Littleby Church Honors Men in Service

Copied from Mexico Weekly Ledger Aug. 3, 1944 p2 c6

Twenty-seven members of the Littleby Methodist church, who are in the armed services, were honored Thursday evening at a church fellowship night held at the church. The program was followed with an ice cream supper attended by nearly 100 members and guests.

The Rev. Harry L. Rigsby, pastor, opened the program with the invocation that was followed with the group singing "America, the Beautiful" and "Lead On, O King Eternal." The Rev. Mr. Rigsby led in prayer for those in service and Mrs. Earl Jesse and Mrs. S.J. Tuepker sang a duet, "Whispering Hope." Following the inspirational address by the Rev. Mr. Rigsby, a candle-light service was held with an immediate member of the family or a close friend lighting a candle for each honored member. The program was closed with the group singing "America" and the benediction.

Those honored were Cadet Nurse Doris Jean Tuepker, who is in Springfield, Ill.; Elaine Stuart, Denver, Colo.; Pvt. Bernard Coil, who is stationed in France; Pvt. Tony Doerge, England, Pvt. Ed Erdel, England; Sgt. John Erdel, Houston, Tex., who has recently returned from two years in Alaska; Pvt. Leo Erdel, England; Pfc. Lyndal Ketter of the Marines, who is in the Pacific; Sgt. Marlin Rogers, Hawaiian Islands; Pvt. John Snook, England; Pvt. Dennis Loy Hollingsworth, Camp McCoy, Wisc.; Seabee B. Clyde Hollingsworth, Hawaiian Islands; Pfc. Murl Holtcamp, Texas, who has just returned home from two years overseas duty; Pvt. Fred M. Hollingsworth, Bougainville Islands; Pvt. Ralph Skelly of the air corps, New Mexico; Lloyd Brooks, Naval Reserve, machinist's mate third class of the Merchant Marine, Mare Island, Calif.; Pfc. Warren Pehle, France; Pvt. Everett F. Young, New York, Pfc. Raymond Jesse, New Guinea; Pfc. Walter Wyss, Seaman second class, Ames Ia.; Ed F. Schnell, aviation machinist's mate third class, Admiralty Islands; Donald Snook, aerologist third class, Memphis, Tenn.; Lieut. Edsel Aswegan, Columbia, S.C.; Staff Sgt. Woodrow Black, France; William Edward Tuepker, seaman second class, Jacksonville, Fla.; and Pvt. Lawrence Miller, France.