sep 3/2


Married Wednesday, W. M. Shettler of Elgin, Ill.and Mrs. Lillian  Effie Fike of Louisiana. 22 Sep 3/2   

Married Wednesday Sept. 14 at the bride's home in Hatton, C.A. Bowers and Bessie Kennon. 22 Sep 3/2


Married in Hannibal Sunday, W. A. Bradford and Mrs. Juanita Cauthorn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wilkerson of this city. 22 Sep 3/2


Married here Monday, Richard Edwards Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edwards of east of town, and Jewell Sharp, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Sharp of east of Mexico. 22 Sep 3/2


Died Wednesday, Enoch Hunt, Centralia. He was father of Mrs. George Wisdom and Mrs. Robert Hooton of west of Mexico and Arlie and Luke Hunt of this city. His wife and 4 other children survive. 22 Sep 3/4 

Died, R.C. Guthrie, recorder of Callaway Co. at Fulton Thursday. 22 Sep 3/4


Died Friday, Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson, nee Talbot, 80, at the home of her sister, Mrs. Kate Spence. Born in Bourbon Co., Va. moved to Mo. in 1856 and married Rad Robinson.  22 Sep 3/4


Died, Christopher Everhart of Saling Township Saturday Sept. 10 at    the home of his daughter, Mrs. H.F. Barnes in Moberly. He was a native of Germany. Wife and 8 children survive. Bur. at Oakland Cemetery, Moberly. 22 Sep 3/4


Died at Martinsburg Friday, Wm. Wenzel. Services at St. Joseph's, Martinsburg and bur. at Martinsburg Cemetery.  22 Sep 3/5


"Uncle Kit" Hall died at Martinsburg Friday in his 86th year. Bur. Martinsburg cemetery. 22 Sep 3/5


J. S. Crowley, C. & A. brakeman, was killed in railroad accident at Farber last Friday. Bur. in Ky. J. S. Petrie of Roodhouse is brother-in-law of Crowley.  22 Sep 3/5


W. R. Dudley sues Wabash R. R. Co. for damages in the death of his daughter, Eunice Dudley, killed in an accident near Martinsburg  Aug. 7, 1909.  22 Sep 4/4


Died at his home Thursday, L. P. Shippeel 70. Two sisters living, one in Michigan and the other in South Mo. 29 Sep 2/1


Died this week in Williamstown, Ky. Mrs. Joseph Stanhope. Brought  here for burial on Saturday by the side of Joseph Stanhope who died many years ago. Mrs. Stanhope was formerly Mary Hayden, daughter of the late Col. J. J. Hayden, at one time a leading citizen of this city.  29 Sep 3/3


Died Thursday, Mrs. Polly Moore, 76. Sur. by 2 brothers, John and  Dave Wilson and a nephew, Robert Wilson. Bur. Elmwood. 29 Sep 3/3


Died in Milwaukee this week, John L. Forsythe, 44. Brother of W. O. Forsythe of this city. 29 Sep 3/3


This morning a Solemn Mass of Requiem was sung at St. Joseph's Church, Martinsburg, for the eternal repose of the soul of Henry Paschang. 29 Sep 3/6


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Landers Sep 24, a son. 29 Sep 6/4


Died, Tuesday, T.J. Kennett. Born in Boone Co., Ky. Survived by wife, and children: Sterling, Howard, and Misses Helen and Gladys Kennett, Mrs. Hester Squires, Mrs. Bessie Spires. Bur. Laddonia. 29 Sep 8/3  

Killed Sep 28 by a freight train at High Hill, Orin Clare, 28, of   near Bellflower. Survived by wife.  29 Sep 8/3


Died Sep 26 at his home in Wellsville, Phillip S. White, 80 years  of age.  29 Sep 8/3


Mrs. C.P. Bledsoe took her own life in Baldridge, Neb. by shooting herself. Was sister-in-law of S.P. Beadle. 29 Sep 8/3


Died Monday, Mrs. Redden of near Rush Hill, at the home of her son near that place. Surv. by 2 sons and a daughter. She came to this county from Ill. about 2 years ago. 29 Sep 8/3


Died Monday, John Hendricks of Bachelor. Bur. Friendship Church.

29 Sep 8/3


Died, Sep 21, Emma V. Miller, wife of Willis E. Miller of Denver, formerly of Mexico. Was buried at Webb City. 29 Sep 8/3


Died, Charles L. Phillips, 53, at his home in north Mexico Wednesday. Leaves wife & six children.  6 Oct 1/3


Died Wednesday, Laura Jane Owens, 11 year old daughter of Mr. and  Mrs. Thomas Owens of southeast Mexico.  6 Oct 1/3


Married Sunday, Otto Haerer and Hilda Boeger at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Boeger of north of town Sunday. 6 Oct 1/6


License issued Monday to V. L. Sanberry of Audrain and Lulu B. Williams of Monroe. 6 Oct 1/6


Died Thursday at his home 8 miles south of Mexico, R. M. Price, 88. Bur. at Oak Chapel Church near Stephens Store. He was born at Frankfort, Greenbrier Co., W. Va. Feb. 8, 1822. In 1830 came to   Mo. and settled in Callaway. Married in 1872 to Eliza McClanahan of Boone Co. 5 children: Mrs. R. T. Carter, Basil, Herbert & Albert Price and Mrs. Gentry Paxton.  6 Oct 3/1


Died, Father E. J. Dempsey, formerly pastor of St. Brendan's church in this city and late pastor of Visitation Church in St. Louis. Born in Northampton Co., Pa. Aug. 26, 1848, ordained Apr 28, 1878. Died in Shelbina Wednesday Bur. St. Louis. 6 Oct 3/1


Died at his home east of Auxvasse Friday, Buckner Harrison, 25, son of J.S. Harrison. Unmarried. Survived by father and 2 sisters, Nell and Floy Harrison and a brother, Sam Harrison. Bur. Old Auxvasse Church. 6 Oct 3/1


Died in Boise City, Idaho, Thursday, James W. Clifton, 70. Bur. at Vandalia. 6 Oct 3/1


Died at her home in north Mexico Friday, Mrs. William Frazier. Survived by husband. 6 Oct 3/2


Died Saturday, Miss Lavinder, 25, daughter of J. L. Lavinder of south of Benton City. Bur. at Old Liberty in Callaway Co. 6 Oct 3/2


Martinsburg items. Married. Everett Welch of near Laddonia and Maggie Scott, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Scott of north of town were married Tuesday. 6 Oct 3/3


To be married Oct. 12, Carrie Moore and James Carpenter of Rothville, Mo. 6 Oct 3/6


Married here Sept. 11, Russell Stone and Carrie Barnett, both of Marshall. 6 Oct 3/6


Cleveland Brown, son of Mrs. Mettie Brown, and Blessing Anthony, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Anthony, were married at Centralia   last Wednesday. 6 Oct 3/6


Born to Mr. and Mrs. Gus Steinman Sept. 30, a son. 6 Oct 5/1


Born Oct. 8 to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Asbury, a daughter. 13 Oct 2/3

Married, James Carpenter of Rothville, Mo. and Carrie Elizabeth Moore, daughter of Mrs. Belle Moore.  Reside at Rothville. 13 Oct 1/4


Married Sunday, Jesse F. Toalson & Carrie E. Boeger, Dau of Harry Boeger. 13 Oct 1/4


Logan Kidd, formerly a private in Co. L 5th Mo. Infantry, received $26.14 in back pay. 13 Oct 1/5


Born last week to Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Mossbarger of Centralia, a daughter.  Mrs. Mossbarger was formerly Miss Bernice Shea.

13 Oct 2/6


Died at his home in north Mexico Sunday, James Bledsoe. Came to Mexico from Monroe Co. about a year ago. Was born in Ky., came to Mo. at 8 yrs. of age. Survived by wife, sons John & Berry Bledsoe, daughters Mrs. Bertie Turner and Misses Vergie and Annie Bledsoe. Bur. Elmwood. 13 Oct 3/1 


Born to Dr. & Mrs. W. F. Traughber of L.A. Calif, a son, Oct. 1. Baby was named William Virgil Traughber. 13 Oct 6/1


Married Saturday, A.M. Morgan and Alma Fields, daughter of Mr. &   Mrs. James T. Fields. 13 Oct 6/6


Married Sunday, Dr. M. E. Hodge of this city and Myrtle Walker, dau. of A. D. Walker of Bell, Mo. Dr. Hodge is a dentist here. 13 Oct 6/6


Married Monday, Clyde Marshall and Bertha Morgan, both of near Molino.  13 Oct 6/6


Powell's Ford. Friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. McMurtry express sympathy on account of the death of Mr. McMurtry's father in Indiana this week.  13 Oct 8/5


Death of David Rankin, 85, of Tarkio, Mo. 2d cousin of Armstrong Rankin Jr. and Howard Rankin. The Messrs. Rankin of this county were born in Va. 12 mi. north of Staunton. 20 Oct 1/1


Married Wednesday at the home of the bride north of town, Rev. Jefferson D. Greer and Bennetta Dillard. Will reside on North Wade street. Picture of Rev. Greer. 20 Oct 1/4


Married Sunday, William Wenger and Miss Willie T. Stumpf, dau of    Mr. and Mrs. John Stumpf. 20 Oct 1/4


Married here Wednesday, G. L. Pasley and Leila English, dau of Mr.  and Mrs. Wm. English, both of Fulton. 20 Oct 1/4


Gant. Born to Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Mayes Oct. 16, a son. 20 Oct 4/4


Married in Vandalia Wednesday, M. Albert Land of Liberty, Mo. and Margie Lou Daniels, dau of Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Daniels of Vandalia.  20 Oct 1/5


Born. Hollensville. Born to Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Miller Oct. 16, a daughter.  20 Oct 1/6


Hollensville. Died, Mrs. Sidney Holliday at her home last Thursday. Bur. Long Branch. 20 Oct 1/6


Ft. Dodge, Ia. Oct. 15. Died. Jonathan P. Dolliver, senior senator  from Iowa, died at his home here tonight. 20 Oct 2/4


Married. R. D. Hickman, employee of the C. & A. at Slater and Miss Eleanor Chesnut, formerly of this city, married in Fulton this week. 20 Oct 3/1


Thompson. Born Oct. 15 to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Mayes, a son. Mrs. Mayes   is with her parents, Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Davis.  20 Oct 4/3


Gant. Born, a son to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Beatty Oct. 16.   20 Oct 4/4


Gant. Death of Ray Robinson Oct. 16.  20 Oct 4/4


License to marry to John Jeffries of Audrain and Laura Qualls of Callaway Wed.  20 Oct 6/1.


License of Wm. C. Thompson of Audrain and Nina C. Mallory of Monroe issued Saturday. 20 Oct 6/3


Died. Mrs. J. C. Halley, 36, at her home near Strother Thursday. Funeral service at Long Branch. Formerly Miss Della Moore, sister    in law of Mrs. Belle Moore. Born in Ky. Oct. 6, 1874. Attended Hardin College. 20 Oct 6/4


Died. Mrs. Polly Dye died at the home of her son, Jack Dye, near Holliday in Monroe Co. Friday. Bur: Midway. Surv: Mrs. Logan Bybee, Mrs. Frank P. Davis and Mrs. L. H. Jerman. 20 Oct 6/4


Died. Miss Lucy Asbury, formerly of Mexico, in K. C. this week.             Bur: Centralia. 20 Oct 6/4


Died at Spokane, Wash. last week, Judge Edward Whitson of the Supreme Court of the State of Washington. He was uncle of J. H. Whitson of Mexico. 20 Oct 6/4


Died from gun shot. Stanley Ketchel, champion middle weight pugilist, shot on a ranch near Conway, Mo. and died Saturday. 20 Oct 7/6


 Married at Carrollton this week, Mize Peters and Lucy Conway. Residing at Independence. 20 Oct 8/3


Married Wednesday, Miss Ina Elliott & Ray Dillard. 27 Oct 1/1


Interred Tuesday, the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Willingham.  27 Oct 1/3


Married this week, Dr. McD Botts of Santa Fe to Miss Nicholls in Springfield, Mo. 27 Oct 1/5


Married here Wednesday, N. C. Beckley of Auxvasse & Mamie Windsor  of Montgomery City.  27 Oct 1/6


Powell's Ford. Wedding last Wednesday of Rev. J. D. Greer of Mexico and Miss Bennetta Dillard. 27 Oct 3/2


Wedding in St. Louis of Edna Keane & Andrew Hilgert. 27 Oct 4/1


Married Wednesday, W. S. Geary of near Thompson and Laura Brown of Thompson at the home of the bride's aunt, Mrs. Eugene Tinsley. Mr. Geary was reared by Mr. and Mrs. Porter Tinsley. 27 Oct 3/4


Married in St. Louis Oct. 17, at the home of the bride's sister,   Mrs. F. S. Manning, Frances Shannon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Shannon of Vandalia and J. W. McCarroll of Fulton. 27 Oct 3/4


Died. Mrs. Abram Larimore died Saturday at Maude, Ok.  Burial in Elmwood beside Mr. Larimore, who died 2 months ago. Survs. Henry Larimore, Mrs. Walter Maine & Annie Larimore; parents, Mr. & Mrs. A. C. Hitt & a sister, Mrs. R. D. Worrell. 27 Oct 3/4


Died Sunday, Henry Mann, 61. Bur. St. Brendan. Survived by wife & 7 children, Mrs. Kate Moore, Mrs. Mary Plybon, Fred, Tom, Nancy, Rosa & Agnes Mann. 27 Oct 3/4 


Died in Denver last week, Frazier Roby, 32. son of Mr. & Mrs. O. C. Roby. Bur. Rocheport. 27 Oct 3/4


Died, Lee Dodd, at his home in New London Saturday, grandfather of Mrs. T. J. Hoxsey. 27 Oct 3/4


Died Sunday at Jefferson City, Theodore Schultz, 68.  He was father of Paul Schultz, a plumber of this city. 27 Oct 3/5


Died Friday, Miss Maggie Smith of Wellsville. 27 Oct 3/5


Died Friday, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ote Hodge.  Burial: Seed Tick. 27 Oct 3/5


Died Sunday, infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Weaver. Burial: Bethlehem Church. 27 Oct 3/5


Died at their home in Vandalia, Mr. & Mrs. John Graffort, aged 73 & 65 respectively. Bodies found Saturday. Mr. Graffort was brother  of Mrs. Martin Kunkel. 27 Oct 6/5 & 6


Marriage license issued Tuesday to Wm. T. Nardin of St. Louis and  May Conway of Vandalia.  27 Oct 8/1


Died. St. Louis, Oct. 28 - Harry Dittmar, a pedestrian, was struck and killed by a car in which August A. Busch was a passenger and driven by his chauffeur. 3 Nov 2/2


Died Friday at the home of her brother-in-law, the Rev. Mr. Winton,Miss Marcia Clark Marvin, 63, daughter of the late Bishop Mather Martin. 3 Nov 3/1  


West Lick. Born to Wm. Speckman and wife, Oct. 20, a nine pound  girl. 3 Nov 5/3


West Lick. Geo. Green received a letter from his brother, Frank Green, of Buffalo, Wyo. stating that his 5 month old son, Morris, had died.  3 Nov 5/3


Married. Wm. D. Lee to Miss Mary Omohundro of Bowling Green, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Omohundro, in Bowling Green. 3 Nov 6/5


Married. Frank Novey of Wellsville & Mrs. Fannie Briscoe of this     city were married here Sunday. 3 Nov 6/6


Married. Harry Schifflet and Mrs. Estella Hunter, both of this city, were married Monday. Plan to move to California to reside. 3 Nov 6/6


Died, Charles W. Baker, 72, Saturday in Leavenworth, Ks. Lived in Mexico about 25 years. Sons, George W., Willard W., Robert P., & Samuel F.  Bur. Elmwood. 10 Nov 3/6


Died. The 5 month old son of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey died Sunday. 10 Nov 3/6


Died. Mrs. Joseph Weinand, 26, Friday at the home of her brother,  John Leniton. Bur. Elmwood She was formerly Daisy Leniton. 10 Nov 3/6


Died. Bert Crigler of Santa Fe died Sunday, Molino. 10 Nov 5/1


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Emmett Winterhalter, a son. 10 Nov 5/1


Died, J. L. Pierce of Laddonia, at his home Nov. 6.  Survived by     wife & 3 daughters, Mrs. C. C. Clark, Mrs. N. E. Mitchell & Miss Birdie Pierce. 10 Nov 5/2


Death. Arthur Holmes attended the funeral in Paris of his brother-in-law, J. A. Hutton.  17 Nov 6/3


Married, Dan H. Cauthorn of this city & Mabel Elliott of Garnett,  Ks. Wednesday in Garnett. 17 Nov 1/2


Married Wednesday, Arthur Barnes & Beatrice Dubray of near  Laddonia.  17 Nov 1/2


Married here Wednesday, W. E. Howes of Mt. Hamill, Iowa, & Mrs. Matilda A. Phillips of near Rush Hill. 17 Nov 1/2


Vandalia Nov. 16.-Died. Mrs. Sallie Chamberlain at Bowling Green  this morning. She was a daughter of the late Aaron McPike. Burial at Concord, Pike Co.  17 Nov 1/6


Died. C. H. Koeppen, Columbia, died at his home Tuesday. 17 Nov 1/6


Died. C. W. Norris, 65, died Monday at Montgomery City. Bur. Elmwood. 17 Nov 1/6


Married here Wednesday, Delbert R. Freeman of northwest of Auxvasse & Ora P. Carlisle of Auxvasse. 17 Nov 3/3


Skinner & Hollensville items. Married Sunday, Jeff Downs & Alice Styles. John Styles, brother of the bride. 17 Nov 4/4 & 4/5


Married here Wednesday, Aubrey H. Owings & Callie M. Riley of near Madison, Mo. 17 Nov 6/4


Marriage licenses Saturday to Carl W. Hostetter & Bertha Ralston, Vandalia & Fred Hudlin, Jefferson city & Jalie Qualls, Fulton. 17 Nov 6/4


Married Monday at Shelbyville, Ill., George Dearing, formerly of Mexico & Ethel Middlesworth.  17 Nov 6/4


Married Saturday in Paris, Tex. Ralph Mason, son of Mr. & Mrs. Wm.  J. Mason & Olga N. Shaw, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. Emory Shaw, formerly of Columbia. 17 Nov 1/4


Married Thursday in Chicago, J.J.F. Johnson of Benton City & Mrs. Grace Moore. 17 Nov 6/4


Died Thursday at his home in Salida, Colo., S. R. Blunkhall, 65, formerly of Shamrock. Leaves wife & 3 children. Mrs. Blunkhall is  a sister of Joseph E. & John T. Wynant of Audrain. 17 Nov 6/5


The body of Fred Stowe, formerly of near Martinsburg, was brought  here from Portsmouth, Va. & buried in Elmwood cemetery. Mrs. Stowe died about 16 years ago. 17 Nov 6/5


Died, Sunday in Denver, Colo., Mrs. Mary Livingston, 74, of Sparta, Ill. mother of J. G. Livingston of this city.  She was visiting  her daughter, Mrs. J. L. Henry. 17 Nov 6/5


Died at Archer City, Tx., last Friday, George Muldrow, 55, formerly of Mexico. Bur. Archer City. Survived by wife & son, 4 yrs. old.24 Nov 1/3


Married Wednesday, John Roe & May Landers, both of Mexico. 24 Nov 1/5


Married Saturday, Oren Oswald of Nevada, Mo. & Lucy Campbell of  this city, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Campbell.  24 Nov 3/4


Married Wednesday in Columbia, George McClure Hearne of Henderson,  Ky. & Miss Clara Field Thompson of Columbia. 24 Nov 3/4


Marriage license issued here Wednesday to Wesley L. Bush & Iva B.   Hall of Pike Co. 24 Nov 3/4


John Woods, an employee of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy RR was stabbed to death by Jacob Belts of Hannibal. 24 Nov 6/2


William Johnson, a negro boy aged 6, has brought suit for damages arising from the death of his mother, Emma Taylor, who was killed  by a train last November 27. 24 Nov 4/6


Barnard, Mo. Nov. 21.-Ode Hubbell, a farmer, 30, his wife & 2 children were shot & their house burned last night. 24 Nov 7/3


Died. Mrs. Ewell Walker, 46, died at her home 7 miles south of Mexico Saturday. Bur. New Hope. She was formerly Mrs. Zoe Dillard. Leaves 8 children.  24 Nov 7/4


Vandalia, Nov. 17.- Mrs. Charles Laylin, 55, died early this morning.  24 Nov 7/4


Died Nov. 16 at Woodland, Calif., David B. Allen. He was a nephew  of Mr. & Mrs. W. F. Smithey & leaves a wife & son. 24 Nov 7/4      


St. Louis Nov 21.-Pierre Chouteau, 62, a grandson of Pierre Laclede, the founder of the city of St. Louis, died today. 24 Nov 7/4


Marriage license issued to J. T. Larue & Mabel Davis. 24 Nov 8/2


Born Nov. 23 to the Rev. & Mrs. W. A. Shullenberger, a son. 24 Nov 8/4


Viola, Nadine & Ausburn Gentry, minors by their guardian and curator, Enoch Gentry, filed suit for damages against the Wabash RR in the death of their father, Curtis Gentry, about 2 miles east of Centralia Nov. 30, 1909. 1 Dec 1/1


The funeral of the late Moses C. Wetmore took place in St. Louis Tuesday. Bur. Bellfontaine Cem. 1 Dec 1/1


The Supreme Court has affirmed the judgment of the lower court that Mert Holman, a Pike county negro, be hanged for assaulting Miss Cora Fowler in the winter of 1908. 1 Dec 1/2


Born to Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Davenport, Nov. 9, a 10 pound girl. Thompson. 1 Dec 1/3


Martinsburg. Born to Geo. Stone & wife, a daughter Nov. 24. 1 Dec 1/4


Married at Martinsburg Sunday, W. J. Mears & Minnie Sedwick. Mr.Mears is the agent for the Burlington at Martinsburg and is the brother of Homer Mears of this place. Miss Sedwick is a sister of Mrs. H. E. Tucker of Martinsburg.  1 Dec 3/1


Married Wednesday, William Rich of St. Louis and Miss Carrie Tratchel, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Herman Tratchel of Benton City. 1 Dec 3/1


Married Sunday, Benjamin Wilson of Paris, Mo. & Leah Foysey of Mexico.  1 Dec 3/1


Marriage license Thursday to Ray M. Fisher & Miss Bessie Gilbert of near Mt. Carmel. 1 Dec 3/1


Mrs. L. P. Johnson was called to Nokomis, Ill. to attend the funeral of her sister, Miss Eva Lynch. 1 Dec 6/1


Died Thursday at his home 6 miles north of Mexico, Andrew J. Pierce. Bur. Pontiac, Ill. his former home.  Survived by son, Mark Pierce. His wife died about 11 years ago. He was born Berwick, Maine March 8, 1833, served in the Union army during the civil war as orderly sergeant in CO E Second Iowa Cavalry. 1 Dec 3/4


Died Wednesday, May, the two year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Kettle of southeast of town. Bur. at Toledo, Callaway Co. 1 Dec 3/4


Mrs. Elmina Glynn of Farber celebrated her 95th birthday on Nov. 25. Born in Ohio & came to Mo. in 1875. Lives with her grandson, D.R. Glynn.  1 Dec 8/4


Married last evening, Robert C. Snoddy & Miss Abbie Llewellyn, at  the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Llewellyn. 8 Dec 1/2


Married here Saturday, George Wiggs & Nellie Garrett, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Garrett. 8 Dec 1/2


Married Monday at the courthouse, J. C. Webb, a well known farmer of north of Mexico, and Mrs. Maggie Waterfield of Moberly. 8 Dec 1/2


Powell's Ford. Born Dec. 2 to Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Johnson, a son. 8 Dec 1/3


Died Friday, Fred Simpson Griffin, 4 1/2 year old son of Dr. & Mrs. Fred Griffin. Bur. Elmwood   8 Dec 3/1


Died Saturday, Mabel, 3 year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rosenthal, northeast of Mexico. Services at Bean Creek church.

8 Dec 3/1


Died this week at Unionville, Mo. Jack Gulick. 8 Dec 3/1


Married Wednesday, Ollie Davidson, Montgomery Co. & Nora Crews of  this city, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. John T. Crews. 8 Dec 3/3


Married Sunday, Crockett Woolery, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Woolery, & Bessie Crockett, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crockett. 8 Dec 3/3.


Married in Jefferson City Tueaday, Joseph Roberts & Edna Floy Blackman, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Blackman. 8 Dec 3/3


Married here Friday, M. B. McDaniel & Nannie F. Martin, both of Boone Co. 8 Dec 3/3


J. F. Freeman, about 80, was killed by a C. & A. passenger train here Tuesday. Bur. Carrington, Callaway Co. 8 Dec 3/4


The body of Charles "Buck" Fagan was found Thursday by the side of   the C. & A. tracks near the old station site.  He was son of Mrs. Thomas Fagan. Bur. St. Brendan. 8 Dec 7/4 & 5


Married secretly in K.C. last July, Florence Deaver, daughter of A. C. Deaver of Monroe Co. and James H. Whitecotton, Jr. 15 Dec 1/3


Marriage license issued here Monday to G. W. Salmons & Miss Ollie Nevins, both of Callaway. 15 Dec 1/3


Born to Mr. & Mrs. W. R. "Buc" Buckner of south of town, a daughter.  15 Dec 2/3


The death of Miss Hannah Duggan Sunday in K.C. Bur. St. Brendan. 15 Dec 4/2


Died Tuesday, Mrs. R. T. Thomas, formerly Julia O'Callaghan,  at Thompson. Survived by husband & a 2 year old daughter. Bur. St. Brendan. 15 Dec 4/2


Born Dec. 13 to the wife of George Blowers, a 12 pound son. Mrs. Blowers formerly was Miss Joyce Gamble, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Gamble. 15 Dec 8/1


Married Wednesday, Jesse Goon of the Wabash shops in Moberly & Eva May Bowman of Martinsburg. 22 Dec 1/1


Married in K. C. Dec. 14, J. Allen Porter of Manhattan, Ks. and Miss Mayoe L. Tapley, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Tapley at the home of the bride's parents. Formerly lived in Vandalia. Will reside in Kiowa, Ks.  22 Dec 1/1


Married here Wednesday, Elliott H. Williams & Lizzie E. Holsheiser, both of Monroe. 22 Dec 1/1


Marriage licenses issued here Wednesday to W. B. LaForce, Centralia, and Dora Ridgeway, Audrain; Chas. A. Beasley & Ida Atkins, both of Audrain.  22 Dec 1/1


Marriage license issued Tuesday to Henry M. Walls of Rush Hill & Winnie May Hull of Audrain Co. 22 Dec 2/2


Jim Whitecotton, many years ago, was wedded to Miss Zora Wilson, a pretty young woman of Ralls Co. & they kept their marriage "quiet" until the following Christmas. 22 Dec 6/1 & 2


Married Dec. 14, Mr. J. George Brakel of Laddonia & Olive E. Percy, daughter of Mrs. Fannie Percy. Will live in Benton City.

22 Dec 7/1


Married Tuesday, W. L. Batterton of Saling Tp. son of George Batterton & Miss Murray Robinson of Callaway, daughter of Mrs. Lucy Robinson of New Bloomfield. 22 Dec 7/1


Married here Tuesday, Albert Kennan, son of E. C. Kennan & Clara Stuart, daughter of Lee Stuart, both of Laddonia. 22 Dec 7/1


Marriage license issued Monday to Ira W. Woodson & Grace A. Libby, both of the east end of the county. 22 Dec 7/1


Married Saturday, Wm. Doerge & Lillie M. Jones, both of this county.  22 Dec 7/2


Coroner's jury in the case of the death of Charles "Buck" Fagan returned a verdict that he came to his death Dec. 1 by his neck being broken by party or parties unknown to us. 22 Dec 7/2


Centralia Guard. Died Sunday Dec. 11 at Belcherville, Texas, James S. Barnes, aged 67. Bur. at that place. Native of Audrain Co. Married Laura Brockman.   22 Dec 7/3


Died Monday night, Eva May Hawkins, 13 year old daughter of Henry Hawkins, the colored grocer. 22 Dec 7/3


Died Thursday at the home of his father-in-law, A. W. Prussing in  west Mexico, Charles Elberne Rice, 33. he was son of Mr. & Mrs. Sam Rice, formerly of this city. Born Dec. 5, 1877 in Callaway. Survived by wife. Bur. Elmwood. 22 Dec 7/3


Died Dec. 17 at the home of Clyde Vance in Callaway Co., Miss Jane Masters, 83. Born in Va. came to Callaway when 20 years old. Was aunt of Mrs. Lillian Morgan of Mexico. Burial: Pleasant Grove. 22 Dec 7/3


George A. Maccaba of St. Louis, about 27, fell from a railroad car Monday & was run over & killed about a mile east of Benton. Burial: Elmwood   22 Dec 7/5


Died at Excelsior Springs, Justice G. D. Burgess of the Missouri Supreme Court.  22 Dec 7/6


Died recently in Phoenix, Ariz. Gertrude Trump, former Hardin College girl.  22 Dec 8/3


To be married Dec. 28, James Crosswhite & Miss Elsie Chapman of prominent families in the west end of the county. 22 Dec 8/3


Killed in a train accident at Farber Tuesday, Harry Flory (Flora) brakeman, M. J. Crabtree & V. Bon Davis.  Harry Flory is grandson of Mrs. Priscilla Hazard. Bur. Elmwood. Engineer Davis was taken to Slater for burial. Survived by wife & 4 year old child. Fireman Crabtree's body was taken to Roodhouse for burial. 29 Dec 1/2


Fulton, Mo. Dec. 22-Thos. L. Simmons was killed at the Yantis mill  in this city this afternoon. Leaves a wife & a small child. 29 Dec 2/3


Martinsburg news. Born to Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Watkins Thurs, Dec. 15, a fine boy.  29 Dec 3/4


Married Dec. 14, Miss Pearl Chrisman, formerly of this place (Martinsburg) and who now lives in Cowley, Wyo. & F. W. Bittle of Miles City, Mont.  Miss Chrisman spent her entire life at this place until 2 years ago when she moved with her sister, Mrs. J.H. Crutcher, to Wyo.  29 Dec 2/4


Vandalia, Mo. Dec. 24 - Died yesterday, Mrs. Eliza Hammond of this place. Bur. Sunday at the old home 12 miles north of Mexico. 29 Dec 3/2


Died Sunday of typhoid fever, Mason Reeds, 13 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. John Reeds of west of Mexico. Bur. Elmwood. 29 Dec 3/2


Died Tuesday, Mrs. Pete Ward of Pittsfield, Ill. wife of a brother  of James Ward of this city. 29 Dec 3/2


Married Wednesday , Jerry Jones & Victoria Crosswhite, at the home  of Charles Riggs in north Mexico. Bride is daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G.W. Crosswhite of near Sturgeon. 29 Dec 3/5


Married Tuesday, J.R. Smith of Seminole, Okla. & Miss Anna Larimore, at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Worrell. Bride is daughter of the late Mr. & Mrs. A. Larimore.  Mr. Smith is a banker of Seminole.

29 Dec 3/5


Married Sunday, Nannie Gilmore, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Gilmore & Herbert Patterson, at the home of the bride's mother near Concord.   29 Dec 3/5 


Marriage licenses Saturday to O. F. Richman & Susie Martin; T. E.  Moss & Alice H. Gilmore, Oscar E. Smith & Flossie A. Zuck.   29 Dec 3/5


Married here Saturday, Raymond Hutcherson of this city & Miss Grace Custer of Wellsville. 29 Dec 3/5


Married Saturday, Tucker Montgomery & Mrs. Daisy Jenkins, both of Mexico.  29 Dec 3/5


Married Wednesday, Erna Hostetter of near Laddonia & J. N. Spears  of Tallula, Ill. at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. & Mrs. W. O. Hostetter. Will reside in Ill. 29 Dec 3/6


Licenses to wed issued Friday to Ralph G. Lehnen & Miss Hallie Blattner, both of Wellsville, and to Chas. Mechlin & Flora Edson,  both of the east end of the county. 29 Dec 3/6


Married recently, John Seal & Miss Lucy Handon, both of Wellsville, and both past 70.  29 Dec 3/6


Married Wednesday at the home of the bride, Mrs. Anna L. Wiest, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Hutts, & William S. Donnan. 29 Dec 4/6


Married Sunday, Oakley M. Nichols of Mexico and Cecil Ardith Phelps of Chilicothe, at the home of the bride's parents, Dr. & Mrs. T. G. Phillips in Chilicothe. 29 Dec 4/6


Married here Wednesday, Grover J. Debo & Martha A. Mudd of the Prairie Lea neighborhood. Attendants were Herman Mudd & Miss Mary Holtkamp. 29 Dec 4/6


Married Wednesday, Prof. Rolla B. Finley & Miss Ria Hall. 29 Dec 4/6


Married Sunday, Mabel Goodson, daughter of Dr. & Mrs. Frank Goodson of near Benton City & August Duffin, son of Chas. Duffin. 29 Dec 4/6


Wellsville, Mo. Dec. 28 - Married here last evening, Jack Phelps of San Bernardino, Ca. & Pearl Spitzhern of this place. She is daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Chas. Spitzhorn. 29 Dec 4/6


Married here Tuesday, Prof. H. C. Vaughn, principal of the Moberly Colored High School & Mrs. Nellie Champ of this city, both colored.  29 Dec 4/6


Killed instantly in a mill accident in Fulton, Thos. L. Simmons. 29 Dec 2/3


Wm. Holt, a negro of this city, was shot and killed in Columbia by  Sam O'Neill. 29 Dec 6/1


Died Tuesday in San Francisco, James N. Abbay, 64, brother of John Abbay. Was born and reared near Perry, went west nearly 30 years ago. Survived by 2 brothers, Wm. C. Abbay, Berkley, Calif. & George Abbay, of Reno, Nev. Bur. in Oakland. 29 Dec 8/6


The body of a white infant, about a week old, was found in a well  at Wellsville.  29 Dec 8/6



This abstracted information from  the 1910 Weekly Intellingencer by Frances Quisenberry