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Crusade Commandry, No. 23,-At Mexico, was organized April 19, 1873. The charter members were:

James Carroll

T. A. Foreman

James P. Coil

W. A. Hall

S. S. Craig

P. P. Parker

F. M. Doan

W. S. Clemens

John Sallee

First officers -

  • James Carroll, E. C.

  • T. A. Foreman, Gen.

  • J. P. Coil, Capt.-Gen.

  • W. S. Clemens, prelate

  • W. A. Hall, S. W.

  • J. J. Steele, J. W.

  • S. M. Edwards, Treas.

  • S. W. Brickley, Rec’d.

  • B. P. Bailey, S. B.

  • J. D. Tucker, S. B.

  • J. M. Marmaduke, W.

  • J. M. Riley, guard

The eminent commanders since 1873 were:

  • James Carroll, three terms

  • S. M. Edwards, three terms

  • J. M. Marmaduke, two terms

Present officers, elected December, 1882 -

  • R. H. Fowler, E. C.

  • George J. Tyrrell, Gen.

  • George A. Poteet, Capt.-Gen.

  • T. J. Gooch, prelate

  • J. M. Riley, S. W.

  • J. J. Steele, Treas.

  • J. F. Llewellyn, Rec’d.

  • Joseph Murray, Std. B.

  • M. Gorth, Swd. B.

  • J. M. Marmaduke, W.

  • D. C. Wright, guard