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History of Missouri Baptists

Audrain Association

The meeting which formed this association was called to meet August 5, 1884, at Mexico, by J. C. Armstrong; then pastor of the church at Mexico. The churches which were represented, five in number, were members of three different associations and organized as the Audrain Association.  

They held a session October 15, 1884. Among the leaders of the new association were: J. C. Armstrong, C. H. Hardin, J. F. Smith, James Reid, M. L. Bibb, and J. H. Baskett. The sermon at this meeting was preached by James Reid and Governor C. H. Hardin was chosen moder­ator and J. A. Guthrie, clerk. It was resolved at this meet­ing to carry on the work of missions in all of its phases and a collection amounting to $57.35 was taken up for state missions. 

The second annual meeting of this association was held at Laddonia, October 6, 1885. C. H. Hardin was continued as moderator and J. C. Armstrong was chosen as clerk. Twenty-one churches reported to the association.. They had 1,539 members with 108 baptisms and there were eight Sunday Schools this year. They collected $95.49 for mission pur­poses at this meeting. A list of notable visitors attended at this time. Among them were: Dr. W. Pope Yeaman, who was the corresponding secretary of the General Association; S. M. Brown, representing the Central Baptist; W. D. Clark, representing the American Baptist Flag, and Rev. G. W. Hyde, from the Home Mission Board. 

The eleventh annual session of Audrain Association was held in Saline Church, September 25, 1894. The introductory sermon was preached by J. S. Conner and the meet­ing chose J. A. Guthrie as moderator and J. E. Jesse, clerk. Twenty-four churches reported to the association and they had 1,963 members with baptisms numbering 175. This year the churches in this association gave $333 for district missions. Ten years later Audrain Association met September 24 with Mt. Airy Church. The same officers continued at this time and reports were received from 21 churches having a total membership of 2,318 with 122 baptisms. Ten years later the association met September 29, 1914, with Martinsburg Church. At this meeting J. E. Jesse was moderator and C. A. Witherspoon, clerk. The introductory sermon was preached by T. L. West. At this time there were 19 churches represented and the total mem­bership was 2,339 with 71 baptisms. After a lapse of ten years Audrain Association met September 30, 1924, with the church at Mexico, Missouri. Rev. C. P. Walters preached the introductory sermon and the session chose E. A. Shan­non moderator and John J. Johnson clerk. The 17 churches represented had 2,572 members and had 109 baptisms dur­ing the year. Among the pastors of the association this year were: H. B. Rice, W. N. Maupin, J. H. Hughes, J. S. Jesse, and I. M. Turnage.  

Audrain Association at its meeting in 1933 continued E. A. Shannon as moderator and chose A. B. Hale as clerk. This year there were 15 churches in the association and the total membership was 2,591, and these churches had bap­tized 133 converts during the year. Among the pastors at this time were: James H. Weaver, C. C. Riley, Cecil Ensor, I.  M. Turnage, Blake Smith, Roscoe Mundy, Floyd Sams, G. W. Wright, C. R. Brimer, and T. J. Smith.