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Audrain County, Missouri

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Douglass Family Bible Record—Notes by Pinkie Douglass

Higley-Fry Bible-Submitted by Jim Kirk


Douglass Family Bible Record

Notes by Pinkie Douglass


William B. Douglass left Virginia 12th day of May 1830

William B. Douglass was born 27th of January 1810

Wm. B. and Lucy A. Douglass were married 20th March 1832

Lucy A. Douglass was born the 3rd of Dec. 1808

Sally Ann Douglass was born 6th of June 1833. died July 31, 1838

David Whitby Douglass was born 8 Sept. 1834, died Aug. 2, 1838

Edward Robert Douglass born 24 April 1836

Nancy Jane Douglass born 27 Jan. 1838

William Allen Douglass born 1 Jan. 1840

Father was born 26 Feb. 1776, died 1843 aged 67

Mother was born 18 Aug. 1787, died 31 July 1878 age 90 y.
11 m. 3 d. (W.B.D.)

John Wichliffe Douglass died April 5, 1888

Reuben was born 2 June 1822 died Feb. 5, 1895

Preston was born Sept. 1827

Albert was born June 1831

Edward H. Douglass born 14 May 1813 died 29 Aug. 1838

Mary Jane Douglass born 28 Apr. 1818 died 28 Aug. 1838

James W. Douglass born 4 June 1835

Andrew Jackson Douglass born May 1837


William B. Douglass left Virginia 12 May 1830, arrived in Callaway County. Missouri 25 June 1830, baptized the 17 July 1830, married the 29th March 1832. Commenced a public exercise in the church the 4th day of July 1832. Returned to Bedford City, VA the latter part of April 1834 and stayed until Oct. 1834 with the exception of one month coming to Danville, Ky. and going back again.


Arrived in Callaway county Missouri, the latter part of December 1834. Ordained the 2nd Lord's Day of 1836. Returned to Va. spring 1853.


I do certify that on the 11th day of May 1837, I solemnized the rites of matrimony between John French and Isabella Dillard. Both of the county of Callaway and state of Missouri.

Wm. B. Douglass


I do certify that on the 8th day of November 1838, I solemnized the rites of matrimony between Elisha Hughes and Susan McMurtry both of the county of Callaway and state of Missouri.

Wm. B. Douglass


HIGLEY-FRY BIBLE from the Estate of Marjorie A (Fry) May

Transcribed 11/22/2009 by Jim Kirk
provided by
Jim Kirk

Please contact the submitter of this record with any questions.


Higley - Fry Bible, from Margorie Annette Fry's estate, by her beneficiary. 


I have attached additional information I have collected on Zachariah T Fry's family recently.  Sophia Jennetta Free was Zachariah's wife and Myrtle Eva Higley was Zach's son, Ralph Easley Fry, wife.

The family lived in Sangamon Co, IL; Audrain Co, MO; Lander & Washoe Co's, NV and Sacramento Co, CA. Below is the bible record.


Name and date of Birth

Date of Death

Joseph Bonapart Higley  b. Sept. 8 1831

Mar 11, 1907

Charles Robert Higley  b. May 16, 1857, Glenna, IL


Mary Jane Higley,  born Sept 3 1854, Mill Isle, Canada

Sept 6, 1929

Myrtle Eva Higley,  born Mar 27, 1887, Austin, NV

Nov 16, 1978

Emma Nevada Higley  born   Feb 15, 1889  Reno, NV

July 25,  1966

Roxy Louise Higley  born, Mar 6, 1891 Reno, NV

May 31, 1980

Louisa Timms, Higley, Small   May 8, 1835


Ralph Easley Fry  born Nov. 23, 1880

Husband of Myrtle Eva

Aug 13, 1930

Myrtle Eva Fry

Nov 16, 1978

Thelwynne Janatte Fry   May 11, 1908  Reno, NV

July 20, 1984

Marjorie Annette Fry   Dec. 23, 1914  Brighton,  Sacramento, CA


Nancy Jean May, daughter of Marjorie A May    Nov 15, 1956

Apr 13, 1959

Marriages—Groom and Bride’s name

Date of Marriage

Charles Robert Higley, 28 and Mary Jane Pollock, 30

June 17, 1885

Ralph Easley Fry, 27 and Myrtle Eva Higley, 20

June 26, 1907

Thelwynne Janette Fry and Howard

Sept 1928


Date & Place of Death

Joseph Higley

Mar 11, 1907 Reno, NV

Louisa Small

Feb 7, 1928 Portland, OR

Mary Jane Higley

Sept 6, 1929 Sacramento, CA

Charles Robert Higley

Oct 21. 1933  Sacramento, CA

Robert Easley Fry

Aug 13, 1930  Sacramento, CA

Emma Nevada Chiatovich

July 25, 1966  Sacramento, CA

Nancy Jean May

April 13, 1959  Independence, MO

Myrtle Eva Fry

Nov 16, 1978  Sacramento, CA

Roxy Louise Higley

May 31, 1980

Thelwynne Jeanette (Fry) Busby

July 20, 1984  6a.m.