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List of Letters

Remaining at the Post-Office, at Mexico, Audrain county, Missouri, Nov. 10, 1876, and which if not called for, within four weeks, will be sent to the "Dead Letter Office." Persons calling for letters in this list, will please say "advertised."


  • Baissen Josephine

  • Ball Nelson

  • Bentin N

  • Cruse Arct

  • Cripps Jas

  • DeLaney Wm C

  • Edwards Francis

  • Fox J W

  • Fox Mary J

  • Maice Forlel

  • Harris Bettie (col)

  • Johnson Julia (col)

  • Kilgore Sam'l

  • Maxwell Wiley

  • Robinson Mary

  • Spence Kate

  • Wilson David

  • Watts Jno W

  • Willingham L

  • Willingham G

  • McFadin Jas M

  • McDoell Wm