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Located in the NE corner of the NE of Sec 25, T51N, R11W, Wilson Township. From the town of Thompson, go south on CoRd #215, about 1/3 mile to the first gravel road, then east about mile. Cemetery is northeast of corner, where road makes a sharp turn south. Cemetery is in a pasture, near a barn, is unfenced and contains one broken tombstone and some pieces of field stones.

 TOMPSON,  W.M.  died Feb. 15, 1865 aged 36 y 6 m 21 da.  

This stone is broken and is the only cut stone in this cemetery. There are broken pieces of other field stones in the area. At one time the cemetery was apparently fenced off but only two of the four posts are still standing. The othertwo are on the ground.
Tim Dollens 184 and 1985 Survey.





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