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African American Records in Newspapers and Circuit Court


 Mexico Intelligencer June 13, 1889 p1 c5
1.J.D. Pasten was granted license to practice law in circuit court.

Mexico Intelligencer June 13, 1889 p7 c2
Barney Dixon, col., adjudged a vagrant, and his services sold to highest bidder for six months.

 Mexico Intelligencer Oct. 17, 1889 p6 c1
Miss Myra Hicks, a graduate of Mexico Colored school, has accepted a position in the public school at Columbia.

Audrain County Circuit Court Till #382 File 1.

 1884. State of Mo. vs Silas Smith et al (Henrietta Redman, Julia Glover, Ann Crockett). Arson. Burning of the colored Baptist Church.
Silas Smith was reared by Asa Faulks of Tennessee. Asa Faulks' sons, Wm. A. Faulks and Jas. H. Faulks served with the Confederate army in the 4th Tenn. Regt. of (prob) Co. A. Silas Smith went with them as a servant all through the war until Spring 1865.
Contains an account of the activities of Silas Smith until he came to Mexico, Mo. about 1881. Names Jane Gay, Rich Glover, Sarah Faucett, Enos Jackson, James and Rachel Bryant, Helen Nickens, Burgess and Dennie Washington, Lizzie Nichols, Jemima Brown, George Redman, Harriett and Perry Thomas, all early members of the colored Baptist church as were the defendants.

 Audrain County Circuit Court 1890.

Till #540 File 13. M. Williams vs. The School District of Laddonia. Petition in Mandamus. Plaintiff says that there are in Laddonia and within the school district 15 or more colored chldren resident and that the school district has failed to establish a separate school for them as required by law.

 Audrain County Circuit Court. 1890.

Till #540 File 14. M. Williams vs J.C. Delaporte. Writ in Mandamus. Pltf. says that defendant was appointed to the Board of Directors of the school district of Laddonia to enumerate the colored children of school age within the district. One colored child, to wit, Soonie Cosby, was intentionally omitted from the enumeration in order to keep the number below 15, that the law might be evaded.