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Contributed by Bart Wise.

MEXICO EVENING LEDGER Mexico, Missouri, Monday Afternoon November 17, 1930
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Reprinted with permission from the Mexico Ledger 19990209


Boy Injured at Play Saturday and Rushed to Hospital for Emergency Operation----Some Chance for Recovery held out Monday

Virgil Sweezer, the eleven-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Cleve Sweezer, of 527 West Maple Street, is in a critical condition at the Audrain Hospital, the result of receiving a kick by a horse, according to playmates, while at play on the big Mexico High school campus Saturday.

Taken to the Hospital, an emergency operation was performed Saturday afternoon in an effort to save the boy's life. Physicians found a ruptured spleen and severe internal hemmorage.

Recovery chances were at first considered very slight, but as some slight improvement was made Monday, the chances for the boy's recovery was held as brighter. The accident was generally regretted. Cleve Sweezer, the father, works for the city's street department.


Henry Bartels, an early riser of the Mexico postoffice staff, observed an unusual sight in the heavens about 4 o'clock Monday morning. A very bright light appeared in the sky, at first like a single, sharp beam, slowly changing form until it was almost circular as it faded out, in about half an hour.

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bartels and children, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Bonney and son Alvin motored to Pittsfield, Ill., Sunday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Pete Ward, Mrs. Bartels uncle and grandmother.

Bradford Brett, who is attending M.U., spent the weekend with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.B. Brett on Woodlawn.

Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Smith, Mrs. George Smith and Mrs. Jim Diggs, of Laddonia, were Mexico visitors Saturday.

Mrs. Ernest cook of Moberly is visiting her sister, Mrs. J.Q. James.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Buckner have returned to Mexico from Vandalia, where Mrs. Buckner substituted for the commercial teacher in the high school for a time.

Miss Meda Strief was home from Columbia for the weekend. She had as guests Misses Suan Robinson and Helen Huenker, also students at the University.

Miss Billye Buffington spent the weekend in Louisiana visting relatives.


A License to wed was issued here Saturday afternoon to Mrs. Carrie Johnson, of Centralia, widow of one of the four men who lost their lives in the Poland oil station crossing wreck more than a year ago, and to Dan W. Stanton, also of Centralia. Their friends join in extending them best wishes.

Miss Virginia Wood Dawson, of Paris, spent the weekend with Miss Elaine Smith

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Audrain Hospital

Mrs. M. Lancaster of Mexico, Mrs. Frank G. Crane of Mexico, William Reynolds of Montgomery City, Charles Gerding of Martinsburg, and Mrs. Perry Cafer of Vandalia, were admitted to Audrain Hospital during the weekend.

Noah M. Schmidt of Jonesburg, Miss Viola G. Cassel of Vandalia, Mrs. Artie Bradley of Centralia, R.P Weeks of Montgomery City and Miss Elizabeth Ann Robertson of Bowling Green, were dismissed from Audrain Hospital during the week end.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Guy Fairchild, of Benton City, a daughter at Audrain Hospital Monday morning, November 17th.

Mr. and MRs. O.E. Renfro and daughter, Eleanor, of Kansas City, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. F.P Kelso. Mr. Renfro is Mr. Kelso's nephew.

Mrs. H.L. Gardner of Kansas City, has returned to her home after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Trumble on their fourth wedding anniversary. Mrs. Trumble is Mrs. Gardner's daughter.

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Born to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Estes, of West Harwood street, a daughter, Anna Pauline, Monday, November 17th.

I.D. Taylor and family, Fred Rosenfeld and Mrs. D. Rosenfeld spent Sunday in Kansas City, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. George Rosenfeld and family.

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Hugh Dempsey's Hup coupe was slightly damaged by fire Sunday night when it caught fire, near the Jackson and Cole streets intersection, resulting in a fire department call.

Mrs. Cora Buckley, who has been spending the past few weeks in Middletown, arrived home Saturday.


Sometime ago W.W. Henderson lost a pony and advertised for it in (the) Ledger. A month and a day after his advertisement appeared the pony was returned home as a result of the ad. Some Ledger subscribers were visiting in a nearby county recently and the family they were guests of said they had a stray pony. The visitors recalled the Ledger ad, looked it up, and sent the address and the result is that Mr. Henderson now has his pony.

Frank Williams of Chicago arrived Saturday to be the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Squires and family and Mrs. Williams, who arrived the first of the week.

Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Owens and children of Benton City, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. George Mefford and children of Mexico.

Holly Brewer of Palestine, Texas, is here the guest of his father, John W. Brewer.