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George Clark and Fanny Clark, Former Slaves

Copied from The Mexico Weekly Ledger
April 2, 1925 p2 c3 & 4


 The recent death of Aunt Fanny Clark, one of Mexico’s most revered Negro women, who left a bequest of $200 for the colored Baptist Church of this city, recalls some interesting early Audrain county history.


Aunt Fanny was the  wife of Uncle George Clark, who was a slave in the family of Judge John P. Clark, father of Mrs. Maimy Craig, of this city, and who at the age of twelve years was bought by Judge Clark for $1200 as a playmate and servant for one of the Clark boys.


Uncle George’s father, Owen Fruit, was an exceptionally thrifty negro and saved enough money to purchase his freedom.


The wedding of Aunt Fanny and Uncle George was one of the big social events in the local colored settlement a half century ago, and was largely attended by many white friends, especially the family of his former owner. Shortly before  the wedding Aunt Fanny had received a back pension from the government of $2000. This sum was carefully cared for during their lifetime and at her death a few weeks ago she left an estate of about $4000. Uncle George had also saved quite a little during his lifetime.


A newspaper notice of their wedding published at that time contains a list of the white people present, who were the social leaders of Mexico in that day, and also a list of some of the wedding presents which were handsome as well as useful. The article stated that the guests were principally white people and were Uncle George’s “folks”.