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Audrain County Cemeteries

Martinsburg Vicinity- Wright Cemetery

About a mile and a half south of Martinsburg, with about 5 acres in the NE corner of the SE 1/4, Section 25, Township 50, Range 7 Audrain County Missouri

"There has been an additional burial at the cemetery since I typed this, Mina Hinten.Dates not available at this time."
A photo copy of the entire cemetery book has been donated by Nancy Hale Lee to the Audrain County Area Genealogical Society. Very few of the burial dates are known. It is believed there may be others buried here. Nancy Hale Lee, secretary/treasurer, of the Martinsburg Vicinity Cemetery, is trying to collect copies of obituaries for all buried there and needs your help. Contact her at
Nancy Hale Lee
1062 Co Rd 1041, Martinsburg, MO 65264

Not in alpha order, use your "find"

Aubuchon, Kate (Mrs. Joe) -no date
Wright, Martha O-1867-1873
Wright, Mary A.-1863-1885
Wright, Elizabeth E. -1830-1909
Wright, Ella B-1863-1885
Wright, Edward G.-1827-1906
Wright, David R.-1859-1907
Young, Edna Irene -12 May 1900- 16 May 1900
Evens, William-no date
Johnson, L.A.-no date
Moer, Viola-no date
Taylor, Mrs. S. B.-no date
Taylor, S. B.-3 May 1913
Wright, Bettie-no date
Wright, Burt-no date
Wright, Joseph W. -no date
Wright, Lula (wife of Joseph-11 May 1881
Wright, Jim-no date
Wright, John -no date
Wright, Infant-21 Dec 1919 stillborn infant of W. B. Wright
Chrisman, John-died 13 Nov 1891 age 32 y, 6 mo, 22 da
Chrisman, Mary E. -died 21 Sept 1893 59 y, 1 mo, 7 da
Chrisman, Joseph A.-1832-1906
Chrisman, Clarence C.-1862 - 1928-Son of J. A. and M. E. Chrisman
Inventor & composer- fought in Indian Wars
Brown, Gable-no date
Brown, Mrs. Gable -no date
Brown, Otis-no date
Brown, Sam-no date
Brown, Felix-8 Oct 1871 - 17 Nov 1891 son of Gable Brown -
Nichols, Jane-13 July 1826 - 16 May 1892 wife of Wesley
Nichols, Wesley-no dates
Nichols, Harriet-18 Jan 1865 - 2 Feb 1911
Underwood, Mary Corder-died 27 Jan 1919 sister of Nick Corder
Corder, Roy- 22 Dec 1911 - 29 Sept 1957 Son of Nicholas and Beula Corder
PFC Co. B, 254th Infantry
Corder, Beula Day - _____ 10 July 1948 age 59 y, 3 mo, 10 da.
Wife of Stephen Nicholas Corder
Corder, Stephen Nicholas-31 Aug 1947 Husband of Beulah Day Corder
McCloud, Davey R. -10 Mar 1932 Son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry McCloud
Corder, Mayes-Son of Mr. and Mrs. James Corder
Corder, Mrs. James B.
Corder Baby of Nichoas
Corder, Mrs. Annie
Slavens, Baby
Kelly, Mrs. Frank
Kelly, Baby
Baby of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Giles, George
Giles, George
Staten, George
Wright, Charles
Keith, Old Man
Keith, Charley (young man)
Bussen, Theodore (baby)
Clifton, Mrs. Martha-wife of Henry T. Clifton
Clifton, Henry T. -13 May 1887 aged 50 y, 1 mo, 12 da
Clifton, Virginia -9 April 1867 aged 8 y, 6 mo, 10 da daughter of Henry T and Martha Clifton
Clifton, Ida B.-30 Sept 1862 - 12 July 1908
West, Bum
Bafin, Baby
Watkins, Baby
Baby of Joe Watkins
Wright, John -12 Dec 1911 aged 81 y
Tyler, Old Man
Hamilton, John
Nickes, Jane
Hamilton, Caroline-13 July 1841 - Apr 1895 Wife of Alonza Hamilton
Hamilton, Alonza-26 Apr 1847 - 7 Dec 1918 Husband of Caroline Hamilton
Hamilton, Caroline-29 Apr 1842 - 31 Dec 1934 Sister of Alonza Hamilton
Friedman, Lester Morton Son of Mr and Mrs N.M. Friedman
Burwell, Mrs. Allen
Burwell, Allen
Johnson, Jim Husband of Minnie
Johnson, Minnie Wife of Jim
Johnson, Baby Baby of Jim and Minnie Johnson
Asbury, John
Young, George
Young, Ed
Underwood, Coeller Corbin 2? Jan 1951 (C.C. Underwood) Husband of Mary Annie Underwood
Peyton, Charley Child of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Peyton
Todd, Joe
Todd, Mrs. Joe
Todd, Emma
Kelly, Frank
Giles, Mrs. George-17 Aug 1911
Stoneberger, I. N.
Stoneberger, Alma Leeta-10 Feb 1918
Stoneberger, Charlie
Hyde, Baby Shirley -18 June 1911 Dau. of Mr. ad Mrs. Charles Hyde
Lowder, Tom J.- 1899 about 56 years of age
Rodgers, M. E.
Moser, Earl Samuel-13 Jan 1915 Son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Moser
Cantrel, John
Tocesh, E
Stuart, Fannie Wife of E. L. Stuart- mother of John Stuart
Stuart, Ebenezer L.-28 May 1915 Husband of Fannie and father of John
Stuart, Sammie-Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Stuart
Stuart, Grace-5 Aug Wife of John
Stuart, John-5 Aug 1929 Husband of Grace
Stuart, Russell
Peery, Lina -29 May 1863 - 16 Mar 1932 Wife of Henry
Peery, Henry Lee -8 Sept 1864 - 30 Dec 1909
Burwell, Gilbert A -29 Mar 1901 aged 69 y, 11 mo, 15 da
Burwell, Elmina J.-4 May 1884 aged 74 y, 1 mo, 26 da- Wife of Gilbert Burwell
Johnson, Maurice -18 Apr 1879 aged 4 mo, 5 da
Johnson, Willie-21 June 1882 aged 1 y, 3 mo, 10 da - Son of L. M. and M. V. Johnson
Underwood, Ed -21 Sept 1941 aged 63 y, 1 mo, 20 da - Son of C. C. Underwood
Hughes, Annie Ruby -5 Nov 1903 - 13 June 1905 Dau of W.C. and Ethel Hughes
Underwood, Ethel Agnes-17 Feb 1913 Dau of Pearl Underwood -
Hughes, John Franklin -5 May 1914 Son of C.W. Hughes
Mende, Max
Rhodes, Janey -22 Nov 192-
Mrs Ed Rhodes
Rhodes, Barbara -24 Apr 1919 Dau of Ed Rhodes
Esterbrook, A. E. -15 July 1915
Young, Arthur -1919
Burwell, Ayleen -20 Aug 1901 - 15 Jan 1925 Dau of Geo. G. Burwell
Burwell, George G -10 June 1867 - 17 May 1942
Burwell, Mollie -2 Mar 1867 - 9 Feb 1956 Wife of George G. Burwell
Wright, Arthur-8 Feb 1879 - 3 Mar 1933
Wright, Laura -19 Oct 1876 - 3 July 1950 Wife of Arthur
Lair, J. N
Lair, Mrs. J. N
Confer, Thomas Clair -1 Oct 1915
Craighead, Dollie -4 June 1913

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