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Audrain County Oracle, January 2, 1919


Jan 1	D. D. Sullivan won a number of prizes at the Kansas City Poultry Show with his 
White Wyandottes

Jan 5	Ira Peyton and Miss Tooly of Monroe City were married 

Jan 5	Last one of the Farber Bank robbers was captured.

Jan 5	Death of the 15 month old son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Seale.

Jan 6	K. of C. Initiate a class of 27

Jan 6	A son was born to Mr. amd Mrs. Frank Erisman

Jan 12	The Romans store building and Post Office were destroyed by fire at Benton City

Jan 13	Joe. Kemna was accidentally Shot at his home near Farber

Jan 17	The death of Mrs. A. Holterman

Jan 17	Death of Jos. Kemna at the Mexico Hospital

Jan 17	A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pashang

Jan 20	F. X. Vomund farm residence was destroyed by fire

Jan 21	Born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Schaefer a boy

Jan 22	Born to Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Castelman a boy.

Jan 22	Born to Mr. and Mrs. H. Wieschhaus a boy

Jan 18	Death of the infant baby of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hudnall

Feb 1	Death of Mrs. J. D. Mills

Feb 1	Girl born to Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Komdy

Feb 5	The mariage of Fred Jacobi and Miss Elizabeth Kersting
Feb 6	The marriage of Roland Banks and Miss Deichman

Feb 9	Death of Miss Alma Stoneberger

Feb 8	Death of Mrs. F. Overbaugh

Feb 14	Boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Forest Teass

Feb 19	Commercial Club election

Feb 19	Death of Mrs. E. Moser

Feb 20	The marriage of Bryan Walker and Miss Mable Brown

Mar 1	Death of Mrs. Threasa Paschang

Mar 6	Kreigers store was robbed

Mar 9	Red Cross sale totalled $703

Mar 15	The marriage of John Burton and Miss Neoma Maxey

Mar 15	The marriage of Carl Peery and Miss Iva Lail

Mar 19	The mariage of Miss Altha Brown and Walter Douglass

Mar 30	The marriage of Judge Gantt and Miss Pettigill

Apr 3	The marriage of Jennie Sandbothe and Frank Jacobi

Apr 10	The marriage of Miss Josephine Fisher and Frank Ahrens

Apr 3	Death of Roxy Fisher

Apr 15	The marriage of Thos. Judy and Pauline Lail

Apr 19	Death of E. F. Dillard

Apr 18	Ringo block at Mexico destroyed by fire

Apr 26	Death of Mrs. C. D. Burchard

May 1	Marriage of Joe Fennewald and Mary Arens

May 1	J. W. Yates took charge of the Oracle

May 13	A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Duebbert

May 16	A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fennewald

May 17	The K. C. of A. initiate a class of 15

May 18	A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Linneman

June 4	The wedding of Miss Josephine Cernoch and Albert Fennewald

June 7	The wedding of Miss Esther Northcutt and Harry Hildebrand

June 11	Death of Jos. Martinek

June 19	A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Luther Neal

July 12	Death of John D. Orear

July 15	Richard Divers Crane was killed in France

Aug 7	Death of Wm. Wilburn

Aug 8	Death of Stephen Winklemen

Aug 19	Modern Woodmen Picnic

Aug 20	Frank Joseph Cernoch's death

Aug 26	The Bunch family of 5 were killed by the noon Burlington train

Sept 3	Mrs. Margaret Lewis was taken to the hospital in St. Louis

Sept 3	W. J. Shadwell left for his new home in the southeast

Sept 9	The K. of C. elected officers

Sept 14	Born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Fennewald a girl

Sept 16	Boys broke into Jacobi store

Sept 18	Crap shooters arrested by Sheriff Ford

Sept 28	Twin daughters were born to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blaue

Sept 28	An army aeroplane visited Martinsburg

Oct 7	A message was received at this palce stating that Tony Holterman was missing
Oct 8	Ben Verhoff left for Colorado

Oct 16	E. P. Johnson shipped out 1823 head of Stock hogs

Oct 17	A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pashang

Oct 21	The death of Mrs. Mattie Bishop Perkins

Oct 27	A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Craig Wilburn

Oct 27	The clock was turned back one hour

Oct 24	Dr. L. T. Carr died at the Mexico Hospital

Nov 1	Loyd Horton and Miss Dollie West were married at Vandalia

Nov 14	Death of A. H. Burchard

Nov 17	Tyra Bishop died in Hannibal

Nov 23	Mrs. Wm. Coil died at Shamrock. Her nephew Edgar Zumwalt died the same day

Nov 27	Death of Mrs. Everett Welch

Nov 29	Death of Miss Emma Coil at Benton City

Nov 27	A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. Karl Wyatt