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Audrain County ( Circuit Court ) Divorce Records

Audrain County Circuit Court  Records

Till #4. In 1842 Elizabeth Gass nee Carter petitioned for a divorce from David Gass. She states that they were married March 25, 1838 in Monroe county, Mo.

Till #7. 1846. Elizabeth Miller vs William Miller. Petition for divorce. Married Feb. 13, 1846 in Audrain county.

Till #35. In 1857 a divorce was granted to James R. Covington from Ann M. Covington. Marriage date was Oct. 26, 1854 in Audrain county.  Ann M. Covington’s maiden name of Ann M. Gilbert was restored. 

Till #55. In 1858, a petition for divorce filed by Aquilla A. Sparks vs Sarah I. Sparks. Married Oct. 9, 1856 in Audrain county.

Till #62. In 1858, Alexander F. Weant vs Jackson Ridgeway.  Alleges that the defendant unlawfully on 24 March 1858 joined in marriage Mariah Weant and William Waters. Mariah Weant was a daughter of plaintiff and under the age of 18.

Till #90. In 1859, a petition for divorce from William Hayes was filed by Elizabeth Ann Hayes by her agent, John S. Branstetter. Married Oct. 18, 1856 in Audrain county.     

Till #67. In 1858 William W. Bridges petitioned for a divorce from Katherine Bridges. Married Sept. 15, 1849 in Butler county, Ohio.

Till #67. In 1857 Harriet E. Cline petitioned for a divorce from Joseph Cline. Married Aug. 28, 1854 in Boone county, Mo.

Till #71. 1860. Bethuel Eubanks vs John Strahan. Defendant as Justice of the Peace joined in marriage on June 17, 1860, Sarah Elizabeth Eubanks, a minor under 18 years of age, born Feb. 13, 1844, to one Thomas Barrett without permission of her parents.

Till #72. 1859. Enoch J. Hooten petitions for divorce from Eglantine Hooten. Married February 6, 1849 in Boone county, Mo.

Till #81. 1859. Elizabeth M.A. Burgess by her next friend, Jos. S. Carr, petitions for a
divorce from William H. Burgess. Married Aug. 17, 1843 in Monroe county, M