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Audrain County Cemeteries

   Crouch – Fuget Cemetery
NE qtr of SE qtr  Sec 35 T 51 N R 5 W

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Cemetery was destroyed in the 1960s and tombstones were broken up and piled in a heap.   Until that time, there were 25 or 30 tombstones in place, some with dates as early as 1840.  These inscriptions were recorded Nov. 2, 1975 by David Weilmuenster (now deceased) and cemetery revisited by A.E.Gallagher 20 Feb 1996.


CROUCH, Jimmie  born10-28-1872 died 1-9-1873  child of A.W. & F.M. Crouch
CROUCH, Kittie  born 12-6-1873  died 9-11-1876   child of  A.W. and F.M. Crouch

FUGET, Josiah  born Jan. 20, ___ (remainder of tombstone broken off and missing)

This may be the final resting place of Jathan Crouch, first settler on Lower Cuivre in 1830.
(History of Northeast Missouri)

"A History of the Pioneer Families of Missouri, with numerous sketches, anecdotes, adventures, etc., relating to Early Days in Missouri" by William S. Bryan and Robert Rose, Published by Bryan, Brand & Co., St. Louis Missouri, 1876. Page 394.

Jonathan Crouch, of Bath County, KY., was of German descent. He married Hannah Wells, and they had: Joseph, Isaac, Jonathan Jr., Andrew, James and Rebecca. Joseph was drafted in the War of 1812, but obtained his exemption papers because he walked in his sleep. He married Nancy Murie, of Kentucky, and they had: Thomas, Frank, Ellen and William, all of whom came with their parents to Missouri in 1823, and settled in Ralls County, where they remained thirteen years and then removed to Montgomery County. Thomas married Louis- iana Fuget, and they had ten children. He served as Justice of the Peace for sixteen years. Frank married Nancy J. Johnson. Ellen was married first to Hiram Fuget, and second to Samuel Davis. Will- iam was married first to Phoebe A. McDaniel, and second to Sally Lovelace. All of the above live in Audrain and Montgomery Counties.