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Contributed by Bart Wise.

The Intelligencer, Mexico, Mo. Thursday, March 11, 1920
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'Happy' Blattner and Miss Brashears Married Tuesday Evening 10:45

William Clifton 'Happy' Blattner and Miss Alice Elizabeth Brashears, were married Tuesday night at 10:45 o'clock by Dr. A. A. Wallace at the Presbyterian parsonage on East Promenade street. The wedding was a quiet affair, only several members of the Welfare Club of which Mr. Blattner has been a member for several years, being present. They left after the ceremony for Kansas City on a honeymoon trip.

Mr. Blattner is owner and manager of the Gem Candy Shop. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Blattner, 905 East Promenade street, and is a fine young business man. He is a graduate of McMillan and while attending school there was one of the most popular boys in the student body.

Mrs. Blattner is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Brashears of five miles south of this city. Like her husband she is a graduate of the McMillan High School. She is well known here and elsewhere as a charming and an accomplished young woman. Their friends wish them much happiness in their married life.

They will return to Mexico in about a week to make their home.


Little Miss Meda Strief entertained with a picture show party Monday and afterwards delicious refresments were served at Buckners to the following guests: Misses Emily Williams, Hazel Marshall, Martha Straus, Rebecca Strode, Cornelia Jane Timberlake, Mary Brown Jacson, Mildred Timberlake, Mary Rose Swaringer, Josephine Canterbury, Martha Kathryn Johnson, Marjorie Beach and Master Hamilton McKinley, Miss Mary Barks and Miss Mary Hatcher.

Mrs. J.C. Munday was hostess for the '500' Club at her home Wednesday afternoon. A one o'clock luncheon was served to the guests first. Those who just enjoyed the luncheon were Mrs. E.R. Locke, Mrs. D.S. Burroughs, Mrs. Will Lee, and Mrs. Furst and daughter, Miss Furst of San Jose, Cal.

Mrs. J.W. Plunkett and daughter, Miss Trix, returned Tuesday from San Antonio, Tex., where they have been spending the winter.

Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Brownlee of Toledo, Ohio, who have been the guests of their son, W.F. Brownlee of Farber, were all Mexico visitors Sunday.

Mrs. H.B. Brett was hostess for the F.A.E Club at her home on Woodlawn Friday afternoon. The guests enjoyed bridge and during the afternoon, a lovely buffet luncheon was served to the guests.

The F.E.C. Club met Friday.

The Women's Missionary Society of the Methodist church met Thursday afternoon at the home of Miss Emma McPheeters. The hostesses were Mrs. F.L. Crosby, Mrs. E.F. Elliott and Mrs. J.E. Durkee.

Mrs. Eugene Kent entertained with three tables of '500' Wednesday afternoon and during the afternoon a lovely buffet luncheon was served to the following ladies: Mrs. W.W. Fry, Miss Gertrude Fry, Mrs. A.L. Kredell, Mrs. Monte Norton, Mrs. Chas Claybrook, Mrs. Jack Denser, Mrs. J.E. Strief, Mrs. Ham McKinley, Mrs. William West, Mrs. C.E. Clark, Mrs. J.W. Dry, Mrs. P.H. Gregory, Mrs. C.C. Ogle, Mrs. F.C. Stoltz and Mrs. G.B. Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Meyer of Auxvasse were here Wednesday.

Col. M.V. Harrison of McCredie was here Tuesday to attend the sale of Col. J.T. Johnson.

Postmaster W.R. Jackson went to Jefferson City Wednesday to confer with members of the State Board of Agriculture.

Col. R.A. Bradley and Earl Carter attended the Jones Bros. mule sale in Warrensburg last Friday. The top pair of mules sold in the sale for $1140, it was reported here.

E.L. Alford and C.C. Powell, of Perry, were visitors in Mexico Wednesday.

Miss Alleta French and Miss Mary Brown have returned from a visit in St. Louis.

I.L. Rudasill of Molino spent a short time in Mexico Wednesday.

A.J. and H.C. Blattner of Wellsville were visitors in Mexico Wednesday.

H. Brown, of Rush Hill, was registered at the Hotel Hoxsey Thursday.

H.B. Kirk, of Vandalia, was among the many Mexico visitors Thursday.

The condition of Dr. J.F. Harrison, who is a patient in the Augustana Hospital in Chicago, is gradually improving.

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Editor Johnston, The Intelligencer,
History repeats itself now and then. Fifty-four years ago this month, I was employed on the mail packet running between Cincinnati and Louisville, on the Ohio river. On the sixth day of March the mercury fell to seven degrees below zero. The Ohio river above Cincinnati froze over, and when it broke up, great cakes of ice floated down in such masses that it required pike poles to ward off the ice, and prevent it from punching holes in our steam boat. This first week of March is the coldest I remember since that time. (Signed) D. W. Butler

Mrs. E.H. Carter went to St. Louis Saturday for a short visit. Rev. C.A. Mitchell filled the pulpit of the Montgomery City Baptist church Sunday.

A.B. Williams, a prominent farmer-stockman of near Benton City, transacted business here the latter part of the week.

Miss Pauline Powell of Moberly, is spending the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Powell, of east Promenade street.

Mrs. J.E. Martin and father, Mr. Ripley Pearson, left Tuesday night for St. Louis to be at the bedside of F.T. Hatch, who was stricken with apoplexy. Mrs. Hatch is a sister of Mrs. Martin and formerly of this city.

Court House News
Probate Court News

In the estate of Stephen Caldwell, his widow declared to take one half of the real estate.

Inventory and appraisement of the estate of Martin Donnelly was filed Thursday.

The guardian in the estate of Geo. Parish Filed final receipts Friday and the case was discharged from court.

In the Frederick Whitcomb estate Administrator (H)ickley filed report of the sale which was held last week.

In the estate of John H. Hinton, the executor, John Hinton, Jr., filed the inventory and appraisement.

The administrator in the estate of S.C. Foster, filed motion to renew the order to sell the real estate.

The executor of the John O'Brien estate filed an account Tuesday of the sale which was held recently.

In the estate of Frederick Whitcomb, McPheeters Bros. have filed a demand for $240.15 to cover funeral expenses.

The executor of the J.B. Lewellen estate has filed a corrected final settlement.

The case of W.H. Davidson against Wallace Bybee was on trial Wednesday afternoon. This case was tried last term of the court and the jury was unable to make a decision. It was continued by consent.


In the case of J.W. Galaher et al vs. Jesse Hall et al, a decree was entered in favor of the plaintiff perfecting a title to real estate.

In the case of T.G. Hawkins vs. Unknown Heirs Charles H. Benning et al, a decree was also entered in favor of the plaintiff perfecting title to real estate.

A decree in favor of the plaintiff was entered in the case of A.E. Brown vs. Unknown Heirs of John Scanland et al, on perfect title.

In the case of the Bank of Centralia against George E. Key on note, the plaintiff was given judgment for $300.

In the cases of J.D. Barton vs. Unknown heirs of Thomas Crouch et al, and Claude C. Leach vs. Pleasant J. Davis et al, the plaintiff were granded a decree perfecting the title of real estate.

The following cases tried in the Audrain County Circuit Court were decided by the St. Louis Court of Appeals this week , as follows: In the case of Rosenthal Sloan Milliner Co. vs. Hanover Fire Ins. Co., the judgment of the court was affirmed. In the case of Attie E. Taylor against R.E. Fuqua, the judgment was reversed and remanded. The judgment of the Court was also reversed in the case of the City of Mexico vs. Emma Gray.


In the case of Jennie Dunham vs. Frank Dunham the plaintiff was granted a divorce on the grounds of non-support and desertion.

A decree was entered in favor of the plaintiff perfecting title of real estate in the case of Joseph G. Laknan against James Lawery.

In the case of Arthur H. Ketter et al, against unknown heirs of Samuel S. Rowe, a decree was entered in favor of the plaintiff perfecting title to real estate. A decree for the plaintiff was also entered in the case of Isaac Lyndan Rudasill vs. George Shivers, et al.

In the case of Benjamin Hill against Veneta Hill, the defendant was granted a divorce on a cross bill. The evidence in the case was to have been heard at nine o'clock Friday morning but on account of a compromise the witnesses were excused. The defendant was given $1000 of which $100 was for attorney fees. Among those from Farber and Vandalia who came to Mexico to hear the case were: Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Gray, Mrs. W.H. Verdier, Miss Marie Crow, Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart and daughter, Miss Florence, Mrs. A. Jacobi, Mrs. E. Giles, Mrs. Dalbert Cantrell, Mrs. Doc Dranstetter, Judge J.D. Sutton, L.W. Depping, Tete Hesse, W.J. Rice, Ed. Amalon, Ed J. Olliver, Leonard Potter, Chas. Tucker, A. Spears, Miss Madalin Hease, Frank Thompson and L. Turner.


A marriage license was issued Saturday afternoon to John L. Shire of this city and Miss Pearl Qualls of Fulton, Mo.

In the case of Earnest E. Hilton against William C. Corcoran, judgement was given the plaintiff who was suing on a note for $158.40. The jurors in the case were: George Watts, Joe Bartels, Oven A. Adams, P.T. Bruce, M.L. Travis, Will Tally, Frank Waters, J.F. Strode, S.P. Carter, W.D. Johnson, J.D. Miller and Martin Hoer.


Circuit Court News

In the case of A.B. Erisman, against the Wabash railway company, the plaintiff was given judgment for $727.67 for delay in shipping a carload of stock. The jurors in the case were: F.A. Daniels, Joe Bertels, Harry Lackland, O.A. Adams, P.T. Bruce, O. Montague, F.M. Walker, M.L. travis, Will Tally, Frank Waters, Elon Dearing and J.F. Strode.

The case of Earnest E. Hilton against William Cororan was on trial Tuesday. The plaintiff is suing on a note.

Marriage license were issued Wednesday to the following:

Louis Harold Fuhrer, Benton City, and Miss Hilda Klusman, Mexico, Mo.

Charles H. Johnson, Auxvasse, Mo., and Leota Deardoff, Bachelor, Mo.