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First Baptist Church

Corner Promenade and Cole
Reverend G. Olin Green
714 South Jefferson
Phone 389

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  Rev. 0. Olin Green, Pastor

Jno. W. Million, Pres. Board
E. A. Shannon, Treasurer.
W. E. Haggard, Clerk

J. A. Guthrie
Joe E. Jesse
J. F. Griffee

Guy Motley
E. A. Shannon
Edgar Threlkeld


Col. W. D. Fonville
W. S. Haggard
Dr. Theo. J. Winans
Geo. Haney
B. T. Willis
Geo. Hill
J. W. Million
C. A. Witherspoon
W. E. Haggard
J. H. Jesse
W. B. Sappington
C. C. Roselle
W. E. Haggard, Superintendent Sunday School.
C. C. Roselle, Assistant Supt.
Miss Clarke Painter, Sec’y. and Treas.

Miss Mamie Dix, Treasurer.
Mrs. E. A. Shannon, Secretary.

Lelia Winans, President.
Mrs. Ruby Crews, Secretary.
Miss Anna Williams, Treasurer.

Mrs. W. W. Pollock, President.
Miss Hattie Kennan, Secretary.
Mrs. Frank Van Ness, Treasurer.

B. Y. P. U.
Alma Shoush, President.
Mrs. Robert Crews, Treasurer.
Frank Houston, Secretary.

Curtis Mitchell, Pres.JUNIOR B. Y. P. U.
Theodore Wihans, Treasurer.
Leona Jones, Secretary.

Naomi Montgomery, President.
Minnie Marshall, Secretary.
Margaret Worner, Treasurer.
Having been, as we humbly trust, brought by Divine Grace to embrace The Lord Jesus Christ, and to give up ourselves wholly to Him, we do solemnly and joyfully covenant with each other to walk together witb Him, in brotherly love, as our common Lord. 


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Membership First Ward

Committee First Ward: Col. Fonville, Mra. Pollock, Mrs. Clandon,Mrs.McWilliams, Mrs. Rixey, Mrs.
Houston, W. A. Shannon, Dr. Robt.C. Strode and Mrs. Z. E. Utter.

Names and Addresses of the members of the first ward.

East Jackson, north side

Bush, B. M.
Bush, Mrs. B. M.
Rohlfling, Mrs. H. L. No, 815
Grafford, H. H.
Grafford, Mrs. H. H.
Grafford, Miss Mabel
Straus, Mrs. Frances
Clapper, Mrs. Lida No. 320
Grafford, Jesse
Grafford, James
Byrns, Miss Mattie
Ricketts, Miss Ida

East Anderson

Harper, W. W. No. 219
Harper, Mrs. W. W.
Harper, Talbot
Harper, Wallace

East Monroe

Threlkeld, Edgar Mrs. No. 202
Gibbs, Mrs. C. R. No. 325
Rixey, W. J. No. 404
Rixey, Mrs. W. J. No. 404
Houston, Mrs. A. S. No. 517
Houston, Miss Susie
Houston, Frank
McWilliams, Mrs. J. F. No.605
Miller H. L. No. 808
Miller, Mrs. H. L.
Adams, Geor No. 1102
Adams, Mrs. Geo.
Adams, J. W. No. 1016
Adams, Mrs. J. W.
Worner, H. E. No. 1122
Worner, Mrs. H. E.
Harvey, Geo.
Harvey, Mrs. Geo.

East Love

Gallop, Geo. No. 116
Gallop, Mrs. Geo.
Gallop, Jewell
Gallop, Earnest
McDonough, Estel No. 920
McDonough, Mrs. Estel
Dorgan, Mrs. Julia No. 923
Dorgan, Maggie
Dorgan, Virgel
Turner, A. G. No.121
Turner, Mrs. A. G.

East Holm

Gibson, Earl
Gibson, Mrs. Earl
Quackenbush, Mrs.

North Clark, East Side

Tinsley, Mrs. (Waters)
Willingham, Mrs. A. E. No. 518
Watson, J. D. No. 702
Watson, Mrs. J. D.
Watson, Easrnest
Cox, Mrs. A. J. No. 730
Owings, Mrs. Nora
Duty, Mrs. Jno. No. 1123

North Washington

Rosamond, Miss Ida No 115
Spotswood, Reuben
Spotswood, Mrs. Reuben
Davis, Earnest No. 1015
Davis, Mrs. Earnest

North Jefferson

Lewis, Mrs. Jim No. 536
Crews, Mrs. Rebecca No. 726
Crews, Miss Ruth
Crews, Miss Lena
Gamon, Mrs. Martha No. 726
Guthrie, S. P. No. 918
Guthrie, Mrs. S. P.
Guthrie, Miss Anna

First Ward Continued:


Glandon, Mrs. J. A. No. 323
Glandon, Miss Frances
Glandon, Joe
Glandon, Mildred
Burks, W. G. No. 326
Burks, Mrs. W. G.
Burks, Miss Mary Lee
Ricketts, John
Ricketts, Joe away from home
Llewellyn, Mrs. Fred No. 627
Eaton, Mrs. M. L.
Shannon, Mrs. E. A.
Strode, Dr. Rbrt C.
Strode, Mrs. Rbt. C.



Hill, Geo. No. 604
Hill, Mrs. Geo.
Hill, David
Hill, Mary
Hill, Wallace
Hill, Christina
Sellers, Chas.
Sellers, Mrs. Chas.


West Anderson

Crockett, W. E.
Crockett, Mrs. W. E.
Straus, Mrs. Frances
Clapper, Mrs. Lida No. 320
Clapper, Miss Oceola

East Anderson

Harper, W. W. No. 219
Harper, Mrs. W. W.
Harper, Talbot
Harper, Wallace


East Whitley

Jones, Mrs. Theo. No. 114
Jones, Leona
Jones, Russell
Kimbrough, Chauncey
Kimbrogh, Mrs. Chauncey

East Vine

Westrope, W. H. No. 221
Westrope, Mrs. W. H.
Westrope, Miss Dora
Worsham, Mrs.

North Calhoun

Paul, Mrs. Alice- cor.N. Calhoun & Pleasant

West Love Street

Shoush, Dr. F. M.
Shoush, Mrs. F. M.
Shoush, Miss Alma
Shoush, Miss Cyrene
Shoush, Harper
Shoush, John
Collins, Miss Bessie No. 16


Fonville, Co. W. D.
Fonville, Mrs. W. D.
Fonville, Marion
Fonville, Lady
Fonville, May Gay
Pollock, Mrs. W. W.
Dunn, Mrs. O. M.
Beckley, Mrs. Jno.
Beckley, Miss Minnie
Beckley, Howard
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Membership Second Ward
Committee Second Ward Earl Haggard, chairman, Rev. E. S. Gibbs, Miss Sallie Jesse, Mrs. Eugie Tinsley, F. M. Ragsdale, J. W. Sims, W. B. Sappington,Mrs. Deboe and Mrs.Ida Watts.

West Jackson, north side
Miller, J. D. No. 726
Jericho, Earl No. 809
Schulte, Earl
West Monroe
Kunkle, Mrs. No. 509
Ragsdale, Frank M.No. 511
Ragsdale, Mrs. Frank
Ragsdale, Forest
Ragsdale, William
Tinsley, Mrs. Eugie No. 539
Jesse, Miss Sallie No. 539
Nichols, Miss Mary
Luckie, Earl
Scobee, Mrs. Donnie No. 709
Scobee, Miss Margaret
Scobee, Miss Bessie
Montgomery, Mrs. Mayme No. 810
Montgomery, Miss Neomia
West Love
Barnett, Tom No. 433
Barnett, Mrs. Tom
Barnett,Miss Laura
Barnett, Miss Maggie
Barnett, Miss Birdie
Klambert, Miss Marie No. 427
Geary, Mrs. Laura No. 609
Pierce, Mrs. Hattie No. 616
Adkins, Geo.
Sappington, W. B. No. 707
Turnage, Rev. I. M. No. 716
Turnage, Mrs. I. M.
Turnage, Miss Myrtle
Gass, Elmo
West Whitley

Adams, Mattie No. 404
Browning, Mrs. May
Gibbs, Rev. E. S. No. 519
Gibbs, Mrs. E. S.
Gibbs, Miss Hermie
Gibbs, Miss Marie
Gibbs, Jesse
Johnson, Mert No. 613
Johnson, Mrs. Dora

Maple Street
Debo, Mrs. W. H. No. 300
Debo,Miss Mattie
Ferris, Mrs. fred
Ferris, Miss Rosa
Waters, Mrs. Ester No. 527
Harrison, Mary
Stewart, Ethel
Carlyle, Ollie
Biggers, Mr. L. J.
Biggers, Mrs. L. H.
Biggers, Miss Unie
Biggers, Miss Ethel
West Anderson
Jackson, Sam NO. 1048
North Olive

Spottswood, Lillian
Spottswood, Sibert

North Clark, West Side

Wiggington, Jas. No. 626
Owens, J. B. No. 414
Owens, Mrs.
Biggers, A. H. No. 515

North Clark, West Side continued

Williamson, W. C. No. 523
Watts, Mrs. Ida No. 921
Watts, Everett
Fisher, Joe
Fisher, Xury
Fisher, Porter

Fisher, Christina
Fisher, William No. 1121
Hollopeter, David No. 1203
Willingham, Mrs. Alice No. 1216

North Wade Street

Crews, Mrs. Ruby No. 407
Kelly, J.
Kelly, Miss Dora
Green, Mrs. Lannie
Rodhouse, Mrs. Ed
Rodhouse, Miss Esther
Rodhouse, Miss Dortha
Woods, Jno. No. 501
Woods, Miss Bessie
Carlyle, Geo.
Carlyle _____
Carlyle, Miss Lotie

Abat Street
Key, Mrs. Mary No. 109
Haggard, Hollis
Haggard, Frank
Haggard, Earl No. 516
Haggard, Mrs. Earl
Pierce, Wm. No. 103
Pearson Street
Barnes, Mrs.
Barnes, Cecil No. 433
Hendrix Street

Niely, Frank No. 409
Niely, Mrs. Frank
Niely, Miss Blanche
Ryals, Major No. 421
Ryals, Mrs. Major

West Vine Street
Duty, Wm. No. 221
Duty, Mrs. Em.
Duty, Miss Geneva
Sims, J. W. No. 429
Sims, Mrs. J. W.
Sims, Churchill
Sims, Charley
Western Avenue
Bradford, T. A. No. 319
Marshall Carter No. 1003
Landis, Joe
Maddox, Clyde No. 809
Maddox, Mrs. Clyde

Gass, Mrs.
Gass, Shelby
Byars, Miss Union
Black, Lava
Clapper, Mrs. Winnie
Gard, Mrs. Nannie
Criswell, Mrs. Edna
Stoneberger, Mrs. Sallie
Rudasil, Mrs. Goldie
Gibbons, (Stewart) Mrs. Nora


Membership Third Ward
Committee Third Ward: Dr. Theodore Winans, Chairman, J. W. Deckard, Mrs. S. N. Evans, W. A. Hendrix, Mrs. M. L. Jones, Mrs. R. M. Painter, Mrs. Hardin Rixey, Mrs. P. E. Coil, Miss Georgia Miller, Mrs. Bettie Sappington.

West Liberty Street

Hall, Ruby No. 622
Hall, Kathleen No. 622
Hall, Obie No. 622
Pitts, Loraine Mrs.
Kettrey, Albert No. 721
Ingram, J. N. No. 806
Hodges, Mary Mrs. No. 903
Dollins, Ora No.1012
Dollins, Grace No.1012
Brown, Irvin
Williams, W. W. Mrs. No. 121
Williams, Turner
Williams, Anna
Worley, Marion
Hopkins, Otto

Latney Street

Farris, Mary No. 916
Toalson, Jesse No. 921
Toalson, Jesse Mrs.

Harwood Street

Reeds, Lee No. 1104

West Breckenridge

Wilson, Mrs. Josie No. 722
Hazard, Priscilla, Mrs. No. 524
Hazard, Mary Miss
Hazard, Nannie Miss
Flora, Orvie
Jesse, Royal, Mrs. No. 811
Nicholls, Everette No. 1034
Nicholls, Pearl
Nicholls, Ruby
Nicholls, Willie
Painter, R. M. No. 1035
Painter, Mrs. R. M.
Painter, Clarice
Painter, John

Buchanan Street

Byrns, Miss Iva
Powell, Herbert Mrs. No. 803
Wright, Thos. No. 826
Wright, Lillian
Wright, Andrew
Payne, Mrs. Wm.

Central Avenue

Sanderson, Jno. No. 205
Sanderson, Mrs. Jno.

South Jefferson Street West Side

Guthrie, Fannie Miss No. 615
Guthrie, Georgia
Sappington, Mrs. Bettie
Moore, Belle Mrs. No. 721
Moore, Dennis Dr.
Moore, Dysart
Moore, Myrtle
Million, J. W. No. 1001
Million, Margaret
Million, J. W. , Jr.
Million, Helen
Ford,Florence Miss No. 1117
Forrest, Rosamond Mrs. No. 1215
Guthrie, J. A. No. 1215
Guthrie, Mrs. J. A.
Guthrie, Jno.
Guthrie, Chas.
Peeler, W. B.
Peeler, Mrs. W. B.

South Side Jackson

Pimpell, Mrs. Frank
Whitney, Mrs. Frank
Whitney, T. H. No. 408
Whitney, Miss Floy
Roe, Henry
Crowder, Arthur

West Street

Whitson, Mrs. Minnie No. 817
Whitson, Lena

Grove Street

Judd, Sallie Mrs. No. 722

Muldrow Street

Hendrix, W. A. No. 811
Hendrix, Mrs. W. A.
Miller, Georgia NO. 929
Juelfs, Fern No. 1012
Smith, V. E.Mrs.
Wright J. N. No. 918
Wright, Mrs. J. N.

Western Ave.

Byrns, Jno.
Byrnas, Mrs.Jno.
Byrns, Anna
Byrns, Josephine
Byrns, Fred
Jones, M. L. No. 1025
Jones, Mrs. M. L.
Stewart, George
Stewart, Mrs. Geo.
Stewart, Mabel
Shay, Mrs. Maud
Mohn, Curtis

Olive Street

Rixey, Hardin No. 892
Rixey, Mrs. Hardin
Rixey, Sims
Rixey, Harold
Rixey, Frances
Sullinger, Jane Mrs, No. 603
Sullinger, Miss Mary
Sullinger, Miss Martha
Talbert, Jim
Hudson, Mrs. G. L.
Gantt, E. S. No.617
Byrns, Walker No. 515
Tralle, Rev. H E. No. 1004Tralle, Mrs. H. E.
Tralle, Mildred
Griffin, Rev. J. J.
Griffin, Mrs. J. J.

Franklin Street

Marshall, T. L. No. 318
Marshall, Mrs. T. L.

South Clark Street

Coil, Mrs. P. E. No. 617
Green, Riley
Green, Mrs. Riley
Lake, L. M. No. 614
Lake, Mrs. L. M.
Lake, Suzie
Rickard, Mrs. Jesse
Winans, T. H. No. 604
Winans, Mrs. T. H.
Winans, Lelia
Winans, harriett
Winans, Theo. Jr.
Winans, Edwin
Winans, Gibson
Clark, Mrs. John P.

Bryarly, Ada No. 202
Clark, Mrs. C. F.
Robertson, Elmer
Robertson, Mrs. Elmer
Wilburn, Nannie Mrs. No. 905
Wilburn, Hormer
Wilburn, Beulah
Willis, B. T.
Willis, MRs. B. T.
South Abat Street
Deckard, J. W. No. 404
Deckard, Mrs. J. W.
Deckard, Leona
Smith, Mrs. Walter No 424
West Emmons Street

Hall, Mrs. Susie
Staples, Mrs. John
Dudley, Mrs. Mary No. 802
Dudley, Mary
Dudley, Dollie
Dudley, Anna

South Washington Street

Evans, S. N.
Evans, Mrs. S. N.

No Street Given

Hagan, R. C.
Highbarger, Mrs. Cora
Wilson, Miss Ada
Bybee, T. J.
Bybee, Mrs. T. J.
Bybee, Goldie
Bybee, Gertie
Bybee, Ruth
Jung, Mrs. Berta

In Country

Neiderschuete, Fred
Neiderschuete, Mrs. Fred
Carter, Jno. C.
Price, Mrs. Addie


Membership Fourth Ward
Chairman, C. A. Witherspoon, Mrs. Bland, Mrs. J. B. Hawkins, Mrs. J. H. Lane, Mrs. Lucy Rbnett, J. J. Wood, Mrs. W. E. West, Mrs. J. T. Fields, J. P. Jefferies.

South Side Jackson

Griffee, J. F. No. 302
Girffee, Mrs. J. F.
Mitchell, Rev. C. A. No. 528
Mitchell, Mrs. C. A.
Mitchell, Curtis
Mitchell, Roy
Soukoup, Miss Libuse

Promenade Street

West, Mrs. W. E. No. 413
Cornett, T. J. No. 420
Cornett, Lottie
Dix, Miss Mamie
Robnett, Mrs. Lucy No. 600
Robnett, Willie
Robnett, Nesbitt
Kennan, Miss Hattie NO. 728
Kennan, Miss Carrie Adams, S. C. No. 812
Adams, S. C. , Jr.
Adams, Katherine
Adkins, Mrs. Rhoda
Lafton, E. A.
Lafton, Mrs. E. A.
Rose, Mrs. Viola No. 908
Luckie, Mrs. Chas. No. 1314
Luckie, Chas.
Bledsoe, Mrs. Charles

Canterberry, Mrs. Grace
Denton, Miss Bessie

Liberty Street

Kendall, Mrs. S. E. No. 300
Hawkins, Dr. j. B. No. 308
Hawkins, Mrs. J. B.
Eller, Mrs. Mary No. 410
Eller, Miss Mary
Eller, F. E.
Wood, J.J. No. 414
Howdershell, Mrs. Anna
Howdershell,Miss Edna
Howdershell, Miss Lucy
Howdershell, Miss Carrie
Fisher, Joe No. 1020
Wright, J. W.
Wright, Mrs. J. W.
Jefferies, Roy
Jefferies, Mrs. Roy
Williamson, Mrs.
Williamson, Bryan
Smith, Loren
Smith, Mrs. Loren
Williams, Mrs.
Robinson, Mrs.

East Railroad Street
Jefferies, J. P.
Jefferies, Elmer
Jefferies, Garnett
Jefferies, Fern
Greery, Mrs. Nellie
Wright, Mrs. Grace
Bybee, Aubrey
Willimgham, Lewis

East Railroad Street
Hatfield, Mr.
Hatfield, Mrs.
Hatfield, Floy S.
Hatfield, Delbert
Hatfield, Ray

Lafayette Street
Stevenson, Mrs. James No. 508
Wilkerson, Mrs. Mry E.

Boliver Street
Witherspoon, C. A. No. 220
Witherspoon, Mrs. C. A.
Witherspoon, Miss Alice
Cross, Dollie

East Breckenridge Street
Fred, Mrs. Sarah No. 202
Brown, Mrs. G. C.

South Jefferson Street
Roselle, C. C.
Rosell, Mrs. C. C.
Van Ness, Mrs. Frank No. 702
Van Ness, Harper

to be continued 6L