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Genealogical Material  in the Audrain Circuit Court records

Circuit Court Records are often overlooked, not easily accessible or  indexed.
Abstracted and contributed by Frances Quisenberry

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Till #108 File 15. 1860. Civil action. Samuel Dougherty vs Henry Clay George and Mary Elizabeth George.. William N. George is deceased, leaving as his sole heirs, his children: George W. George, Frances George, Augustus George, Benjamin George, David B. George, Nancy George, James George and the defendant, Henry Clay George.  Since the death of William N. George, George W. George has died, leaving his sole and only child and heir, Mary Elizabeth George, granddaughter of William N. George. Land in dispute is a Government land purchase by William N. George.


Till #110 File 2. 1856. Petition for partition. Andrew Jenkins and others (William Cornett & Beverly A. Frields) vs Alfred Mills & others. William Jenkins died intestate about 1853 in Audrain County. Children: Aaron, John, Farmer, William, Daniel, Andrew and Margaret. Grandchildren: Alfred, Nancy, Christopher  & George W. Mills, minors and only children of Ann Mills, formerly Ann Jenkins, now deceased. She was the daughter of William Jenkins, deceased.


Till #111 File 1. 1857. Petition for partition. Benjamin T. Turner and others (Squire D. Turner & Hockett F. Turner) vs Charles Turner and others (Andrew Turner, Henry Turner, Cyrus Turner & Smith Turner) 1857.  John W. Turner, late of Boone county, died March 14, 1855. His children are Ellen Turner, who is intermarried with Thomas Turner, Zilika Turner, intermarried with Thomas Barker. These are full brothers and sisters of Charles, Andrew, Henry, Cyrus & Smith Turner, infants under the age of 21 years, and half brothers of said deceased.


Till #111 File 22. 1858.  For recovery of slaves. Charles H. Hardin vs Daniel Galbreath .  Catherine Galbreath Sr. died intestate at her home in Callaway County many years before. Catherine Galbreath Jr. died in Callaway County Jan. 16, 1857. Plaintiff says that slaves are part of estate of Catherine Galbreath Sr. and that Daniel Galbreath took them into possession. Slaves are Jane 45, Charles 23, Ellison 22, John 20, Susan 18, Kittie 16 and William 6.


Till #154 File 12. 1867. Ejectment. James Harrison vs Henry Ward.  Depositions contain the genealogy of the family of Peter McHuff of St. Louis, his wife, the late Eleanor McHuff nee O’Bierne. They married in 1833 in Sligo, Ireland. Concerns Callaway land which was part of the “Big Survey”. Data on Daniel Clark, Mary Clark and Caroline Clark of New Orleans, George Green and Jane Green, Campbell, Dr. John Barnes and other families of Callaway County, Ireland, Pennsylvania, St. Louis and New Orleans. 


Till #111 File 16. 1857.  Petition for partition. Joshua S. Ely & James Ely vs John Underwood & William Underwood, minor heirs of Benjamin Underwood, deceased: Mary S. Underwood, minor heir of Benjamin Underwood, deceased: Louisa Underwood, widow of Benjamin Underwood;  William Ely, Benjamin F. Ely, James N. Ely & George Ely, minor heirs of Joshua Ely, deceased & Jane Ely, his widow. Since institution of this suit, Louisiana Underwood has intermarried with John Westfall and John & Louisiana Westfall & Mary S.

Underwood have moved to the state of California.     


Till 112 File 4. 1864.  Petition to partition.  James Hukel by next friend, Benjamin P. Ritchie vs Peyton Earsom and others (Permelia H. Earsom & Robert R. Earsom). James M. Earsom died in 1853, leaving as his only heirs, Mary N. Earsom, his widow, since intermarried with Adam Reyburn, John Earsom, Peyton Earsom , Permelia Earsom and Robert R. Earsom. Permelia and Robert are minors under the age of 21. John Earsom has conveyed to plaintiff all his interest. James Hukel is a minor over 14. Peyton Earsom is non-resident of Mo. 


Till #120 File 1 1863. Petition of Gideon P. Williams to sell land of minor heirs of John M. Allen.  John Allen died May 12, 1850, leaving widow Polly Allen, and children; John M. Allen, Caleb G. Allen, William L. Allen, Gideon F. Allen, Spencer Green Allen, and Rufus S. Allen.


Till #121 File 2. 1863. John P. Beatty, Guardian of heirs of Alfred Howe, deceased. vs Benjamin Shryock. Children of Alfred Howe are Robert McCarte Howe, Elizabeth Triplett Howe, & Mary Jane Howe, all under 14 years of age in Nov. 1853, when John P. Beatty was appointed their guardian and curator.  Margaret C. Howe was widow of Alfred Howe, deceased, and married John P. Beatty. Elizabeth Howe married Benjamin Shryock.


Till #121 File 11. 1857. Petition to partition. . Susan M. Rice & others (Charles Rice, America Tipton, Mitchel Tipton, Martha Pollard, William H. Pollard, Benjamin Modisett, Columbus D. Modisett, heirs of Lucy Modisett, deceased vs Caroline B. Means & others (Lucy Ann Skinner and  Sarah Ann Skinner). Land was entered by Lucy Modisett Dec. 8, 1854 at the Land Office at Palmyra. Cert. #29629. Lucy Modisett died in 1856. Her children are: Susan M. Rice, wife of Charles Rice, America Tipton, wife of Mitchel Tipton, Martha Pollard, wife of William H. Pollard, Benjamin N., Columbus A. & Morten M. Modisett, and Caroline Means, wife of Samuel B. Means,. Sarah Skinner is deceased and left minor children, Lucy Ann Skinner and Sarah Ann Skinner. Charles Rice is Curator of the minor heirs.


Till #128 File 2. 1865. Petition to set aside deed. Thomas B. Hitt vs Housen Canada , James J. Hitt and others (Betsy Hitt, Andrew J. Wren, Ann E. Wren, Mary J. Triplett, William H. Triplett, Angeline W. Triplett, Elizabeth S. Triplett, Harriett W. Triplett, James Henry H. Triplett & Thomas J. Triplett. Betsy Hitt is the widow of Wm. Y. Hitt, deceased, who died July 10, 1864. He was the father of Thomas Hitt and James J. Hitt. Ann E. Hitt, daughter, intermarried with Andrew J. Wren. Triplett children are the grandchildren of Wm. Y. Hitt and are the children of Sarah T. Hitt, who married Thos. J. Triplett, and is now deceased. Betsy Hitt was the second wife of Wm. Y. Hitt and Ann Wren and James J. Hitt are her children. Andrew J. and Anne. Wren are non-residents of Missouri.


Till #141 File 18. For partition of real estate in both Ralls and Audrain and for assignment of dower.  O.H.P Ledford, guardian & curator of Charles E. Watson and others (Thomas Butler & Elizabeth Butler, his wife, and James M. Butler, by his father and natural guardian Thomas Butler. John H. Watson, late of Ralls County, died intestate in the year 1855. His wife, Elizabeth Watson, and two children, Baylis R. Watson and Chas. E. Watson, survived.    Elizabeth has since married Thomas Butler and the said Baylis Watson has died in Ralls County intestate, unmarried and a minor. James M. Butler is a half brother of Chas. E. Watson.


Till #143 File 2. 1866. Petition for partition – property of Ozwell T. Crawford. Milley Crawford and others (John L. Crawford, James T. Guthrie and Margaret, his wife & Elizabeth Crawford vs Frank P. Crawford. Ozwell T. Crawford died March 4, 1859. Milly Crawford is his widow. John L., Elizabeth & Frank P. Crawford & Margaret Guthrie are his children. Frank P. Crawford is a minor under 21 years of age.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Till #143 File 4. 1857. Petition to partition and for right of dower of Christina Hepler – property of Jacob Hepler.  Jos. Hepler and others (William Hepler, Eliza Jones, George Goddard and Barbara, his wife, and Christina Hepler) vs Jacob Hepler and others ( Richard Hepler, Elsea Hepler, Matilda Hepler and Peter Hepler, heirs of Obediah Hepler, deceased., John H. Kelly, Matilda Kelly, Jacob Kelly, William Kelly, Andrew Kelly & Maryann Kelly, heirs of Darby Kelly & Rebecca Kelly; Henry Sparling, Anna Sparling and Elizabeth Hankins.          


Till #143 File 3. 1865.  Partition of property of Thos. Jefferson Harrison. William H. McDonald & Martha J., his wife vs Francis & Jefferson Harrison. Thos. Jefferson Harrison died 1856. Heirs and only heirs at law are Mary F. Harrison, widow, who has since intermarried with one of the plaintiffs, Wm. H. McDonald. Fannie Harrison and Jefferson Harrison are minors under 21.


Till #153 File 1. 1860. Partition of property of George W. Moorehead, who died April 26, 1858, leaving widow, Milley V. Moorehead and six children. Andrew C. and Sarah E. Moorehead, over 21 and George A., Franklin F., John Q., and James W., minors under 21.


Till #159 File 2. 1867. Petition to partition property of Roland H. Watts. Thomas Watts and others (James S. Watts) vs Stanford C. Watts and others (Mary Kilgore, D.S. Watts, Sally Watts, John T. Watts, Mary E. Watts & Mildred A. Watts. Roland Watts died testate in 1846. His widow was Mary Jane Watts, and his children were Thomas S., James S., & Roland Watts. About 1858 Roland Watts died intestate, leaving as his heirs at law Mary J. Watts, Thomas A. (or Q.) Watts, James S. Watts, Standiford Watts, Mary Kilgore, Sally Watts, now intermarried with D.S. Watts, Jno. T., Mary E. and Mildred A. Watts.


Till #160 File 1. 1867. Partition of property of Lemuel J. Branstetter. Sina Branstetter, in her own right, and others (Martin A. Branstetter, Simon O. Branstetter and Lemuel I. Branstetter by their guardian and curator, Sina Branstetter. Lemuel J. Branstetter departed this life, intestate, in 1857, leaving as his heirs, Sina Branstetter, his widow, and children.  Owned land in Pike and Audrain.


Till #174 File 7. 1865. John T. Dennison, citizen of Monroe County. Bushwhacker. File contains account of his activities from 1862 to his arrest in 1865 for robbery and horse stealing. Record of his service to the Confederacy, much information on his associates, including Audrain County residents. His wife was Betty Mosley, daughter of Arthur Mosley. File contains statements of James F. Lindsay, 18, a captured bushwhacker of Monroe County, who married Triss Northcutt, a daughter of Thornton Northcutt of Audrain County, and Pike County, Ill. Names William Allison, Capt. Thos. Dennison alias John  Henderson, Charles Childs, alias John Collar, notorious bushwhacker. Capt. Samuel Murray, John Mosley, Reuben or Ben Canterbury Sr., Reuben Canterbury Jr., George Mosley, John Blue aka Sawney Blue, William Campbell, William Uzzell, James Uzzell and others. 



 Till #185 File 2. 1866. Partition, property of Eli Smith. James Smith and others (Wm. Walters, his wife, Susan Walters, Harrison Smith, Wm. Conway & Adaline Conway, his wife, Jno. A. Smith, Calvin Kilgore and Martha Kilgore, his wife) vs W.S. Smith and others (Wm. S. Smith, Mary Jane Smith, William Smith, Fannie Smith, Coonie Smith). Eli Smith died intestate in 1859. His heirs, Jas. Smith, Susan Smith since intermarried with Wm. Walters, Harrison Smith, Adaline Smith, since intermarried with Wm. Conway, John A. Smith, Martha Smith since intermarried with Calvin Kilgore, William P. Smith and Johnson Smith.  Said Johnson Smith has since died leaving widow Sarah A. Smith, Wm., Fanny, Mary Jane, and Coonie Smith. Since the commencement of this suit, Fanny Smith has died leaving Sarah, Wm. and Mary.


Till #191 File 12. 1869. Land Sale.  Sims Pangborn & Samuel Pangborn vs A.B. Tinsley. Sims and Samuel Pangborn are the sons of Samuel P. Pangborn, who died in 1849. Sims Pangborn’s mother, Mary, died in 1852. Steven R., Elizabeth and Margaret were son and daughters of Samuel Pangborn, deceased. Steven died 1854, aged 7, Elizabeth died childless in 1862. Margaret died in 1867 in Audrain county. Samuel and Sims Pangborn are sole survivors of father’s family and only heirs of Margaret, deceased. 


Till #193 File 2. 1869. Partition and Assignment of dower. Property of Lazarus N. Hunter. Harriet Jane O’Brien & others (William D.H. Hunter, guardian of Walker Hunter, Fannie Hunter and Emmett Hunter & Ann B. Hunter). Lazarus Hunter died testate Mar. 31, 1861 without wife or child. He willed his property in the City of Mexico to his sister, Harriet Jane O’Brien and others viz. Isaac W. Hunter, Wm. D.H. Hunter, & James J. Hunter. Isaac Hunter died intestate without wife or child, James died intestate, leaving his widow, Ann B. Hunter and her children, Walker, Fannie and Emmett. Harriet is widow of Cornelius O’Brien.



Till #131 File 8. Joseph Rodhouse, native of Northampton, England. Arrived in U.S. in 1837. Aug. 5,  1858 he declared intention to become citizen. 


Till #131. file 10. William Cornforth, native of Northampton, England, made declaration of intention to become citizen in St. Charles County in 1852.    

Wentel Kreiter made declaration in 1856 in Cchemung County, N.Y.

Martin Conlon, native of Ireland, made declaration in Cuyhoga county, Ohio in 1856.

Frederick Rosenstengel, aged 52, native of Prussia, made declaration in Macon County, Mo. in 1860.

Antoine Detienne, aged 29, native of Belgium, made declaration in St. Louis County in 1854.