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Contributed by Bart Wise.

MEXICO EVENING LEDGER, Mexico, Missouri Saturday Afternoon November 15, 1930
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Reprinted with permission from the Mexico Ledger 19990209


Members of the Mexico Fire Department, Mayor J.F. Jolley and members of the city council enjoyed a chicken dinner at the Jefferson Tea Room Friday night, devoting part of the $50 proceeds from the city of Centralia for assisting in the recent fire there. Mayor Jolley was toastmaster for the frief informal program that followed. Twenty persons were present, including Mayor Jolley, John Barclay, Ray Pitts, Everett Meng, Tom Rainey, Orlando Worrell, Tom Wooten and Si Sanford of the city council; Joe C. Davis, city clerk; Paul Ekern, president of the Chamber of Commerce; Charles Flittner, chief, Roy Barnett, assistant chief, and George Griffin, Bob Sims, Charles Sims, James Barnett, William Weber, Bob Miller, Champ Lake, and Tom Barnett, of the fire department.

Miss Virginia Lee Garrett of St. Louis, a student of William Woods College, Fulton, is spending the week end with Miss Hazel Guthrie.


R.T. Meeks, of Montgomery City, and Elizabeth A. Roberts, small daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Roberts, of Bowling Green, were admitted to Audrain Hospital, Saturday.

Mrs. John Barclay and daughter, of Mexico, and Mrs. Kenneth Meek, of Bowling Green, were dismissed from Audrain Hospital, Saturday.

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Betty Ann Butler, six-year old daughter of Mr. and MRs. J.E. Butler, who has been quite ill with bronchial pneumonia since Wednesday, was somewhat improved Staurday, friends are glad to know.

An intruder at the home of Geo. Pearson and Miss Nina Pearson, took $5 from the room of Miss Katie Smithy there Wednesday evening. The robbery took place during the prayer meeting hour, when there was no one at home. Entry to the house was made through a window of Miss Smithy's room, and after leaving, the burglar, thoughtfully replaced the screen, though putting it on upside down.


By reason of a default in the payment of indebtedness described in deed of trust executed by GRACE H. BEAGLES and JAMES MONROE BEAGLES, her husband, to the Davis-Wellcome Missouri Mortgage Company, Trustee, dated October 16, 1925, and recorded October 30th, 1925 in Book 56, at Page 116, of the records of Audrain County, Missouri. (Property description is given and is to be sold Monday, December 8th, 1930, at the front door of the courthouse.bart)

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Mrs. Jack Willing entertained the faculty of the Eugene Field School Wednesday evening at bridge. Miss Alice Adams received the high score favor of the evening. Delicious refreshments were served after the games. Those present were Misses Ann Bledsoe, Alice Adams, Zella Brown, Dorothy White, Hilda Willis, Betty Crockett, Letty Grey Hull, Elizabeth Walstrom, and Mildred Houchins.

Mrs. McKay Kidwell of Auxvasse, ws the guest of her daughters, Misses Alcesta and Dorothy Kidwell this week.

Mrs. J.G. Merideth of Moberly was guest this week of her parents, Dr. and Mrs. K.R. Bragg.

Mrs. Abbie Snoddy is in New York for a week's stay.

Mrs. W.W. Fry entertained at dinner Monday evening with covers for Dr. and Mrs. Robin Gould, Mr. and Mrs. W. Wallace Fry, Miss Betty Johnson, Mrs. B.C. Jordan and Miss Annette Jordan.

Miss Martha Ward spent Wednesday night and Thursday in Centralia with Miss Lucy Denham.

Mrs. H.L. Gardner of Kansas City spent the week end in Mexico with her daughter, Mrs. Paul Trimble(sic), Mr. and Mrs. Trumble celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary. Mrs. Trumble's grandfather, John Deckard of Iowa, was also a guest upon this occasion.

Miss Elizabeth Parker led the lesson of the Chautauqu Circle this week from Chamberlain's 'Soviet Russia.' Mrs. Fred Peck read a papaer prepared by Mrs. W.D. Adams on 'Karl Marx and his Theories'. Mrs. Lester Miller told of 'Unemployment in Russia'. Mrs. Hammond discussed 'Music and Musicians of Russia'. Mrs. H.E. Bensen had charge of the discussion of Current Events on the subject 'The Church in a Changing World.'

Mr. and MRs. Arthur D. Bond returned home this week from a several weeks trip abroad, to the British Isles and Continental Europe.

Mrs. Eben Price of Minneapolis, who is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.R. Gibbs, was a guest of honor at a luncheon in Paris, Wednesday given by Miss Emma Buckner. Others from Mexico attending were Mrs. C.R.Gibbs and Mrs. Ellis Davis.

Mrs. R.S. Nichols of St. Louis, was the guest of Mrs. Frank Vogt Monday at the Vir-Mar Apartment.

The country Club Bridge party Tuesday afternoon was in charge of Mrs. Nate Phillip, Mrs. Joe Wilkins and Mrs. Howard Rhodus. Twenty-fourt guests were present and at the close of the games favors were presented, Mrs. L.M. Gamble and Mrs. Eben Price of Minneapolis. Lovely refreshments were served by the hostesses.

The Fitzhugh Lee Chapter of the U.D.C. met Monday afternoon at the Jefferson Tea Room with Miss Allene Reed, regent, presiding. Mrs. W.D. Adams led the meeting on 'Women of the South'. The chapter voted 100 per cent on the Red Cross drive. Miss Reed announced the following standing committees for the year: Membership, Mrs. John Lane chairman, Mrs. P.E. Coil, Mrs. Silas Sanford and Miss Gussie Simpson; Education, Mrs. E.Y. Burton, chairman, Mrs. Joe F. Luckie, and Mrs. E.A. Shannon; Program, Miss Mildred Glandon, chairman, Miss Emma McPheeters; credentials, Mrs. W.D. Mason, chairman, Miss Lola Powell and Mrs. W.W. Williams; social and courtesy, Mrs. George Kemp, chairman, Mrs. Everett Blackman; Finance, Mrs. Pritchett Hume, chairman, Miss Mamie Dix, Mrs. W.E. West, Mrs. A.P. Johnson, Mrs. F.P. Glass; Nominating, Miss Frances Cunningham, chairman, Mrs. J.B. Quisenberry, reporter, Mrs. W.D. Mason. During the social hour the hostesses, Mrs. Pritchett Hume, Mrs. J.W. Lee, Mrs. M.R. Stubblefield and Mrs. Wm. Pitts served lovely refreshments.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hollingsworth are entertaining at dinner this evening with covers for Mr. and Mrs. A.P. Green, Mr. and Mrs. L.M. White and Mr. and Mrs. W. Wallace Fry.

Mrs. J.H. Hickman entertained at dinner Thursday the following guests, Dr. Rehweder, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. McGadock of Columbia, Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Hoar and daughter, Betty, of Paris, Mrs. J.H. Goldsberry and four children, Morris, Jr., Margaret, Louis and Bobby, Miss Mildred Boyd and Mrs. Raymond Owen and Miss Hazel Babb.

Miss Anna Margaret Burton entertained at Bridge Friday afternoon for the following guests: Mrs. Rodes Jesse, Mrs. L.A. Cutter, Mrs. Walter Staley, Mrs. H.E. Kelly, Mrs. Alden Brown, Miss Elizabeth Squires, Miss Janice Emmons, Miss Mary Worrell. The high score favor was received by Mrs. Brown. The hostess served a delicious lunch.


Mrs. Charles E. Green will present fifteen of her piano pupils in recital Friday evening, November 21 at eight o'clock in the Sunday School room of the Christian Church. Their program will include solos and ensemble numbers, using two pianos. Those taking part will be Bernice Chaney, Eileen Wood, Arbelle Jones, Esther Schopp, Mildred Murphy, Virginia Allen, Norma Garrett, Frances Warren Smith, Wilma Nichols, Leona Davidson, Alma Jane Howerton, Paul Green, LaVern Hildebrand of Wellsville, Hattie Dee Heizer of Molino, and Glennadine Byrns of Rush Hill.

The public is cordially invited to attend this recital.


The embezzlement charges against T.K. Shelby of Wellsville, former treasurer of the defunct Commerical Bank of Wellsville, have been dismissed by Judge W.C. Hughes in the Montgomery County circuit court. Mr. Shelby was missing from home for about two months the past spring, the bank closing during his absence.

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Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kelling have moved from 538 West Liberty to 533 South Olive.

Miss Evelyn Paul of Los Angeles, was the guest of Mrs. John Paul this week end. Miss Paul, formerly resided here where she has many old friends.


A number of friends gathered at the home of Mrs. Nellie Walker, on N. Western Ave., Thursday evening for a surprise party. The occasion was Mrs. Walker's birthday. The table was spread with the good things provided by the guests and a jolly good time was enjoyed by every one present.

At a late hour the guests departed for their respective homes, wishing Mrs. Walker many more happy birthdays.

Those present were Mrs. Nellie Walker, Mrs. Floyd and children, Mrs. Alice Staples, Mrs. Katherine Stapels(sic), Mrs. Mattie Foster, Mrs. E.C. Hayden, Mrs. Mattie Sims, Mrs. Ella Norton, Mrs. Annie Fisher, Mrs. and Mrs. Walter Early, M. and Mrs. Pearl Early and son, Mrs. Lucy Enfield, of St. Louis, Mrs. G.W. Berry, Mrs. Anna Belle Sims and Mrs. May Harisell.


Two men, driving fast and recklessly on the wrong side of the street, were called on to halt by Night Police Officers J.R. Pexton and Floyd Bradley, as they approached the intersection of Monroe and Washington streets, in front of the Ledger office Thursday night, but failed to do so, and kept on coming, bearing down on the officers. As the men drove on, Officer Sexton fired on shot at the tires. Later he found the bullet, a .38 special, where it had flattened against the pavement, and is carrying it as a pocket piece. The men have not been apprehended.


Cyrus F. Clark, well-known pioneer and prominent citizen of Mexico will observe his eighty-third birthday on Monday, and is receiving the best wished of friends, as the occasion nears.


A car in which Mrs. E.Y. Burton, Mrs. Joy Kistler, Miss Elma Lee Hawthorne and Mrs. Mitchell White were returning from the football game in Columbia Friday afternoon, was forced into the ditch by a road hog shortly after five o'clock between Columbia and Kingdom City. While the occupants of the machine were badly shaken up, only minor injuries were suffered and the machine was not damaged. They were assisted from the ditch by passing motorists.