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Powell Family Cemetery
photos© provided by William Keathley

larger view of Sisseliea Powell tombstone.----------------larger view of over all view of cemetery

Burials: list and additional notations/information provided by Sharon Williamson

Robert Powell 1794-1877
(has both original headstone and one placed late by Gene Gallagher) 
Sisselia Murphy Powell 1798-1847-wife of Robert (has headstone)

Mary Ann Howe Powell ca 1800-1849-wife of Robert

Lucy Brooke Powell 1820-1873- wife of Alfred Powell
Robert Lucy Powell 1842-1849- son of Lucy & Alfred
Cisselia Morris Frances Powell1845-1847- daughter of Lucy & Alfred
William White Powell 1847-1849 - son of Lucy & Alfred
Mary Ann Powell 1848-1849 daughter of Lucy & Alfred
infant Powell 1849-1849 child of Lucy & Alfred
Cornelius Dye Powell 1854-1872 son of Lucy & Alfred
( Note: Alfred Powell husband of Lucy Broke Powell, d. Mar. 1895, about 80 yrs old" is buried at Click Cemetery in Nevada, Vernon Co., MO.He remarried).

William Monroe Powell 1819-1853

Margaret Dameron Powell 1822-1853 - wife of William Thomas Jefferson Powell 1824-1872

Crochey Powell 1863-?-daughter of Thomas & Frances

Garrison Powell 1828-1852 (headstone in cemetery but has been moved)

Andrew Jackson Powell 1836-1903

George B. Powell 1861-1882 - son of Andrew & Ann (headstone and footstone in cemetery but have been moved)

Christopher Columbus Powell 1840-1872 ( when I was there in May 2000, Gene Gallagher had ordered a headstone for him but it had not arrived yet)  

There are also several large stones (not actual markers) along one edge of the cemetery that mark the burial sites of slaves but no names or dates for these individual have been found to the best of my knowledge.  

Sharon said: " There are a few markers here that cannot be identifed due to weather or other damage and with the exception of the graves of Robert, Sisselia and Garrison the exact location of graves cannot be determined as headstones have been moved. 
According to the information given to me by Gene Gallagher the cemetery property does belong to Powell family heirs and is a private cemetery.  It is located on a corner of the property once owned by Robert Powell at Powell's Ford. 
Gene maintained the cemetery as best he was able for quite some time and had some clearing down before my visit in May 2000 but I'm not sure what state the cemetery may be in at this time.  If enough family members could establish a trust to begin the process it is my understanding the county would take over maintaince of the cemetery."

1884 History Everything in ( ) has been added to the bio. Marriage dates from Audrain County Marriages, death dates or notations from Weint abstracts of newspaper.

Thomas Powell and Nancy Chancy, his wife, were natives of Maryland, but settled in Nicholas county, Kentucky, in 1796. They had eleven children, nine of whom lived to be grown: John, Charles, Jerry, Thomas, Isaac, William, Robert, Polly and Nancy. John, Isaac and Nancy settled in Indiana. Charles, Thomas and William lived in Kentucky. Polly married and she and her husband lived in Illinois. Robert was a soldier of the War of 1812, and became an early settler of Audrain county. He was married, first, to Celia Murphy, [sic] of Kentucky, by whom he had
d.( Mar. 1895 , about 80 yrs old)?? Lucy E. Brooke Marriage Date: 07 Sep 1841 -
Monroe Powell Spouse: Margaret Dameville Marriage Date: 24 Mar 1840
Thos. Jofferson Powell Spouse: Frances Hart Marriage Date: 08 Jul 1851

Robert T.,
Julia A.,
may have married Wm. S. Humphries 14 Oct 1849
may have married Capt Capt. Levi Blount 14 Nov 1847
Mr. Powell was married twice beside, his last wife being the widow Hunt.
end of bio.

( Probable error in name of wife, The bio reads "the widow Hunt" but her first husband was actually Berry Hartt and she was the mother of Frances Hartt who married Robert's son Thomas Jefferson Powell.--Mrs. Robert Powell Age or Birth Date: abt 99  Death Date: 8 May 1897'  Issue Date: 13 May 1897" was the third wife of Robert Powell.  buried at Sunrise (Sun Rise) Cemetery at Sun Rise Church not far from Powell Cemetery

North on Jefferson Street ( Mexico) till the paved road turns 90 degrees to the right. Straight ahead there is a gravel road that continues north. Take that road between two to three miles.At some point you will see a nice modern home about 200 to 300 yards off the road on the right. About 100 yards past their driveway on the right is the cemetery. It is almost impossible to see from the road. because the ground rises about 4 feet from the road on the right. Past the cemetery on the left side a bit is another house near the road.

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