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Nichols Obituary

 Negro Woman Noted for Cooking, Dies. "Aunt" Lizzie Nichols Had Worked in Spence Home Continuously 31 Years

Daily Intelligencer Jan. 6, 1911 p1 c4 & 5

"Aunt" Lizzie Nichols, 56 years old, one of the town's most highly respected negro woman died Thursday night on her way home from Mrs. A.K. Spence's residence where she worked. She stopped in at the home of Amelia Johnson in East Mexico and, while there, died suddenly of heart trouble. "Aunt" Lizzie has worked for Mrs. Spence continuously for 31 years. She was noted for her good cooking in the Spence home where she had presided in the kitchen for nearly a third of a century. She was reared by James A. Nichols, of West Monroe street, whose name she bore after the fashion of old slave times.

It was many years ago in Boone county when Mr. and Mrs. Nichols were married that Lizzie, then a little slave girl, was given to them by Mr. Nichols as a wedding present. She remained with the family for many years after the war when the Negroes were freed.

1910 Census Mexico, Audrain County-on Railroad Street

Lizzie Nichols ca 50 b. mo parents b. MO head of household
Annie Nichols  daughter age 16 b. MO parents b. MO.