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Very Important Map of Audrain County
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Tombstones listings needed - any cemetery- any amount-
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Cemetery List for Audrain County
partial listing of all cemeteries and sources to obtain copies

Some information about early cemeteries in Audrain County

Cemeteries of Audrain County
This is only a few of the cemeteries in Audrain County.
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Narrative description of Locations of Cemeteries in Audrain County, some not on this  page.
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Antioch Cemetery  by Rhonda Johnson   and

Antioch Christian Church Cemetery * 2 miles west of St Hy 15 in Audrain County on south side of Co Rd #280 *

Appleman's Chapel Cemetery *

Barnett Cemetery *  N ½  of NE ¼ of SW ¼ of Sec. 12, T 51N  R 9W

Bean Creek Cemetery *

Beaver Dam Cemetery partial listing

Benton City Cemetery partial listing

Berea Baptist Cemetery partial listing and full listing

Berrey Cemetery

Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery new

Bethlehem or Faddis Cemetery. Wilson township. Sec 20 T52N R10W.

Bybee-Cauthorn Cemetery

Byrns Family Cemetery new

Cauthorn-Bybee Cemetery

Central Union Cemetery  new in Cuivre Township

Civil War Veterans buried at Elmwood Cemetery

Clayton Cemetery  

Crouch–Fuget Cemetery NE qtr of SE qtr  Sec 35 T 51 N R 5 W

Destroyed Cemetery- Possible ERB  family Burials
this cemetery was located south of  Highway  54 and a short distant from Rte. B. The  tombstone are reputedly at the bottom of a lake made by the land owner that destroyed the cemetery. According to the former owner of the farm, members of the Erb family who lived there in 1919 or 1920 died of Smallpox or flu and two neighbors came in from outside, buried the dead and burned the house and everything in it, then washed in the river and camped there until the danger of infection was past. There were 3 tombstones, 2 adults and a stone with 2 children listed on it. Please contact me with any information  

East Lawn Cemetery  or    East Lawn Cemetery Index

Edwards Cemetery, map only no listings

Eller Cemetery  

Elmwood Cemetery partial listing   or   Elmwood Cemetery Index name list only

Emmanuel Evangelical German Church Cemetery

Evergreen Memorial Gardens Cemetery Vandalia, MO

Eubanks Cemetery updated with photos

Farber Cemetery Lot Owners List from the late 1980's.

Farber Cemetery  1990's listing new

Farber Cemetery off site link only

Floyd Cemetery

Galbreath Cemetery

Gass Cemetery- no listing, may have been originally what became the Old Poor or County Farm Cemetery.

Graves of Confederates
Hein Family Cemetery  no listings, this family cemetery had at least 2 tombstones in the 1950's 
Jesse Cemetery

Jewish Cemetery at Mexico

Keeton-Reed Cemetery

Laddonia Cemetery Part One  -Surnames Adams through  Lynch
Laddonia Part Two  Surnames Surnames Mabry - [de] Zevallos
Laddonia Cemetery offsite link only
Liberty Christian  Cemetery  scanned copies from books with index new
Liberty Christian Church Cemetery

Littleby Baptist Cemetery NE ¼ of the NW ¼ of Sec. 23 T52N R8W.  (North of Mexico13 miles on StRd J. )

Littleby Methodist Cemetery  North on Rte. J  to KK , east about 3 & 1/2 miles south side

Littleby Cemetery off site link only probably incomplete listing

Lockridge Cemetery partial listing , updated with full listing and photos

Maple Grove United Methodist Church Cemetery

Marshall Cemetery

Martinsburg Cemetery partial listing

Macedonia Christian Church Cemetery

McDonald Cemetery Sec 24 T51N R10W .2 of a mile south of Thompson, Missouri on west side of CoRd #215. This cemetery has been known as Thompson Cemetery or Hopewell Cemetery.

Mount Pisgah or Pisgah Cemetery

Mount Zion Cemetery

Midway Christian Church Cemetery

Morris-Johnson Cemetery Section 17, T50N R7W Loutre Township

Mount Olive or Cuivre Cemetery new (Mount Olive Colored Cemetery)

Mt. Olivet Presbyterian Church Cemetery (new)

Mt. Zion  new NW 1/4 of the NW ¼ of Sec. 14 T52N R9W one mile southwest of Molino 

Musick Cemetery NW ¼ of SE ¼ of Sec. 15, T51N, R5W

New Hope Baptist Cemetery    - nw corner of nw ¼ of sw  ¼ of Section 28, T51N R10W.

New Hope Cemetery Map one of the two New Hope Cemeteries

New Hope Christian Cemetery southeast of Mexico on Rte.JJ. new

New Mt. Zion Cemetery About one mile south of Martinsburg west side of CoRd #751, north of and adjacent to St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery.

New Providence Cemetery  new listings and  map included  nw corner of Section 27, T51N, R5W

Offutt Cemetery ( 2)  new both located in Salt River Township, close to each other.

Old Baptist Church Cemetery/near Sante Fe ( Sante Fe is in Monroe County)

OldVillage Cemetery

Old West Mexico Cemetery

Payne Cemetery map from GNIS the same as Payne-Seeley-Saxe in Sec 28. T 51 N.  R 5 W Transcription now online

Phillips Family Cemetery

Pisgah/Mt. Pisgah Cemetery listings with photos started 6/17- please contact me to add yours.

Pleasant Grove Cemetery

Pool Family Cemetery | Pool Cemetery offsite

Powell Family Cemetery

Rockhill Cemetery or Rock Hill Cemetery

Salt River Cemetery

Salt River Church & Cemetery History + Photos off site

Saint Brendan Cemetery

Saint Joseph Cemetery/Martinsburg

Saxe Cemetery same as Payne Cemetery re: viewer

Seeley-Payne Cemetery

Skull Lick Cemetery

Smith Cemetery

Smith, James Smith Cemetery-

" In 1842 James Smith purchased 235 acres, part located in Section 32 and part in section 33,  Township 52-53,Range 12 of Saling Township, recorded at the Audrain County Courthouse Book B, pages 128-131. He lived there until his death in 1857 and was buried at a location on the farm which is approximately 3/4 mile north of Hy  22 on the west side of County Road #265. The 1884 History, under the name of Robert F. (Field) Smith gives  a good description however there are errors such as the listing of Nancy's death in 1878  and the statement that Robert was the youngest to grow to maturity. The youngest who grew to maturity was Joseph D. Smith, who was living at the time of the death of his parents, see probate record for James Smith Estate and Nancy Smith estate, Audrain County Probate and 1850/1860 census. Robert Field Smith is buried at Macedonia as is his son, Samuel Wagner Smith, who married Eliza Brown. The daughter of James Kemper Brown and Julian Ann Toalson is buried in Pleasant Grove Cemetery. Both cemeteries are in Saling Township. This information was given to me by Mary  Ann Smith ward, daughter of Samuel Wayne Smith.
Delma DonaLdson  1983"

Stephenson Family Cemetery/Mexico

Still Family Cemetery-

Cuivre township. se cor of Sec 27 T51N R5W. Abt ¾ mi e of inters of StRd BB & CoRd #689, then n on CoRd #689 to site.  It lies about 70 steps e of the cor of the Brock farm and the old Still farm, now owned by Bill Blaue. Graves were once marked by field stones but they cannot be found now. David Weilmuenster said that Hugh Gilbert, a brother of Glen Gilbert, said that once the Stills were taking a deceased family member across the river to the cemetery when the water was high. They loaded the casket on a  raft  and during the attempt to cross over to the south side, the water swept them downstream a mile or more. Hugh Gilbert related that when his grandfather, a child at the time, first settled in Missouri after moving from Kentucky, they lived on the farm now owned by the Hemsaths. He said that his grandfather, with the help of a Negro slave and one team of oxen and one team of horses plowed the south 40 out of prairie grass sod. The slave handled the plow and young Gilbert drove the oxen. Hugh Gilbert, a World War I veteran, lived to be more than 100 years old.  (Abt 1990)

Sunrise/Rising Sun Christian Church Cemetery

Thompson Public Cemetery 

Tompson Family Cemetery

Trinity Church Cemetery  a few obits only 

Unnamed Cemetery/near Martinsburg

Unity Cemetery T52N R 7W S 7 ( 391838N-0914417W) north of Rush Hill about 6 miles (1)

Unity Cemetery T50N R8W, S. 4 ( 390615N- 0914545W) south of Benton City (2)

Vandalia City Cemetery  Name index only

Wesley Chapel Church Cemetery  NW ¼  NW ¼ SEC 7 T52N R7W. Church was first called Unity and is still some times known as Unity.

West Cuivre  Baptist  Church Cemetery   incomplete use the one below

West Cuivre Baptist Church Cemetery     

Willingham Cemeteries # 1 and # 2

Wright Cemetery

Main Page of the Tombstone Project for Audrain County | Political Graveyard
GNIS Search Cemetery Map
We would encourage you to submit your transcriptions to this Audrain County GenWeb website. Submissions to other sites are not always found. People looking for Audrain County records look here first. We may not have the link to other websites and you will miss contact with someone important to you. All tombstone photos and transcriptions are welcome. One or more recording of burials. Credits and copyright always remain with you, the submitter on this website.
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Missouri Pioneer Cemeteries

This website is the outstanding center of information about cemeteries for Central Missouri. No cemetery listings.
"a website dedicated to locating, protecting, and preserving the long forgotten family cemeteries of the following counties of Central Missouri:

Audrain, Boone, Callaway, Cole, Cooper, Gasconade, Howard, Maries, Miller, Moniteau, Monroe, Montgomery, Morgan, Osage, and Randolph.

"On this website we will be discussing a multitude of ways and technologies that may be employed to further this goal and provide the basis that hopefully change the attitudes and legal climate to provide restoration and protection to these hidden and forgotten family burial sites."

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