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Audrain County Cemeteries

Jewish Cemetery of Mexico, Audrain County
located north of the Catholic Cemetery on Elmwood Drive
S/W 1/4 of Lot 7.


"On July 8th,1882, the Hebrew Association of Mexico, Missouri obtained a small parcel of land ( about 100' X 300' ) from Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Rodhouse . Trustees of the Association at that time were M. Blum, J. Blum and I. Lesum. This cemetery was likely the only Jewish cemetery in several counties, other than Columbia. "

"As the Jewish population of Mexico and surrounding areas declined, bodies of loved ones were exhumed and re-interred in other areas."

"About one hundred years after the beginning of this cemetery, and years of abandonment and neglect, in the 1980's, Ralph Bierman of Moberly began a restoration project for this cemetery with solicitation of funds for the cleanup. Tombstones that were readable were of the Berg, Cohn, Lowenstein, Phillip, Taylor and Victor families. Among the other family names that were re-interred in other places was Barth and Morris.
Joseph and Victor Barth are listed in the 1886 Audrain County History as clothing store merchants. ( Cousins )  The clothing business was headquartered in Rocheport, Missouri and branched out to include Columbia and Mexico. "

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Berg, Jonas b. 01 April 1848-d. 18 Nov 1921
Berg, Joseph b. 19 Aug 1876 - d. 13 Mar 1904 (tombstone had 3 linked ring inscription with F-L-T which is the IOOF, or Independent Order of Odd Fellows)
Berg, Julia b. 01 April d. 18 Nov 19__.
**Berg, infant b. 15 Sept 1882-d. Sept 11 1834, 1 year, 11 months 23 days, child of Jonas and Henrietta Berg (died at Centralia)

Possible footstone for Sarah Cohn embedded in concrete

Cohn, Sarah d. Jan 14 1885 at Fulton, aged 52 years, wife of Fred Cohn.


*Lowenstein, Ella b. 16 Nov 1864-d. 13 May 1887, wife of M. Lowenstein Moberly, Mo, daughter of S. and C. Rose
*Lowenstein, Herman b. 29 Mar 1823 Obregheim, Bavaria-d. 19 Mar 1893 at Moberly, Mo.
*Lowenstein, Minnie b. 29 Mar 1829 Walldorf, Baden-d. 13 Mar 1882 (wife of Herman )

*Phillip, 07 Aug 1910-infant son of Maurice and Fannie Phillip

*Rose, daughter of S. and C. Rose LaGrange, In. same stone as Ella Lowenstein

**Taylor, 12 Feb. 1919-infant daughter of I. D. and Irma Taylor

**Victor, infant-03 Oct 1894, son of V. and Fannie Victor
**Victor, infant 07 May 1904- daughter of V. and Fannie Victor

** = both sources * = one source only
The listings are a combination of the information supplied by the American Jewish Archives and verified with the survey done by Gene Gallagher

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Jewish cemetery: S.W. quarter of Lot 7, north of Catholic Cemetery in the City of Mexico.
Book: Gallagher, Gene.
Audrain County Missouri: Tombstone Transcriptions . Vol. II, Audrain County, Missouri: State Historical Society, 1982